The Exciting Super Bowl History of our Two Keystone State NFL Franchises

With Neither Pennsylvania NFL team in SB 56, let’s look back at some of the better times involving the Super Bowl History of our PA teams.

The dawn of Super Bowl 56 prompts a flashback of the Keystone State’s rich Super Bowl history. With both PA teams making an early exit in this year’s playoffs, we wanted to cheer ourselves up a bit by looking at some of the better times when it comes to our Pennsylvania NFL teams and the big game.

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Super Bowl History – Keystone State of Champions

While the Pittsburg Steelers and  Philadelphia Eagles rarely play one another by virtue of being in different conferences, many Pennsylvania fans follow both teams.

They were once actually the same team.  The 1943 Steagles combined Philadelphia and Pittsburgh players, because World War II had diminished the pool of available athletes.

In the spirit of Steagles and for the pleasure of all Pennsylvania football fans, here’s a look at each team’s Super Bowl history. Let’s take a look back at the final scores, location, opponents, dates, attendance, and even the actual point spreads of these historic games.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are 6-2 in the Super Bowl, with their last triumph coming in 2009.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-2, with their victory coming in one of the most visually pleasing games ever.

Super Bowl IX – Steelers vs Vikings

  • Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6
  • Tulane Stadium – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • January 12, 1975; Attendance: 80,997
  • Super Bowl 9 Betting Line: Pittsburgh -3

Projected as a low-scoring game because of Pittsburgh’s Steel Curtain and the Vikings’ Purple People Eaters defense.

Dwight White scored the first-ever Super Bowl points for Pittsburgh. He notched the first tally of the game, a safety.

Game MVP Franco Harris had a nine-yard touchdown run for the Steelers. This would be the first of four Super Bowl triumphs in the 1970s

Super Bowl X – Steelers vs Cowboys

  • Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17
  • Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
  • January 18, 1976; Attendance: 80,187
  • Super Bowl 10 Betting Line: Pittsburgh -7

The game featured three unbelievable catches by game MVP Lynn Swann, all bombs.

 One was a grab between two defenders as he tight roped to stay in bounds.

The second was the famed Levitating Leap, in which he maintained concentration after the pass was tipped by a defender, and he came down with it.

The third was Pittsburgh’s final touchdown, a 64-yard catch putting Pittsburgh up 21-10,

Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw was knocked unconscious on the play and did not return.

The Steelers had to survive a last-second Hail Mary and end-zone tip to secure their second straight Super Bowl triumph.

A lasting image among Steelers faithful is Jack Lambert throwing Cliff Harris of the Cowboys down in the third quarter. Harris was taunting kicker Roy Gerela, who had just missed a field goal.

Super Bowl XIII – Steelers vs Cowboys

  • Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31
  • Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
  • January 21, 1979; Attendance: 79,484
  • Super Bowl 13 Betting Line: Pittsburgh -4

Known in Las Vegas as Black Sunday, when the books got muddled. The game opened at Pittsburgh -3.5 and Steelers bettors jumped on it.  The line expanded to Pittsburgh -4.5 and Dallas gamblers lit it up. The line came back to Pittsburgh -4. Bettors on both sides collected and the books were shellacked.

As for the game, Pittsburgh gained a 35-17 lead on two touchdowns by John Stallworth, one from Lynn Swann and Rocky Bleir, Dallas scored twice late to make the game look closer.

Swann had 124 yards and Stallworth 115. They became the first teammates to have 100 yards of receiving in the same Super Bowl.

Bradshaw threw for four touchdowns and was named MVP.

Super Bowl XIV – Steelers vs Rams

  • Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 19
  • Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
  • January 20, 1980; Attendance: 103,985
  • Super Bowl 14 Betting Line: Pittsburgh -10.5

Again, showing they were a great fourth-quarter team, the Steelers overcame a 19-13 fourth-quarter deficit with two touchdowns. One was a 73-yard hookup between Terry Bradshaw and John Stallworth.

The finale was a one-yard touchdown run by Franco Harris with 1:49 remaining.

Bradshaw won a second straight game MVP award.

This cemented Pittsburgh’s status as the team of the 70’s. Although their subsequent slogan “One for the Thumb in ‘81”, the goal for a fifth Super Bowl ring, they had a remarkable decade.

Super Bowl XXX – Steelers vs Cowboys

  • Dallas Cowboys 27, Pittsburgh Steelers 17
  • Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ. 
  • January 28, 1996 Attendance 76,347
  • Betting Line: Dallas -13.5

The Steelers covered +13.5 and did come back from a 20-7 deficit to crawl within 20-17 on a Bam Morris touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

But a late pick-by-game MVP Larry Brown set up Dallas for a putaway score.

It was the first Super Bowl loss for the Steelers.

Super Bowl XL – Steelers vs Seahawks

  • Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10
  • Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
  • February 5, 2006; Attendance: 68,206
  • Super Bowl 40 Betting Line: Pittsburgh -4

Two Super Bowl milestones for Pittsburgh.

Running back Willie Parker exploded for a 75-yard scoring run, the longest in Super Bowl history.

Antwaan Randel El, who played quarterback while in college, later became the first wide receiver to throw a touchdown pass. After Willie Parker took a pitch from Ben Roethlisberger and handed it off, Randle El hit game MVP, Hines Ward, for the 43-yard putaway score.

Super Bowl XLIII – Steelers vs Cardinals

  • Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23
  • Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
  • February 1, 2009; Attendance: 70,774
  • Super Bowl 43 Betting Line: Pittsburgh -7

Take your pick of phenomenal plays.

Was it game MVP Santonio Holmes’ six-yard catch in the corner of the end zone for the eventual winning score?

Or was it the incredible 100-yard interception return by James Harrison on the final play of the first half? That boosted Pittsburgh’s lead from 10-7 to 17-7.

Steelers fans won’t mind the debate. What a choice.

Super Bowl XLV – Steelers vs Packers

  • Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25
  • Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Tx
  • Feb. 6, 2011. Attendance 103, 219
  • Super Bowl 45 Betting Line: Green Bay -3

The Steelers clawed back from a 21-3 deficit, pulling withing 28-25 on a Mike Wallace fourth-quarter touchdown.

Mason Crosby added a late field goal for Green Bay.

In a matchup of future Hall of Famers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not intercepted but Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger was, twice. One went for a touchdown.


While their SB history may not be as impressive as the Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles have an impressive NFL history or their own. You be the judge.

Super Bowl XV – Eagles vs Raiders

  • Oakland Raiders 27, Eagles 10
  • Superdome, New Orleans, La.
  • Jan. 26, 1981. Attendance 76,135
  • Super Bowl 15 Betting Line: Eagles -3

Known for big plays and missed opportunities.

An interception by eventual game  Rod Martin set Oakland up for the first score.

Later, Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Rodney Parker but the score was nullified by an illegal motion penalty on wide receiver Harold Carmichael and the Eagles ended up being forced to punt.

Rather than being tied 7-7, the Eagles remained behind.

With the Eagles trailing 24-3 in the second half, Martin picked Jaworski again in Oakland territory.

Super Bowl XXXIX – Eagles vs Patriots

New England Patriots 24, EAGLES 21

Alltel Stadium, Jacksonville, Fla.

Feb. 6, 2005. Attendance 78,125

Super Bowl 39 Betting Line: New England -7

One of the few Super Bowls tied at halftime, 14-14.

Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, and Terrell Owens kept the Birds in it, but they came up just short.

The game is noted for the deliberate nature of an Eagles drive that chewed up much of the fourth-quarter clock when they trailed 24-14. They got the score but failed with the ensuing onside kick.

Irony: the Patriots got a touchdown from Mike Vrabel, now the coach of the Tennessee Titans.

The Patriots became the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

And they almost did it again the following year until…

Super Bowl LII – Eagles vs Patriots – You Want Philly Philly?

  • EAGLES 41, New England Patriots 33
  • U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Feb. 4, 2018. Attendance 67,612
  • Betting Line: New England -4

The Eagles’ first Super Bowl title will be forever immortalized by the Philly Special.

Game MVP Nick Foles became the first quarterback to ever catch a Super Bowl touchdown. Cory Clement to Trey Burton to Foles slipping out of the backfield is one of the most iconic plays in Super Bowl history.

But there’s more.

The Eagles and Patriots set a Super Bowl record for combined yardage, 1,151, fewest punts (one), the most yards gained by a team (613) for New England) and most points scored by a losing team.

By standards of Philadelphia Eagles fans, it is about as perfect as a game can get.

Featured image credit: Rich Schultz – AP

Opinion: Ortiz Headlines Hall Of Fame 2022 Class, MLB Legends Get Shunned By Biased Writers

David Ortiz was the lone inductee in the MLB Hall Of Fame this year. Is MLB Hall Of Fame voting becoming too personal & petty?

Major League Baseball has a new Hall of Fame class. The votes have been counted up and David Ortiz is the headline act. Meanwhile, for an umpteenth consecutive year, the likes of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Curt Schilling all failed to make the 75% threshold – this time in their final year of eligibility for the MLB Hall of Fame. Many fans are mad, and they should be.

Why are we still using the same group of biased old-school sportswriters who seem to become increasingly petty every year? This year’s MLB Hall of Fame voting results prove more than ever, this system is outdated and flawed. Let’s take a closer look at Ortiz’s HOF selection and the writers who decided to pass on more deserving players.

Who Are These Writers Who Vote & Should This System Change?

Jayson stark mlb hall of fame
Jayson Stark is known as one of the few MLB HOF voters to remain unbiased and professional

In case you’re wondering who is on this clandestine committee who gets to pick and choose who goes to the Hall of Fame, it’s actually a group of voting members in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). This year, there were 394 ballots submitted and players need to receive 75% of the votes, so that meant that they had to have 296 votes this year.

But a bigger question is who are these so-called Guardians of the Galaxy?

  • Are they people that we should, in fact, entrust with who gets enshrined?
  • Or is this an archaic system that needs to be changed to fit modern times?

In truth, many people feel that a change is coming. For many years, the writers of the BBWAA didn’t take analytics into account, so some players were left behind even though the game had become more advanced. That’s slowly changing now, though.

And now some are wondering just how fair they are treating some of the legends of the game like Bonds, Clemens and Schilling. This group seems quite biased against them – especially since guys like Bonds shunned much of the media for many years.

Is this their way of paying him back or is this a statement towards players in the steroid era? It’s hard to say. But, even Derek Jeter knows this to be true.

It does feel odd – maybe even uncomfortable – that a set number of writers, maybe who are a tad too full of themselves at times, get to choose who gets inside the pearly gates and who misses out. Is there really no better system?mlb hallf of fame ballot

At the end of the day, many other leagues do the same. For example, the NFL has a Selection Committee that makes the call and almost everyone there is in the media in some way. They just make their picks, though, while the baseball writers do a vote that gets publicized. It’s probably not the best system but it’s all we’ve got for now.

  • We can’t have former players voting because they’ll be biased.
  • We also can’t have league personnel and current coaching staff involved, because they’ll be biased too.
  • And we surely can’t have fans voting to make this important decision because we know how that will end up.

So what should be done? I’m not sure exactly, but things need to change.

Ortiz Makes The Cut In First Go – MLB Hall of Fame

This was the first time around that Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz was on the ballot and he got enough votes to be welcomed to Cooperstown. Ortiz received 77.9% of the votes. It’s not a huge surprise as he had 541 home runs in his career and only 34 other players in the game have ever created more runs. And by the way, each of those 34 players are in the Hall of Fame.

The main question with Big Papi is did he do enough in the field? If you take a look at his Wins-Above-Replacement (WAR), it might make you think that he doesn’t deserve to be there. After all, he was a designated hitter and he didn’t do much – if anything – in the field. However, the DH is a job in baseball and Big Papi wore it about as well as anyone we’ve ever seen.

What really cemented not only Ortiz’s invitation to the Hall but also his legacy was his performance in the playoffs. He was one of the most clutch hitters in the game when the lights were brightest. He batted .289 in the playoffs with 17 home runs, 61 RBI’s, and 51 runs. And don’t forget that he was one of the most instrumental players in overturning the Boston Red Sox curse. In one of the most critical playoff series in franchise history – the 2004 ALCS against the rival New York Yankees – he batted .387 with three jacks and 11 RBI’s – two of which were walk-offs – in seven games.

The main concern here is that Ortiz was linked to Performance-Enhancing Drugs but most of the voters overlooked that. It’s a bit difficult to explain when you see who didn’t get in.

2022 MLB Hall Of Fame Voting Count

mlb hall fo fame votes 2022

Bonds, Clemens, Sosa & Schilling Don’t Make The Cut

Two of the players who are most synonymous with PED’s – Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens – didn’t make the cut. It was their 10th and final year in the running, so that was it. Curt Schilling, one of baseball’s greatest pitchers of all time is another MLB legend who was on his last year eligibility and didn’t make it. But why? He never had any ties to steroids or cheating. Is the MLB Hall of Fame voting becoming too personal and do the writers who actually place the votes have too much power? We think so.

It is a bit surprising that Ortiz eased in right away and he had issues but these players did not. Each of these three players are legends in Major League Baseball. If there ever was a book written on the game with all of the seasons in it, these would be main characters. Many players used PED’s in the “Steroid Era” but only a few are being scapegoated.

Which Players Have Future Hopes?

Ortiz was the only inductee this year but many players don’t make it on their first go. That’s likely going to be the case with a number of players and the early voting shows that.

Scott Rolen received 249 votes, which was 63.2% of the vote. That’s a really good sign and he’ll probably make the cut either next year or shortly after. Andruw Jones and Todd Helton are basically in the same category. Jones and Rolen should continue to get strong love from the analytics community, which is only growing.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Carlos Beltran next year. There have been questions about PED’s and he was also busted in the sign-stealing incident of the Houston Astros. We’ll have to see what the voters decide to do with him.

Featured image credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez, Steven Senne, Pablo Monsivais – AP

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect PlayPennsylvania’s position.

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BETMGM – NBA & NHL Cross-Sport Parlays:

Cross-Sport Parlay: 76ers & Penguins both to win (+135)

    • Joel Embiid looks to continue his MVP campaign, and a win versus LeBron James and the Lakers on national television could help cement him as the voting favorite.
    • In his last four games, Embiid is averaging 42.5 points per game and 12.8 rebounds.
    • With a win, the 76ers can tie the Brooklyn Nets for first place in the Atlantic Division. 
    • Winners of six straight and 10 of 12, the Penguins host the expansion Seattle Kraken. Pittsburgh is averaging 3.4 goals per game, while the Kraken are allowing 3.6 goals per game, tied for 29th in the league.

NBA Parlay: Lakers & Warriors both to win (+450)

    • LeBron and the Lakers travel to Philadelphia for a date with Joel Embiid and the 76ers. The Lakers are currently ninth in the Western Conference at 24-24 but are getting healthier with Anthony Davis returning in their last game.
    • The Warriors will look to build on their current three-game winning streak in the nightcap of the NBA Thursday night doubleheader on TNT. The Warriors have been bitten by the injury bug of late and will be without Draymond Green (back) and Andre Iguodala (hip) while still working back Klay Thompson, who recently returned from a 941-day stretch without a game.

DRAFTKINGS – Lakers vs 76ers:

  • Lake Show: Lakers to win by 10+ points (+425)
    • Can LeBron and the Lakers blow out the 76ers? If the Lakers are able to work the ball down low to Anthony Davis and get Joel Embiid into foul trouble, maybe they’re able to name their own score. 
  • Who won the trade?: D’Angelo Russell & Andrew Wiggins to combine for 40+ points (+190)
    • The Warriors and Timberwolves struck a deal swapping these two before the 2020 trade deadline. Russell is averaging 19.1 points per game this year while Wiggins is averaging 18.1 points per game. 
  • Cover Boy: Jack Hughes to record 2+ points (+450)
    • Hughes and the Devils travel to Tampa to take on the Lightning. He has registered a point in four straight games and in nine of his last 11 game

FANDUEL – Australia Open Action:

  • Odds Boost: Rafa Nadal to Win 3-0 in sets (+340)
    • Nadal is seeking his second career Australia Open title and will face off against the seventh-ranked player in the world Matteo Berrettini. Nadal, the fifth-ranked player in the world, won the Australian Open in 2009 and is seeking his 21st Grand Slam title.

FOXBET – Embiid Dunks on Betting Props:

  • Bet Boost: Pulisic to score and USA to win (+160)
    • The Central Pennsylvania native is the new face of USA soccer. Pulisic has scored a total of 17 international goals in his career but has only scored once in this Final Round of World Cup Qualifiers.
  • Triple Your Money: Joel Embiid & Karl-Anthony Towns 1+ Dunk Each (+200)
    • If you need some extra incentive to watch the NBA Thursday Night Doubleheader on TNT, then this Bet Boost might be the way to do it. Everyone loves to see the big man slam it down, and if both Embiid & KAT can give you one each, then you win.

BET RIVERS – All-Around Action:

  • Grand Salami: Over 65.5 Total Goals Scored in All Thursday NHL Action, Including OT/SO (+100)
    • Love the Grand Salami. Why bet one game, when you can bet them all with BetRivers Sportsbook in PA? There are 10 games slated for tonight and if we can get some goals from some of the heavy favorites, we’re looking at you Carolina, Pittsburgh and Tampa, then we can get the Grand Salami to hit.  
  • Upset Alert?!: Minnesota to Win versus #16 Ohio State and O138.5 Total Points (+525)
    • The Golden Gophers have come back down to earth after their 6-0 start to the season when they host the Buckeyes in Big Ten action. Ohio State enters tonight with a two-game winning streak after falling to Wisconsin last week. Minnesota holds a 6-3 record at home this year.

Featured image credit: Charles Rex Arbogast – AP

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  • Cross-Sport Parlay: Blackhawks & Bulls both to win (+210)

    • The Chicago Blackhawks travel to Detroit trying to snap a four-game losing streak. Detroit Redwings won the first meeting back in October by the final of 6-3. Chicago has struggled with a 7-12-4 road record this year, while Detroit is 13-6-3 at the Little Caesars Arena. 
    • The Bulls host the Toronto Raptors in a battle of Eastern Conference foes. Chicago is looking to get back to full strength with several contributors on the shelf. Zach LaVine returned in Chicago’s previous game and DeMar DeRozan should return after resting on Monday.
  • Cross-Sport Parlay: Nuggets & Avalanche both to win (+195)

    • Denver Nuggets will play game two of their current six-game road trip traveling to the Barclays Center to square off with James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets. Denver looks to build on its two-game winning streak and 7-3 record in their last 10. Brooklyn has dropped two straight and will be without Kevin Durant (knee) and Kyrie Irving (ineligible). 
    • The Colorado Avalanche have been the hottest team in the NHL, earning points in 13 straight games, winners in 12 of their last 13. During their seven-game win streak, the Avs have limited their opponents to just nine goals, including three shutouts. Boston is kicking off a three-game road trip tonight and currently sits 4th in the Atlantic Division.


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    • Jokic, the reigning MVP, should have plenty of opportunities, with Durant (knee) and Paul Millsap (personal) out. LeVert is having a strong year, averaging 18.5 points per game. In his last 10 games, LeVert is playing an average of 33.9 minutes per game.
  • Bet Boost: 6X Your MoneyMatthew Tkachuk & Alex Debrincat Each to Score a Goal (+500)
    • Tkachuk and the Calgary Flames travel to Columbus fresh off a 7-1 route of the St. Louis Blues. Tkachuk had scored in four straight before his five assists night versus the Blues. Debrincat paces the Blackhawks with 24 goals, fifth in the league, but has been held scoreless in five of his last six. 


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  • NHL Odds Boost: Florida Panthers or Tampa Bay Lightning to win 2021/2022 Presidents’ Trophy (+340)
    • The Panthers (63 points) and Lightning (61 points) currently sit first and third overall in the NHL in Points. Both teams have played 43 games and so have the New York Rangers, who are fourth, with 60 points. Second in the NHL in points are the Colorado Avalanche, who sit with 61 points but have three games in hand. The Avalanche is also on an impressive run, winning 12 of 13.   


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  • Odds Boost: From Downtown – Devin Booker to record 5+ Three’s (+550)
    • Boosted up from +450, Booker and the Suns travel to Utah to take on a struggling Jazz team, having dropped eight of 10. Booker isn’t afraid to chuck it from downtown, in his last six games, Booker is averaging 9.7 three-point attempts. 
  • Odds Boost: Bing Bong – Julius Randle to record 20+ points & 10+ rebounds (+475)
    • Boosted up from +400, Randle has only achieved this in three of his last nine games. Randle is more than capable of this feat, as he had a stretch in late December where he hit this in five of six. 
  • Odds Boost: Selke a Hart and a Norris – Patrice Bergeron, Nathan MacKinnon & Cale Maker over 3.5 combines points (+120)
    • Boosted from +100, if you think the nightcap on TNT will see a lot of goals, then this prop is for you. In their last six games, Bergeron has four points (1 goal, 3 assists), MacKinnon has eight points (3 goals, 5 assists), although he hasn’t scored a goal in his last four games, and Maker has four points, all of them assists. 

Featured image credit: Kathy Willens – AP

The PGA Farmers Insurance Open Kicks Off With Top Names & Big Bet Opportunities

The PGA Farmers Insurance Open kicks off on Wednesday, January 26. Big bet opportunities with the top-ranking golfers competing.

The PGA continues the California stretch of their 2022 schedule this week as they head to Torrey Pines, in La Jolla, California for the Farmers Insurance Open.

The PGA has altered their traditional Thursday through Sunday tee times due to Sunday’s NFL Conference Championship doubleheader. The first round of the Farmers Insurance Open will tee off on Wednesday, January 26 with the final round concluding on Saturday, January 29

The winner of the Farmers Insurance Open will also receive 500 FedExCup points.

Farmers Insurance Open Winner Odds – Top 10 Favorites

Top Ranked Golfers Create Action for Sports Bettors

The tournament features some of the top names in the sport, with 17 of the top 25 ranked golfers teeing off. 

Jon Rahm, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Xander Schauffele, and Bryson DeChambeau, all ranked in the top 10 in the Official World Golf rankings, will be hitting the links at Torrey Pines

Other notable names that will be teeing off this week are Jordan Spieth, Brooks Koepka, Hideki Matsuyama, and Phil Mickelson

With all the talent entered in this tournament, there will be an opportunity to find plenty of value in the PA sports betting market. Check out the odds on your favorite PA sports betting apps to see what bets you want to make.

Which PGA Golfer Should Get Your Bet?

Two of the first things that I look at when betting on the PGA, are recent form and course form. The recent form is obviously how the golfer has performed in his most recent outings. Course form looks at how a golfer performs on that specific course. 

Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm, the number one ranked golfer in the world, will be playing in his third tournament of the calendar year, and can be considered a “horse for the course.”

  • He finished second at the Sentry Tournament of Champions shooting 33-under par and finished off this past week at the American Express with a 14-under par, tied for 14th, nine strokes back. 
  • Rahm opened as a +750 favorite on BetMGM and has a good history at Torrey Pines, having won the Farmers Insurance Open in 2017, taking second place in 2020, and finishing T7 last year.
  • He also won the 2021 U.S. Open which was held at Torrey Pines.
  • DraftKings Sportsbook also posts “To Finish” props, which gives you an option to bet on a golfer to finish in the Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 or even Top 40.
  • You can get plus money on Rahm to finish in the Top 5 (+160). A bet on Rahm to finish Top-10 will cost you -125. 

Hideki Matsuyama

Looking at players with strong recent form, Matsuyama has also had a solid start to the 2021-2022 season.

  • He fired a 23-under at the Sony Open in Hawaii two weeks ago, defeating Russell Henley in a playoff.
  • Matsuyama also finished 13th at the Sentry Tournament of Champions with a 21-under par and also won the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP back in October. 
  • Matsuyama is currently listed at 21-1 on FanDuel, however, in his last two outings at the Farmers Insurance Open, he placed 53rd and 45th. 

Jason Day

If you want to look a little farther down the PA sports betting odds board, you can take a look at Jason Day, who is a two-time winner at this event and has five Top 10 finishes.

  • DraftKings is offering Day at 100-1 odds.
  • However, Day has missed the cut three times since 2013.

Brandt Snedeker

  • Another two-time winner Brandt Snedeker has the longest odds of former winners, currently sitting at 110-1 on DraftKings. 
  • Snedeker won the tournament in 2012 & 2016.

Other Notable Golfers

Defending champion Patrick Reed (50-1 at DraftKings), Marc Leishman (40-1 on DraftKings), and Justin Rose (66-1 on BetMGM) are all former winners of the Farmers Insurance Open.

Leishman is an interesting consideration to finish in the Top 10. Along with his 2020 win, he has a pair of second-place finishes (2010, 2013). You can bet Leishman at DraftKings +500 to place Top 5, +250 to finish Top 10, and +110 to finish Top 20.

Phil Mickelson is a three-time winner here at the Farmers Insurance Open, however those three wins came over 20 years ago (2001, 2000, 1993).

  • Phil finished T30 at the Sentry two weeks ago, but this past week, Phil shot an uninspiring 7-over par and missed the cut.
  • While Phil doesn’t have a lot of recent success here, aside from a 2nd place in 2011 and 14th in 2017, he also has five missed cuts or withdrawals since 2012.
  • Phil does have 13 Top 25 finishes and has made the cut in 22 of 30 appearances.
  • You can get 160-1 odds on the leftie at FanDuel. 

Other notable odds to win:

  • Justin Thomas (12-1 on DraftKings)
  • Xander Schauffele (17-1 at FanDuel)
  • Bryson DeChambeau (22-1 at DraftKings)
  • Dustin Johnson (22-1 at DraftKings)
  • Brooks Koepka (36-1 at FanDuel)
  • Jordan Speith (40-1 at BetMGM)

PGA Odds – Farmers Insurance Props & Head 2 Head

DraftKings doesn’t just offer individual player odds for this week’s tournament, you can also play several props. 

  • Will there be a Playoff? Yes is +300 and the No is -450.
  • Will there be a Hole in One? Yes, is -200 and the No is +140. I call this one the “No Fun Bet.”
  • You can also bet if there will be a Wire to Wire winner at 12-1 odds. 

DraftKings also has matchups for your betting pleasure. 

The trio of John Rahm (+120), Justin Thomas (+210) and Xander Schauffele (+230) are grouped together in a matchup. 

If you would rather have all three of them in your pocket instead of picking one to finish better than the other two, you can get a nice juicy price of +275 if either of them wins the tournament. 

The folks at FoxBet have a bunch of head-to-head matchups as well that you can take advantage of. The option to bet a tie is available for every matchup at 16-1. 

  • Dustin Johnson (-105) vs. Hideki Matsuyama (+100)
  • Xander Schauffele (-118) vs. Bryson DeChambeau (+110) 
  • Jon Rahm (-138) vs. Justin Thomas (+130)
  • Jordan Spieth (+100) vs. Brooks Koepka (-105)

You can also bet ties at 16-1 for each matchup. 

With so many different ways to bet on golf, it’s the perfect bridge to get us through the week and into the weekend, just in time for the NFL Conference Championships. 

Feature image credit: Chris Carlson – AP

When Is The Best Time To Place a Sports Bet? Well, It Depends…

The best time to place a sports bet? The earlier the better? That last-minute gut feeling? In-game odds shark? Here’s our advice…

It’s the most simple, complex, and yet most significant word in the lexicon of legalized sports betting.

“When” – As in “when is the best time to place a bet?”

It’s become an intriguing question in an age for which the answer has changed. Timing a bet is no longer simple.

New Users Get Up to $2,000 Risk Free
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MLB Opt in Promo: CWS vs NYY 
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Is There A Best Time To Place A Bet?

The initial answer:

  • Whenever one feels the price is fair, the outcome is realistic, or, best yet, whenever one perceives an edge.

The deeper answer:

  • It’s important for a bettor’s research to reveal a feel for a game now that PA sportsbooks have substantially enlarged the board.
  • When all of one’s hunches line up, that’s the “when” it’s probably the best time to place a bet.

There is no longer one sports betting line for a game. There are close to 500 possibilities for just one NFL contest. Multiply that by 16 games and one can peruse up to 8,000 choices in any NFL week.

This allows more sports betting options but requires a gambler to narrow the choices. This is a big part of determining when to play.

Drilling Down to The Sweet Spot

The new array of choices, born from competition among books, requires due diligence to determine the moment of a bet launch.

Let’s start with the NFL…

See The Game First

It’s best to first have an opinion on the game first and then seek the line.

Examine the teams straight up, as if everyone would play, and incorporate a slight home-field advantage for the host team.

Come up with the score you think is possible if both teams played to the level you think they should.

Then see the line. If there is a considerable disparity, there is your edge. If there’s a Grand Canyon-like disparity, say a touchdown or more, there’s a good chance you missed something like an injury or suspension. Recalculate.

This is no different than reading a Racing Form and watching a post-parade to determine one’s opinions in a horse race. Or, for that matter, interviewing job candidates in the business world.

The Early Bird

A good time to unload some of the bankroll is Sunday night for the following week’s games.  Books have just posted them based on power ratings and data. 

These lines have likely not been addressed yet by big-money “sharp” players, a historical dynamic. They are waiting to make one big pop.

For decades prior to PASPA repeal, serious Las Vegas gamblers paid for the privilege of standing in line on Sunday night to get the first shot at newly-posted odds for the following week.

 They immediately started wagering, giving the books a guide to how “sharp” bettors viewed the game. Operators adjusted the line and it often stayed near that new spot the entire week. The betting odds throughout the week were referred to as “The Line”.

There’s no more “The”. Lines are numerous and volatile. That’s why it’s important to hone in on one you like.

Shop The Sportsbooks

BetMGM and FanDuel are usually one-half a point difference on the early NFL lines than DraftKings. This is perfect for a bettor. One book has the underdog +3. Another has the same at +2.5 and you like the favorite. Go where you have the edge.

Here are some examples featuring a variety of NFL divisional round betting odds:

The Mid-Week Move

When spreads fluctuate throughout the week, injuries are often involved. 

Quarterbacks are usually worth three points to the line. Exceptions like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers can be eight or nine points. Has the line moved too much either way according to your expectations? This can be a time to buy-in. 

A general guide on injuries: a player listed as doubtful will rarely suit up, a player listed as questionable usually will, but at reduced capacity. Hamstring and high-ankle sprain injuries are punitive. Rib injuries are bad too. Players may perform through these, but their output may be a bit low.

The Late Move

This is where data intersects with instinct. The absence of Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens moved the line in the neighborhood of four points when it was announced on game day in a couple of games this year.

But here’s what savvy bettors realized: Tyrone Huntley is nearly as good as Jackson. He runs nearly as well as Jackson and throws a better deep ball. With Jackson out, the Ravens covered the spread in one-point losses to the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers. The Jackson injury news had helped keep the lineup, making the Ravens attractive.

Weather belongs in this category too.  December games involve rain, wind, and snow. Wind changes totals (over/under bets) the most.

The “when” question for the New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills game a few weeks back was prominent. 

Three days before the event, the over-under was roughly seven points higher than at kickoff. Wind gusts of 40mph reduced the effectiveness of both offenses. It was in the forecast three days earlier but didn’t hit the lines until one day before the game.

Sharp bettors rode the under into a payday.


This is “when” on steroids for many gamblers. American bettors are catching up to the European phenomenon, in which perhaps 75% of all wagers occur in-game.

Here’s the in-game betting reality: you can’t get ahead of the books. The key to finding value is to make a leap of faith.

Here are two examples:

When the Kansas City Chiefs faced the Los Angeles Chargers a couple of weeks back, they trailed 14-13 in the fourth quarter. The favored Chiefs were at +240. That made no sense until you realized the Chargers were at the Chiefs 1-yard line, about to punch it in.

One play later, the Chargers fumbled. The Chiefs recovered. Great time to jump on the Chiefs now, right? But the books denied it. That game came off the board almost faster than the fumble came out.

 One moment later, the Chiefs were -135.

Result: that bet had to be made when the Chargers had the ball, and that would have been a tough bet to make. Anybody who made the wager prospered, however. The Chiefs did win in overtime.

Last year, the New York Mets were playing the Boston Red Sox. New York was +340 at DraftKings in a tie game and the Red Sox had the bases loaded with one out in the fifth inning. The pitcher threw a double-play ball, the Mets get out of the inning and their odds plummeted to -120. Two outs, 220 basis points. That’s living on the edge.

The reward was playing the Mets when the bases were loaded. The risk was that an extra-base hit would have broken the game open against them. They later won.

These are tough decisions for players. The books anticipate faster than the gamblers can.

How to contest it: think longer. Some oddsmakers advise watching one complete series in a football game. See which team looks like it showed up and then make a moneyline or spread bet.

What’s In Your Database? Patterns.

This may be one’s best ally in determining “when” to bet. Patterns reveal insight that only you have and should be trusted regarding how you bet.

Watch enough games, interpret enough past performances and you will see a pattern that says “I have seen this game before.”

It can be anything.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ slow first halves, followed by strong second halves, became betting opportunities in recent weeks. Take opposite teams to win each half. It worked three weeks in a row.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are just average, but they went 6-0-1 in their last seven home games, all low scoring. They were suddenly playing a Cleveland Browns team that was eliminated from the playoffs this past week.  It was Ben Roethlisberger’s last game at Heinz Field.

Where was the value? Pittsburgh won the race to 10, 15, and 20 points. Their 26-14 triumph provided separate winning bets at all three junctures, ranging from +125 to +175 across the books. It was a good bet to make, along with the moneyline.

Some Hunches Are Hidden Gold

New England quarterback Mac Jones looked as poised as the Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott when the New England Patriots lost an overtime game to become 2-4.

But the Patriots had found something. And so did bettors who sensed this team was ready to break out. They went on to win, and cover, for seven subsequent weeks. What kept the line down was that the Patriots were perceived as a mediocre team based on record. But they were really a strong team and betting lines eventually reflected that. But for seven weeks, Pats bettors had some ride.

That’s the advantage of instinct over data. Data is no match for momentum.

The Information Base for Other Sports

Think patterns.

NHL – When the TIME is just right

The NHL is all about props. For several games, Conor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers tallied at home. With that hook, a bettor can time other wagers around it.

  • McDavid to score first was roughly +800 across the books. 
  • To score last (empty-net goals?) was bout the same.
  • Or to score anytime was +100 or +105.
  • For him to score and the Oilers to win in 60 minutes often paid in the +300 range.

That worked much of last season and early this year. And then suddenly, he grew cold. That’s what happens.

NBA – Who is playing? Who is sitting?

The best time to place a bet on NBA games is usually right before tip-off. There is a tangible “when” bet here.

Check the injury reports in the final hour before the game. Players coast through the season and just decide not to play some nights. This affects over-under, moneylines, and totals.

There’s an element of “catch up” here too. Personal example: I rode the over on many NBA games in the 205-212 range for the early part of the season. It did well. Many games have since been pushed up into the 225-235 range.

I can’t get a feel for it now. That’s no-bet territory until I match up more patterns.

MLB – Use Futures to Help Isolated Bets

When it comes to baseball, the best time to place a bet usually depends on isolation. Make some season-long win-total props at the books and watch the patterns of the teams. Patterns do emerge.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, for instance, have a scheduling quirk. They play many four-game series.  Their season-long pattern was often to split the first two games of a series and win the final two. If you watch it long enough and feel confident, that can be wagered into.

The Colorado Rockies were a bad road team and an awesome home team last season. One profitable angle was to take them to win each individual home series. The “when” in this case, was before the first game.

Best Time To Place A Bet? – SIZE MATTERS

Across the books, the question of when to bet has never been important, and never more individualized. But the bigger one’s database, the better the chance to find an opportunity.

One can peruse numerous websites to get someone else’s pick. One can subscribe to handicappers who charge for their five-star selections and if that helps, fine.

But the real edge, the inside track, is the one individual bettors create for themselves. That guides the “when”.

Good luck with yours.

Featured image credit: Steven Senne – AP

Blazin’ 5 Wild Card Picks: Colin Cowherd Has Winning Weekend

Colin Cowherd Blazin 5 picks wild card games ATS from the Fox Bet sports betting app. He likes the Eagles, Bengals, Pats, Niners and Rams.

Colin Cowherd made his Blazin’ 5 Wild Card weekend picks and even though his two “strongest plays” (Philadelphia Eagles +8.5 and New England +4) were losers, he managed to finish the weekend 3-2.

We track Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 picks so you can decide whether to follow or fade when betting on the NFL at PA sports betting apps.

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 record 2019 to present:

  • 2021: 37-43-2
  • 2020: 40-41-2
  • 2019: 42-41-3

Colin Cowherd Blazin’ 5 Wild Card picks

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a sports talk radio show on Fox Sports Radio and Fox Sports 1. Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs Fridays on The Herd at 1 p.m. EST.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cincinnati Bengals (-5.5)

Cowherd pick: Bengals

Final score prediction: Bengals 32, Raiders 27

Cowherd said:

“It’s a matchup of teams with the most penalty yards (Raiders) and the fewest (Bengals). I worry the Raiders defense was on the field for 90 snaps and then they lose a day with travel. Joe Burrow, you can look at the numbers, has been absolutely unbelievable The Raiders are the first team in NFL history to end a season with four straight wins of four points or fewer. I kinda feel like the jig is up. They’ve also only scored only 17 offensive touchdowns over the last 10 weeks, the fewest among all playoff teams. I think a worn down defense gets exposed in the second half.”

Final score: Bengals 26, Raiders 19

New England Patriots (+4) vs. Buffalo Bills

Cowherd pick: Patriots

Final score prediction: Bills 28, Patriots 27

Cowherd said:

“I’m going to take the points here. Belichick gets Josh Allen for a third time. New Engalnd has 24 rushing touchdowns, 2nd most in the league. It’s zero degrees, I don’t think there is going to be a ton of points. The Bills are 0-5 in games decided by one possession. Josh Allen versus the Patriots is 3-4 with a 57.1 completion percentage. He’s not been very good against the Patriots. I think it’s ugly and low-scoring. I’ll take the Bills to win on a late field goal but this is my strongest play of the weekend. I like New England plus the points.”

Final score: Bills 47, Patriots 17

Philadelphia Eagles (+8.5) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cowherd pick: Eagles

Final score prediction: Buccaneers 27, Eagles 24

Cowherd said:

“This is my second-strongest play of the weekend, I like the Eagles +8.5. They (the Eagles) don’t make mistakes and Brady does. Philadelphia, right now….this is a fascinating one. In the last ten games, the Eagles are 7-3, with 28.5 ppg and 20 points allowed. The Bucs are also 7-3 with 27.3 ppg and 20.6 points allowed. The Eagles offense averages almost 3-and-a-half yards per-carry before contac…that leads the league. Brady has 15 giveaways this year, that’s the most for him in 12 years. Tampa is still banged up, does not have a consistent run game, the weather could be windy and that hurts the more vertical passing team. I think Tampa wins here, but +8.5 against the team that consistently gets over 10 yards a carry…I think it’s close.”

Final score: Buccaneers 31, Eagles 15

San Francisco 49ers (+3) vs. Dallas Cowboys

Cowherd pick: 49ers

Final score prediction: 49ers 28, Cowboys 27

Cowherd said:

“Went back and forth and gotta go with my initial instinct, I’m taking San Francisco +3 and the upset win. The road team has won 10 of 14 wild card games in the last three years. The offense for San Francisco leads the NFL…huge stat, yards-per-play (6.1). 49ers offense, hottest it’s been all year…3 of the last four games 150+ rushing. Oh, by the way all you Jimmy Garropollo haters, it’s insane. Since Week 9, he’s second in the league in completion percentage, 1st in passing-yards-per-attempt, 1st in big passing plays. Since Thanksgiving, he’s a Top 5 clutch quarterback in the leageand the Cowboys are 1-5 when they are held under 100 rushing yards and it’s hard to get to 100 against the Niners defense.”

Final score: 49ers 23, Cowboys 17

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams (-4)

Cowherd pick: Rams

Final score prediction: Rams 31, Cardinals 26

Cowherd said:

“This is my weakest bet of the weekend. A couple things worry me. Arizona’s defense has not been good. Six yards a play surrended in their last five games. Ten of the Rams 12 wins came by seven points or more. They get it going, they get a lead, they rarely lose. Kyler Murray is 1-5 verus the Rams with a 62.3 completion percentage and 9 giveaways. He has struggled against this Rams personell.”

Final score: Rams 34, Cardinals 11

Colin Cowher Wild Card record: 3-2

Colin Cowherd picks 2021 Blazin’ 5 overall record (not including playoffs): 37-43-2

Lead image Matt Rourke/AP

NFL Week 18 Blazin’ 5 Picks End Colin Cowherd’s “Hardest Year of Gambling”

Colin Cowherd picks Week 18 Blazin’ 5 ATS from the Fox Bet sports betting app betting odds. He likes the Cowboys, Raiders, Falcons, Dolphins.

It’s the last week of the regular season and Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 (35-41-1) has no chance of finishing with a winning record.

He already has excuses ready for his subpar showing.

Before giving out his Week 18 picks Cowherd was in a reminiscent mood on Friday’s episode of “The Herd.” He recalled going to Stardust Casino in Vegas on Sunday night (or Monday night) to bet the opening NFL lines.

“That’s how I bet my whole life (opening lines.) Then COVID hit. Now you have to wait until Sunday morning because players are coming in and out and the whole thing for me has gone upside down. You can say it’s just an excuse. It’s the hardest year of gambling I’ve ever had,” said Cowherd.

What is Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 record?

We track Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 picks so you can decide whether to follow or fade when betting on the NFL at PA sports betting apps.

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 record 2019 to present:

  • 2021: 37-43-2
  • 2020: 40-41-2
  • 2019: 42-41-3

Colin Cowherd Blazin’ 5 Week 18 NFL picks

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a sports talk radio show on Fox Sports Radio and Fox Sports 1. Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs Fridays on The Herd at 1 p.m. EST.

Dallas Cowboys (-4.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Cowherd pick: Cowboys

Final score prediction: Cowboys 27, Eagles 20

Cowherd said:

“I initially liked the Eagles but they got 16 players on the COVID list. I’m going to take the Cowboys. Their defense leads the NFL in interceptions takeaways, third-down conversions. Jalen Hurts, who is still struggling, let’s be honest, he ranks 28th in passing, it’s gonna be hard on 3rd down. The Cowboys are athletic and rangy and they beat him the first time they played him. Dak against the NFC East is 24-4 with 50 TDs and 15 picks, he eats them alive. The Eagles have 16 players on COVID, they are 0-6 when facing a team with a winning record.”

Final score: Cowboys 51, Eagles 26

Did Cowherd win? Yes

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons (+3.5)

Cowherd pick: Falcons

Final score prediction: Falcons 24, Saints 23

Cowherd said:

“This is a rivalry game. I bet the Falcons earlier this year against the Saints and I’m gonna bet ’em again. You know I don’t like betting the Falcons and this is my second time. They are 7-2 in games decided by 8 or fewer points. In close games they are a good team and their defense has 12-straight games with a takeaway (leads NFL). Matt Ryan ate ’em up the last time he played them and the Saints offense over the last three games is a mess, 10 points a game. When you’re down to your third and fourth quarterback it’s a merry-go-round. The Saints offense on third down in the last three games is the worst in the league. I get Matt Ryan at home with over a field goal…I think Atlanta upsets the Saints.”

Final score: Saints 30, Falcons 20

Did Cowherd win? No

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams (-4.5)

Cowherd pick: Rams

Final score prediction: Rams 28, 49ers 23

Cowherd said:

“Initially, I would like San Francisco and the points here but Garoppolo’s not practicing, he has an injury. The Rams are on a five-game winning streak and they are playing football. They lead the NFL in yards-per-play. Matt Stafford’s numbers this year have been fantastic. The key though is Garoppolo’s thumb sprain. I thought it would get better and it has not. You are asking Trey Lance to face this Rams team on the road in his second road start. This is a big ask for a rookie quarterback and I don’t like it.”

Final score: 49ers 27, Rams 24

Did Cowherd win? No

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins (+6)

Cowherd pick: Dolphins

Final score prediction: Patriots 24, Dolphins 23

Cowherd said:

“A lot of the wise guys like New England. I’m taking Miami +6. First of all, 5-0 in their last 5 home games. Weird things happen last game of the year in Miami. Dolphins are 6-2 last 8 times they played the Patriots in Miami. Since Week 9, the Dolphins defense has allowed 14.5 ppg (2nd in NFL), and rank 1st in the league since Week 9 for ypg allowed, yards-per-play allowed and sacks. Their defense is fantastic. The Patriots are 3-6 against teams this year that are .500 or better. Mac Jones doesn’t really have the ability to get out of trouble and Miami’s defense gets you in trouble. It’s too many points for a rivalry points, an amazing defense and a rookie quarterback.”

Final score: Dolphins 33, Patriots 24

Did Cowherd win? Yes

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders (+3)

Cowherd pick: Raiders

Final score prediction: Raiders 30, Chargers 27

Cowherd said:

“This game, I’ve gone back-and-forth with. I know I’m getting a true effort. With a lot of these games. I just don’t know whose playing. Both of these teams need to win. The Raiders defense, 4 of their last 5 games have played well. Derek Carr is playing his butt off this year. Darren Waller is back and I don’t trust the Chargers defense. It’s the worst third down defense in the league. The Raiders are running the ball and they are going to keep Herbert off the field.”

Final score: Raiders 35, Chargers 33

Did Cowherd win? Push

Cowherd’s Week 18 Blazin’ 5 record: 2-2-1

Colin Cowherd 2021 Blazin’ 5 overall record: 37-43-2

Lead image The Heard on FS!

Turn $5 Into $200 At DraftKings By Betting on College Football, NFL & NBA

Looking for an easy way to win a couple of hundred bucks? DraftKings Sportsbook has a sweet promo where you can bet $5 and win $200.

Looking to score an easy (and big) win? DraftKings PA sports betting app has you covered as they’re offering all new customers a bet $5 win $200 promo.  Want a piece of the pie? Read on for more details:

Bet $5 Win $200 DraftKings Moneyline Bet

DraftKings Sportsbook is offering customers the opportunity to bet $5 on any moneyline in the NBA, NFL, or college football and if your team wins, you’ll collect $200. That’s a pretty sweet deal since the usual payout would be anywhere from $2 to $10 if you were betting anything normal.

The offer started on December 27th and there are only a few days left. This is available for a limited time until January 10th.

If you do win your bet, you’ll not only collect $200 but you’ll also win your original bet too. For example, if you bet $5 to win $4, you’ll get your $5 stake back, your $4 in profit, and then $200 from the bonus as well, so it all stacks.

In terms of the bonus itself, it is broken up into eight $25 Free Bets, so when you use them, you’ll have to use them one at a time. Also, those Free Bets are only valid for seven days. Qualify for this promo (with the original $5 bet) on odds boosts, live bets, parlays, free bets, cash-out bets, and voided bets.

College Football, NFL Regular Season Winding Down

If you’re looking to use this special on college football, there is just one more game to do so as the College Football Playoff National Championship Game is coming up on Monday, January 10th. After that, college football will be dormant until September.

Claim Your $1,050 Bonus at DraftKings Sportsbook

Monday’s big game is a rematch between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs were the No. 1 team in the country for the longest period of time this season and they only lost once.

However, that one defeat came at the hands of the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship Game. We’ll see if the Bulldogs have learned from that loss and can make the necessary adjustments to rebound.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to bet on the NFL, it’s the final week of the regular season this Sunday. You could always try to bet something easy – or something that looks easy – like the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on the moneyline. The Colts need a win to clinch a playoff spot while the Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL record-wise.

The Colts are a 15.5-point favorite in this spot, so we’ll see if they can deliver. They lost at home as a sizable favorite against the Las Vegas Raiders last week.

Image credit: Michael Wyke – AP

Killer Crossovers: BetMGM & Unibet Feature Paired Sportsbook/Casino Promotions

Crossovers are an essential part of sports. Now Pennsylvania’s sportsbooks and betting apps are getting good at their own crossover moves.

Crossovers are an essential part of sports.

Allen Iverson had a great one. Michael Jordan used one to beat the Utah Jazz for his sixth championship. And some athletes have even crossed over off the court.

Jordan and LeBron James made SpaceJam films. Shaquille O’ Neal made both music and movies. Damian Lillard raps.

And now Pennsylvania’s sportsbooks and betting apps are getting good at their own crossover moves. But in this realm, the crossover is an incentive that pairs MGM sportsbook and UniBet casino promotions.

BetMGM Sportsbook & Casino: $20 for $10

BetMGM is one brand that has a crossover promotion live now. Players who bet $10 or more on the BetMGM Sportsbook can get $20 Freeplay at the BetMGM Casino. The offer is valid every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday through January 9th.

Here are the rest of the details.

  • Sign in to your BetMGM account every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday through January 9, 2022.
  • Opt into the Ten for Twenty promotion.
  • Once opted in, wager $10 or more on BetMGM Sports to get your free bet.
  • Earn $20 free play on BetMGM Casino after you bet the required $10 on BetMGM Sports and the wager has been settled.
  • In order to receive the $20 free play bonus, all bets for this promotion must be placed and settled on the same promotional day on which the player opts-in.

Unibet offers Fun-day Sundays and Mondays

Over at Unibet, the site features some excellent crossover promotions for football fans, including “Eagles Sunday Fundays”. On Sundays, players who wager at least $25 in the Eagles-branded blackjack Unibet casino game can get some extra money in the sportsbook.

Here’s the fine print:

  • Wager $25+ cash on Eagles Blackjack, then receive a free $10 sportsbook bet.
  • Promotion Period: Sundays each week from 12:01 AM EST – 11:59 PM EST.
  • Players can only qualify once per week.
  • Qualifying players will receive their sportsbook free bet the following Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST.

In addition, Unibet’s “Hail Mary Mondays” can help parlay players earn some bonus cash for every touchdown scored on Monday Night Football. The details are below:

  • Bet a minimum of $25 cash on a single game parlay bet for select Monday Night Football games.
  • Win or lose, you will get a $2 casino bonus(s) for every Touchdown (TD) scored.
  • Eligible games for this promotion will be specified. Play all 4 full quarters to be eligible.
  • Eligible players will be able to see their casino bonus(s) within 72 hours.

Monday’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns has an over/under of 41 points, setting up a number of potential bonus payouts for Unibet’s parlay players.

Check your favorite sportsbook or app for additional crossover promotions

Many other sportsbooks have also offered crossover promotions as well, so check back often for new deals and incentives. Because you don’t need YouTube highlights of Jordan or Iverson to find some great crossovers.

Pennsylvania’s sportsbooks and betting apps have some right here, so now you have exactly what you need.

And combined with the right player, they can be a winning move.

Image credit: John Locher – AP