PA Lottery Debuts New Games And A Spring Second Chance Drawing

New PA Lottery tickets celebrate April’s National Pet Month and Mother’s Day. A new Second Chance Drawing is now open for entries, too.

The PA Lottery has released new games in anticipation of Mother’s Day and National Pet Month coming up this spring. The most exciting new PA Lottery tickets include a scratch-off with a $3 million top prize and Fast Play games offering progressive jackpots.

Some new tickets can be entered into the Paw-some Second Chance Drawing for a chance to win up to $10,000, for those who are signed up for the PA iLottery.

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New PA Lottery scratch-offs offer up to $3 million in top prizes

3 million mega stacks pa lottery

Yet another $3 million top prize scratch-off joins the PA Lottery’s instant game lineup. The title $3 Million Mega Stacks was just released on March 21, and offers five top prizes. Tickets with a $3 million top prize cost $30.

Match one of your numbers to one of the winning numbers and win the prize shown. Every prize under your numbers has a Megaplier that multiplies the prize by up to 50x. A separate bonus game offers another chance at prizes and adds an automatic $100 to any prize won through it.

pa lottery queen of moms ticket

The new Queen of Moms scratcher will make a number of moms happy this season, with its ten top prizes of $100,000. At only $5, it makes a nice addition to any gift basket on Mother’s Day.

It’s a simple match game, with a possible “Mom” symbol that wins the prize shown under the symbol automatically. Revealing a queen symbol will bring a nice payday, winning all 12 prizes shown on the ticket.

May is also National Pet Month, and the PA Lottery is commemorating it with the Doggy Dough and Kitty Cash tickets. The $5 tickets offer ten top prizes of $200,000. That’ll buy a lot of treats for your furry friend!

The two tickets share a prize pool, and each features animal-specific symbols. The Dog Food and Cat Food bowl areas offer a chance to win all 12 prizes on the ticket by revealing a “Dogs Rule” or “Cats Rule” symbol.

Two other tickets were also released on March 21:

  • Scratch and Win – A $10 ticket with ten top prizes of $500,000
  • Gimme 5 – A $1 ticket with ten top prizes of $5,000

New spring Fast Play games feature progressive jackpots

A number of Fast Play games are new for March and April. Several of them feature progressive jackpots, which allow for higher

PA Lottery Money Stash ticket

and higher top prizes throughout the lifetime of the game. So far this year, two Fast Play jackpots have hit for over $1 million, and two more have hit for over $500,000.

The newest Fast Play games with progressive prizes are Money Stash and Ladder Loot.

Money Stash has a ticket cost of $10 and the jackpot starts at $150,000. When someone hits that jackpot, the game will reset to $150,000 for a second round. Once the jackpot is won twice, the game will end.

Ladder Loot is a more affordable game at $2, and has a progressive jackpot that starts at $10,000. As of March 24, the prize was up to $18,995. Ladder Loot will also reset for a second jackpot round. Use the PA Lottery site to track Fast Play jackpots.

New $5 Fast Play games are eligible to be entered into the Paw-some Second Chance Drawing. Bad to the Bone and Feline Fine are the Fast Play version of the pet-themed tickets. The games offer two top prizes of $75,000.

Another Fast Play game with a progressive jackpot is coming soon, along with a Mother’s Day-themed ticket.

These games come out on April 4:

  • Ca$h Wanted ($20)
  • Best Mom in the World ($5)
  • Pizza Dough Doubler ($1)

Pet-themed tickets eligible for PA Lottery Second Chance Drawing

pa lottery second chance

The new Paw-some Second Chance Drawing is open for entries until May 4. Three winners will receive the top prizes of $10,000. Winners will be announced on the PA Lottery website on May 19.

Use the PA Lottery mobile app to scan your non-winning pet-themed tickets for entries into the drawing. Each non-winning $5 Bad to the Bone and Feline Fine Fast Play ticket, and each $5 Doggy Dough and Kitty Cash scratch-off is worth five entries into the drawing.

There are separate drawings for scratch-offs and Fast Play tickets. The prizes will be as follows:

Fast Play prizes

  • One winner: $10,000
  • Two winners: $5,000
  • Four winners: $2,500
  • Fifty winners: $100 online play bonus money

Scratch-off prizes

  • Two winners: $10,000
  • Five winners: $5,000
  • Ten winners: $2,500
  • Fifty winners: $100 online play bonus money

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PA Lottery Winners Earn Nearly $200 Million On February Scratch-Offs

PA Lottery players have been awarded millions in prizes recently, with scratch-offs totaling almost $200 million alone last month.

In the month that is usually the slowest for the PA Lottery, players did quite well in February.

PA Lottery players took home several prizes over $1 million from scratch-offs, Powerball and other draw games recently. Scratch-offs alone accounted for almost $200 million in PA Lottery prizes last month.

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PA Lottery scratch-off returns $5 million

pa lottery $5 million money maker

Scratch-off players claimed $197 million in prizes last month, according to the PA Lottery. That’s about average for February, but less than most other months.

The biggest news and quantity was the top prize of $5 million won by a player in Monroe County. That lucky player bought one of the two remaining winners on the $5 Million Money Maker. That game was PA’s first $50 ticket, released at the end of 2021 to celebrate the lottery’s 50th anniversary.

Weis Markets at 933 North 9th Street in Stroudsburg sold the winning ticket. The retailer was awarded a $10,000 bonus for making the sale.

Surprisingly, only one other scratch-off prize hit $1 million last month. A player in Wayne County hit that $1 million prize on Millionaire Bucks, a $20 ticket.

Tri-State Tobacco at 46 Wellwood Avenue in Hawley sold the winner and earned a $5,000 bonus.

A whole lot of $500,000 prizes contributed to the big numbers last month. Other notable prizes awarded were:

  • Seven prizes of $500,000
  • Three prizes of $250,000
  • Seven prizes of $200,000
  • Twelve prizes of $100,000

PA Lottery made Philly player a millionaire in March

$3 Million Snow Bank PA Lottery

Just this week, another lucky player won some cold cash. Winter might be winding down, but the $3 Million Snow Bank ticket was hot for a player in Philadelphia. The player claimed their $3 million top prize.

Sunny Cigarette at 6447 Sackett Street was rewarded with a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

$3 Million Snow Bank is a $30 ticket that still has some top prizes of $3 million remaining.

Don’t forget, all scratch-off prizes expire one year from the game’s end-sale date. Winners of any major prizes should immediately sign the back of their ticket and give the lottery a call at 1-800-692-7481.

PA players hit soaring draw game jackpots

The most recent Cash 5 with Quick Cash drawing to award the jackpot prize was on March 6. A single ticket matched all five numbers drawn, 2-3-5-25-27, to win $600,000 before taxes.

The winner might not yet be known. The ticket was sold at Stroud Smoke Shop, 1115 North 9th Street, in Stroudsburg.

PA Lottery’s draw games like Cash 5 do occasionally hit the $1 million mark, or higher. Just a month ago a PA Lottery player hit the jackpot for over $1.4 million. On Tuesday, Feb. 7, a ticket sold at a Sheetz store in Scranton matched all five balls drawn, 6-13-19-32-37, to win $1,483,407.50 before taxes.

Winners can only be identified after they claim their prize and have their tickets validated. The lottery only knows the location where the ticket was sold. Cash 5 prizes expire one year after the drawing date.

Pennsylvania is on a roll with Powerball wins

Last month, after a player in Washington hit the big Powerball jackpot, PA tickets were winning big prizes.

The largest Powerball prize in PA last month was $2 million. A ticket sold in Cambria County for the Wednesday, Feb. 22 drawing matched the first five numbers drawn. The winning numbers were 11-19-39-44-65, Powerball 7. The Power Play ticket add-on multiplied the usual $1 million prize for matching five numbers.

Forest Hills Pharmacy at 552 Locust Street in Saint Michael sold the winning ticket and received a $10,000 bonus commission from the PA Lottery.

A ticket sold in Wayne County for the Feb. 11 drawing also matched the first five numbers and won $1 million. In all, four PA players won prizes of $100,000 or more last month.

So far in March, one player has hit $150,000 on Powerball in the state. That win happened on Saturday, March 4. A ticket sold in Lehigh County matched four of the five white balls, plus the red Powerball. The Power Play option came through again, tripling the usual $50,000 prize.

A 7-Eleven store, located at 5052 Cetronia Road in Wescosville, sold the winning ticket and earned a $500 bonus.

PA iLottery players also hit big jackpots

The PA Lottery’s online gaming platform, iLottery, features many instant games. Some of them offer progressive jackpots that continue to grow until someone wins them. The games work similar to online slot games offered by PA online casinos.

One such progressive jackpot got a winner this month. A player from Venango County hit the prize on Premier Jackpot, winning $268,312 before withholding.

Premier Jackpot is a connect-style instant game that features a chance to reveal multipliers and free games. Players have a chance at the game’s one progressive jackpot when they unlock the premier bonus game.

Another recent online win went to a player in Franklin County. That player won $125,973 playing Ca$tle Quest.

Ca$tle Quest is another connect-style game that features 10x prize multipliers and two different bonus games.

Premier Jackpot and Castle Quest PA iLottery Games

PA residents can play the lottery’s online games on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Online tickets are also available for Powerball, Mega Millions, Treasure Hunt, Cash4life, Match 6 Lotto and the PICK games.

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PA Lottery Releases New Scratch-Off Games And St. Patrick’s Second Chance Drawing

St. Patrick’s Day-themed PA Lottery scratch-offs are in stores now. A new Second Chance Drawing also opened, offering $17,000 in top prizes.

With Valentine’s Day in the rearview, the PA Lottery has released St. Patrick’s Day-themed scratch-offs and Fast Play games. The new games are eligible for a Second Chance Drawing that will award eight top prizes of $17,000.

Will one of these new tickets be your lucky charm?

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PA Lottery St. Patrick’s Day scratch-offs are in stores now

pa lottery st. patrick's day scratch off

The first new scratch-off, Lucky 7, isn’t eligible for the Second Chance Drawing, but it does offer the largest top prize. A Lucky 7 ticket costs $10 and offers 10 top prizes of $500,000.

The match-style game offers 15 chances to match any of six winning numbers. Reveal a “7” symbol to win the prize shown instantly, or a “7X” symbol to win seven times the prize shown. A gold coin symbol wins $70, and a “Lucky” symbol wins all the prizes shown.

Players seeking their pot of gold can also try Under the Rainbow, a $5 game that offers 10 top prizes of $100,000. Under the Rainbow features two bonus possibilities above the main play area.

The Pot of Gold bonus game offers a chance to reveal a leprechaun symbol to win an additional prize. Multiply any prizes won when the Cloud Bonus area reveals a 5X symbol.

A rainbow symbol in the main play area wins all the prizes shown.

PA Lottery Under the Rainbow scratch off

A non-winning Under the Rainbow ticket earns five entries into the In The Clover Second Chance Drawing. Two more new scratchers are also Second Chance eligible. They are:

  • Leprechaun’s Gold, a $2 ticket offering 10 top prizes of $17,000
  • Clover Patch Match, a $1 ticket offering 10 top prizes of $1,700

Will a new PA Lottery Fast Play game be your golden ticket?

PA Lottery Hunt 4 Green Fast Playl

New Fast Play games are also eligible for the latest Second Chance Drawing. Fast Play games print on demand at a lottery retailer. Ask for them at the counter or buy one at a self-service terminal.

The Hunt 4 Green is a $5 game that offers two top prizes of $40,000. The ticket offers 12 chances to match any of the five winning numbers.

A clover symbol in the main play area wins four times the prize shown. A Hunt 4 Gold bonus game gives players a chance to win $17 instantly, if four gold coins appear in the main play area.

The other Second Chance eligible Fast Play games are:

  • Find the Leprechaun, a $2 game offering two top prizes of $17,000
  • Shamrock Search, a $1 game offering two top prizes of $1,700

Another new Fast Play game, Extreme Winning, is not Second Chance eligible. The $20 ticket offers two top prizes of $300,000.

Extreme Winning is packed with multipliers, offering a multiplier ranging from 1x to 5x for each column of “your numbers.” A separate Extreme 10x Bonus game offers a chance to win 10 times any prize won above, or an additional prize.

Fast Play tickets also include a voucher for online bonus money to play a featured instant game at the PA iLottery.

Second Chance Drawing now accepting entries

The PA Lottery’s In the Clover Second Chance Drawing is now open. Players can enter eligible scratch-off and Fast Play tickets until Thursday, March 23. Enter your tickets at the lottery website or mobile app.

PA Lottery St. Patrick's Day second chance drawing

Scratch-off and Fast Play tickets are entered into two separate drawing pools.

The prizes for the scratch-off drawing are as follows:

  • Top four prizes of $17,000
  • Seven prizes of $3,000
  • 13 prizes of $1,700
  • 50 prizes of $100 online play bonus money

The Fast Play drawing will award the following prizes:

  • Top four prizes of $17,000
  • Three prizes of $3,000
  • Seven prizes of $1,700
  • 50 prizes of $100 online play bonus money

Winners will be announced on April 6 on the PA Lottery site. The lottery will notify winners via email and with a notification in their iLottery account.

The previous Second Chance Drawing, With Love, is now closed for entries. Results will be announced on March 6.

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PA Lottery Players Start Year Off With Over $10 Million In Wins

The PA Lottery handed out more than $10 million in top prizes this January. PA players can purchase most tickets online.

In the first month of 2023, the PA Lottery has reported big wins in all the game categories it offers. A new $50 ticket already had a top prize winner, and progressive jackpot prizes are being snagged left and right.

Let’s have a look at some of this month’s most notable wins from inside the Keystone State.

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A Philly player hit the largest PA Lottery scratch-off prize

five million fabulous fortune pa lottery ticket

In late December, the PA Lottery quietly released its second ever $50 scratch-off ticket called Five Million Fabulous Fortune. Less than two weeks into the new year, a player in South Philadelphia hit the first $5 million top prize on the ticket.

A 7-Eleven store at 2301 West Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia sold the winning ticket. The retailer gets a $10,000 bonus.

PA’s first $50 ticket was released last year to celebrate the Lottery’s 50th anniversary. The lottery released an additional quantity of that ticket, the $5 Million Money Maker, to meet player demand.

Five players in PA won $5 million prizes on that game last year. There are two more top prizes now available.

Who would have guessed that a scratch-off with a $50 price tag would be so popular?

Holiday scratchers are still giving reasons to celebrate

Holiday-themed tickets are still popular this time of year, and the king among them is We Wish You a Merry Million. The festive scratcher costs $20 and offers top prizes of $1 million. That ticket had two top prize winners claim their prizes this month.

One winner bought their ticket in Montgomery County at Wawa, on Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown.

The other $1 million winner found their luck in Blair County at Saji & Sharvan in Altoona. Both retailers earned a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning tickets.

We Wish You a Merry Millions has two top prizes remaining. The $30 holiday ticket called $3 Million Snow Bank has four of its $3 million top prizes remaining. The games were released on Oct. 25 and will be sold until all the top prizes are claimed.

One PA Lottery Fast Play game served up a fast million

Fast Play progressive prizes by PA Lottery
Fast Play games with progressive jackpots. Source:

A lottery player in Northampton County was taken by surprise when they bought a Fast $50 ticket on Jan. 14. The Fast Play ticket ended up being worth much more than $50 when the player landed a quick $1 million.

Fast $50 is a $20 game that promises lots of $50 prizes, but offers a progressive prize starting at $350,000. The progressive jackpot was up to $1.02 million when the lucky player hit it.

Chubby’s Food & Beer on Sullivan Trail in Easton got a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The Fast $50 game is now closed, but several other Fast Play games offer progressive top prizes. Currently, the highest Fast Play prize is $1.06 million on the game Nest Egg.

Players can ask for Fast Play games by name at the counter at lottery retailers, or print them at a self-service vending terminal. Fast Play games print on demand, so there’s no need to scratch a ticket or wait for a drawing.

PA Lottery draw games awarded prizes over $1 million in January

PA’s popular draw games Cash 5 with Quick Cash and Match 6 both hit for over $1 million this month.

The New Years Day Cash 5 jackpot was up to $1,293,786 when a single ticket sold in Montgomery County matched all five numbers. The ticket was sold at Giant, located at 1201 Knapp Road in North Wales. The numbers drawn were 4-24-29-34-36.

On Jan. 12, the Match 6 drawing produced a big winner on a ticket sold in York County, at 7-Eleven on Limekiln Road in New Cumberland. The ticket matched all six winning numbers, 2-15-21-38-40-47, to win the $1.66 million jackpot prize.

The lottery only knows where the winning tickets were sold; They won’t know who won until the ticket holders claim their prizes.

Online PA iLottery players win from home or on the go

Fast Play and draw games aren’t the only PA Lottery games that offer progressive jackpots. Some online games at the PA iLottery also feature the ever-growing prizes, and work similarly to online slots. Online players hit some big wins this month.

Here are the top online prizes claimed in January:

  • $272,352 on Stocking $tuffer Multiplier — Allegheny County
  • $279,452 on Premier Jackpot — Lebanon County
  • $158,674 on Treasure Chest Quest — Greene County
  • $357,404 on Mine Blowing Jackpot — Franklin County
mine blowing jackpot pa lottery online game
PA residents can play online lottery games on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Players can also purchase Powerball, Mega Millions, Treasure Hunt, Cash4Life, Match 6 Lotto and PICK game tickets online.
Photo by:

Mega Millions Delivers Record-Breaking $4 Million Online Jackpot in PA

A PA Lottery player from Luzerne County won the largest online prize ever, cashing in on a Mega Millions drawing for $4 MILLION DOLLARS

New year, new record. HUGE PA Lottery online jackpot winner.

The PA Lottery announced Wednesday that a player in Luzerne County recently won its largest online prize ever, cashing in on a Mega Millions drawing for a massive $4 million jackpot.

The ticket matched all five white balls drawn, 4-19-39-42-52, but not the yellow Mega Ball, 9, to win the $4 million prize, minus applicable withholding. 

The player reaped the rewards of the $1 Megaplier option, which boosted the prize to $4 million instead of $1 million because the multiplier drawn was four.

In total, more than 35,600 other PA Lottery Mega Millions tickets won prizes of various amounts in the drawing. Furthermore, more than 8,600 tickets purchased with Megaplier were winners, boosting the prize totals of those winning tickets.

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PA Lottery continues to pay dividends for its players

The recent wins continue a hot streak for PA lottery players. In December, scratch-off lottery players won a total of more than $223 million, including two jackpots of $1 million each.

The PA Lottery also released its first-ever $50 scratch-off ticket, which has a maximum prize of $5 million.

Online lottery games are a perfect fit for PA weather

With winter weather arriving in Pennsylvania, many players may choose to play PA lottery games from the comfort of home.

Fortunately, the Pennsylvania Lottery has numerous online PA Lottery offerings that can be played on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

Online players can purchase Powerball, Mega Millions, Treasure Hunt, and Cash4life tickets at or by using the Lottery’s Official App.

There are also a variety of other online games, including a Team USA game, that seems like a perfect fit for the Winter Olympics, which begin on February 4th.

That game is a number-style match game with a multiplier that can boost prizes up to 10 times their value. There’s also a chance to activate three different bonus games. In addition, the Team USA game has an autoplay option to automatically play up to 20 game rounds

Friday’s Mega Millions drawing features massive $376 million jackpot

As for the traditional Mega Millions game, there was no winner in Tuesday’s drawing, which boosts Friday’s drawing to a $376 million annuity value, or $256.4 million in cash.

And whether there’s a winner or not, Pennsylvania’s older citizens will continue to reap the rewards of the PA lottery programs.

The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only state lottery to direct all proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since ticket sales began in 1972, it has contributed more than $32.6 billion to fund property tax and rent rebates, transportation, care services, prescription assistance, and local services including senior centers and meals.

Featured image credit: Keith Srakocic – AP

PA Lottery Delivers Big Prizes with December Scratchers & New Games in January

PA Lottery Scratch-off players from all across Pennsylvania hit it big in December, winning more than $223 million last month.

The gifts arrived all month long with PA Lottery scratch-off tickets.

Scratch-off lottery players from all across Pennsylvania hit it big in December, winning more than $223 million last month.

Two prizes, in particular, must have felt like a Christmas miracle.

  • One player in Coraopolis in Allegheny County won $1 million on a scratch-off ticket from the Uni-Mart at 1300 Coraopolis Heights Road.
  • And another player in Enola (Cumberland County) also won $1 million on a scratch-off ticket from the Smoker’s Express at 457 North Enola Road.

Both retailers earned a $5,000 bonus for selling the winners.

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There were many more wins in other places too. Other scratch-off jackpots during the month of December included the following:

  • Two prizes of $500,000
  • Three prizes of $250,000
  • Two prizes of $100,000

A more comprehensive list of monthly winners can be found here. However, the list of winners does not include the numerous scratch-off players who won less than $1,000.

The largest PA Lottery scratch-off ticket ever ($50)

Now, a new month and a new year have arrived. New winners emerge every day.

And there’s a brand new game from the PA Lottery to help make even more of them.

In honor of the PA Lottery’s upcoming 50th Anniversary in March, the organization released its first-ever $50 scratch-off ticket on Dec. 28th. The scratch-off ticket has a massive maximum prize of $5 million.

Thus, the $50 scratch-off is named the $5 Million Money Maker. Previously, the most expensive scratch-off ticket from the PA Lottery was $30.

Here are the details on the PA Lottery’s first-ever $50 scratch-off ticket:

  • 5 top prizes of $5 million
  • Over $285 million in total cash prizes
  • Over 145,000 in prizes from $500 to $10,000

$50 scratch off-ticket $5 Million Money Maker rules:

  • When any of your numbers match the winning number, win the prize shown under the matching number.
  • Reveal a “money roll” (MNYRL) symbol and win the prize shown under the matching number.
  • Scratch off a “$500 burst” (WIN$500) symbol and you just won $500.
  • Reveal the “vault” (WINALL) symbol and you just won all 30 prizes show.
  • Scratch off a “Five Mil” ($5MIL) symbol and win $5 million.
  • Star bonus: Scratch off a “$1,000 burst” (Win1K) and you just won $1,000. Reveal a “20X” (20TIMES) or a “50X” (50TIMES) symbol and multiply any prize won in the main play area.
  • Cash bonus: Reveal a cash prize amount in any BONUS spot and win that amount instantly. Cash Bonus is played separately.

For chances of winning, complete game rules and prizes remaining, visit the PA Lottery website.

A number of new PA Lottery scratch-off tickets have hit the shelves

New PA Lottery tickets in stores on Nov. 23:

  • $3 Million Xtreme Tripler ($30)
  • $500,000 Crossword Mania ($10)
  • All About the Benjamins ($5)
  • Fast Ca$h ($1)

New PA Lottery tickets in stores as of Dec. 28:

  • $5 Million Money Maker ($50)
  • $1,000,000 Power Payday ($20)
  • Love 2 Win ($5)
  • Top Dollar Crossword ($3)
  • My Lucky Valentine ($2)
  • Perfect Match ($1)

*Love 2 Win, My Lucky Valentine, and Perfect Match are second-chance eligible. PA Lottery Second Chance gives VIP Players Club members more chances to win.

New Pennsylvania Lottery Fast Play games

Lottery games that launched in November 2021

  • Frosty Fun ($10)
  • Holiday Cash Drop ($5)
  • To Me, From Santa ($2)
  • Baking Spirits Bright ($1)

*all of the above games are second-chance eligible

New PA Lottery Fast Play Games available Dec. 7:

  • Dynamite Doubler ($20)
  • Money Bag Bonus ($5)
  • Match 3 Tripler ($1)
  • PA Lottery Fast Play Games Coming in 2022

In stores as of Jan. 4

  • $50 or $100 Mayhem ($10)
  • Lucky in Love ($5)
  • Cupcake Cash ($2)
  • Bee Mine ($1)

*All of the above except $100 Mayhem are second chance eligible

The PA Lottery remains the only state system that uses all its proceeds for older citizens

Whatever lottery games you play and however you play them, the organization’s mission will be the same as it was when it first began in March of 1972.

The PA Lottery is the only state lottery system to direct all its proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since ticket sales began in 1972, it has contributed more than $32.6 billion to fund property tax and rent rebates, transportation, care services, prescription assistance, and other local services.

In the end, everyone reaps the rewards.

Players can win big prizes.

And senior citizens win every time a ticket is bought.

Image credit: Keith Srakocic – AP

Swing and a Miss: Court Rules Winning $4.15 Million PA Lotto Ticket Belongs to Doylestown Store, Not Employee

A Doylestown store employee attempted to pass off a $4.15 million Match 6 PA lottery ticket as her own, but a state court ruled against her.

Well, she tried.

And maybe you can’t blame her.

But a state Superior Court ruled Tuesday that Beverlie Seltzer, an employee at an Acme store in Doylestown, cannot keep a winning $4.15 million lottery ticket because it rightfully belongs to her store, not her.

As explained in a PennLive article, the winning Match 6 ticket was what’s considered a mistake ticket printed by the store. The store must pay the lottery commission for its mistake tickets. But the store can also keep any winnings that they produce.

Winning ticket was a mistake print in March 2019

In Seltzer’s case, she discovered the winning $4.15 million ticket in the mistake pile when she reported to work on March 21, 2019. Seltzer took $10 from her purse to purchase the winning ticket instead of following the typical procedure, which would have allowed the store to claim the winnings. The store’s security footage confirmed Seltzer’s maneuver.

Seltzer eventually tried to claim the winning ticket. She later appealed to the Superior Court after a Bucks County ruling found that the winnings belonged to the store.

On Tuesday, the Superior Court reached the same verdict.

“When Ms. Seltzer in this instance deviated from the Acme procedures that she usually followed, she acted surreptitiously and was not forthcoming about the circumstances of the purchase,” Judge Mary Jane Bowes wrote in the state court’s opinion. “Even viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to Ms. Seltzer, no reasonable fact-finder could conclude that Ms. Seltzer acted with the good faith belief that she was permitted by law or by Acme’s policies to give Acme $10 in exchange for $4,150,000.”

Powerball, Mega Millions produces verified November winners

Fortunately, not every winning ticket devolves into chaos and controversy like Seltzer’s did. In November, a player named Mark from Allegheny County took home a million dollars in a Powerball drawing. Additionally, five other players from locations all across Pennsylvania won $50,000 prizes.

In Mega Millions drawings, three Pennsylvania players won $10,000 prizes in November.

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Holiday jackpots will bring Christmas cheer and lots of cash

And as noted by PlayPennsylvaniathe Mega Millions and Powerball drawings from this past weekend were set to provide a massive Christmas bonus if someone happened to purchase a winning ticket.

The Powerball jackpot on Saturday was up to $304 million, with a cash value of $236 million. Friday’s Mega Millions drawing was estimated at $310 million, with a cash value of $238 million.

In a handful of states, including Pennsylvania, draw lottery tickets are available for purchase online. There, notifications of winning tickets are automatic.

And the beauty of the multistate, massive jackpot lotteries is that someone will eventually win.

That’s what drives people to purchase tickets. And that’s what drove Beverlie Seltzer to step outside of bounds at her Acme store.

The reward often seems worth the risk.

Lead image via Dreamstime.

Jackpot! Top Pennsylvania Online Casino Prizes and PA Lottery Wins in July

There is no shortage of big wins in Pennsylvania legal gambling, and July was no different. Here are some of the biggest jackpot hits online and live.

Top jackpots rolled in across Pennsylvania for lottery players and also slot and online casino players in the month of July. But that’s really nothing new.

Here’s a look at some of the top winners in the regulated PA gaming market last month.

Recent lottery jackpot and scratch-off winners in PA

The PA Lottery, with online and retailer outlets available, had more than 20 big hits in July.

  • Two winning Match 6 tickets from the Tuesday, June 30, drawing will split a jackpot prize of $2.2 million. The winning tickets were sold in Philadelphia and York counties. Each jackpot-winning ticket matched all six numbers drawn, 01-09-12-15-35-42, to win individual prizes of $1.1 million.
  • A jackpot-winning Match 6 Lotto ticket worth $1.52 million from Friday, July 2, was sold in Adams County. The ticket correctly matched all six winning numbers, 01-06-10-12-28-42, to win.
  • A July 23 Cash 5 jackpot of $942,845.50 was hit, with the winning ticket sold in Lewistown, Mifflin County. And another Cash 5 jackpot worth $426,359 hit in Bethlehem, Northampton County, on July 31.
  • A progressive top prize-winning ticket worth $1,561,591 for the Lottery’s Diamond Mine game was sold at a retailer in Montgomery County on Monday, July 27. That’s a $20 Fast Play game that offers progressive top prizes starting at $200,000.
  •  A retailer in Philadelphia sold a $3 million top-prize-winning $3,000,000 Money Millionaire scratch-off (claimed July 15), and a Mercer County location sold a top-prize-winning $3,000,000 Diamond Dazzler scratch-off ticket worth $3 million (claimed July 20).
  • Retailers in Northampton County sold a Merry & Bright scratch-off worth $1 million. And a retailer in Lancaster County also sold a $1 million-winning  Riches scratch-off.
  • And finally, a retailer in Franklin County sold a $1 million-winning Extreme Cash scratch-off.

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DraftKings has a new app just for online casino

DraftKings recently launched a mobile casino app for Pennsylvania. Users can link accounts across DFS, sports betting and casino sites and have a shared wallet.

For now, the DraftKings app is available on iOS. It should have a live dealer option soon, DraftKing reps confirmed.

The online casino had a big online winner in July, who cashed in $50,000 on a $7.50 wager playing 100,000 Pyramid.


Valley Forge Casino

At Valley Forge, which is associated with FanDuel online casino, Philadelphia native Jonathan F won a $785,427 jackpot playing the Super 4 Progressive Blackjack side bet on the night of July 9.

It’s the biggest jackpot reported at the King of Prussia casino since it reopened on Friday, June 26.

The Super 4 Progressive side bet wager wins when the dealer has a blackjack and the combination of the dealer’s blackjack and the player’s two cards qualifies for the 100% progressive bonus.

Online casino jackpot winners at BetRivers, SugarHouse and Hollywood

BetRivers and sister site SugarHouse also had some attractive wins at online slots recently:

  • A $7.00 bet won $139,590.25 on the Divine Fortune progressive slot.
  • Also, a $7.50 bet won $50,180.25 on Capitals Gains.
  • A $2.25 wager won $13,737.65 on Lion Festival.
  • A mere 25-cent bet won $1,678.85 on 300 Shields Extreme.

And Hollywood Casino had a nice Divine Fortune jackpot in July that yielded $123,565.

The big wins in PA just keep on coming.

Rise in Online Play, Scratch-Off Sales Fuel PA Lottery Revenue Recovery

After a dip in March sales, the PA lottery expects 2019–2020 revenue to be comparable to last year, with scratch-offs and online lottery play up.

Sales figures for the Pennsylvania Lottery took a major hit — down 25% — as coronavirus shutdowns closed 30% of the state’s retail agents in March.

But there’s been a healthy rebound since, according to an account by The Daily Item, a central PA news site.

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Available online and scratch-off  lottery demand led to stability

A spike in online lottery play plus increased spending on scratch-offs has stabilized revenue, according to The Daily Item.

Lottery spokeswoman Ewa Dworakowski is quoted as saying,

“We are still working to finalize the sales and profit figures for the 2019–2020 fiscal year. We expect that the final numbers will show that lottery profits for senior programs are very close to where they were last year.”

“Overall, traditional lottery sales are about 0.6% below last fiscal year due to the lack of big jackpots from the multistate games, Powerball and Mega Millions. However, we are happy to report that scratch-off sales, which account for nearly 70% of lottery sales, are up about 7%.”

The state’s revenue from traditional lottery sales for the first 11 months of the fiscal year was running about $60 million behind the same period in 2019.

The state has sold more than $4 billion in lottery tickets through May. That includes scratch-offs and draw games like Powerball, Pick 3 and Mega Millions.

Nearly back to normal for revenue

After costs, including prize payments, the state got $1.07 billion in revenue from traditional lottery sales in the first 11 months of 2018–19.

By comparison, the state had revenue of $1.01 billion in the same period this fiscal year.

Online lottery surge fuels recovery

The retail disruption has led to a surge in online growth, said Dworakowski.

“Online play increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now about 24% ahead of the estimate for the fiscal year,” she said.

PAOnlineCasino reported in June that the iLottery had surpassed $1 billion in sales in its first two years. And according to Scientific Games, it’s on track to hit more than $1 billion in annual sales.

The Quaker State’s iLottery was averaging $3 million in daily sales during the virus shutdown.

Revenues benefit senior programs

Pat McHugh, group chief executive, lottery, for Scientific Games, the operator of the PA Lottery’s online platform, told The Daily Item this shows that states can offer online gambling while still having successful traditional lottery sales.

McHugh said PA’s online program helped the Lottery adjust and protect funding for senior programs paid for by lottery proceeds.

Lottery revenue benefits programs for older residents, such as property tax and rent rebate programs, prescription assistance and Meals on Wheels.

Lottery fluctuations widespread

Other states have also had erratic sales for their lotteries during the pandemic.

Several states saw a drop in revenue from big-money games like Powerball and Mega Millions, which saw lower jackpots.

Neighboring Delaware‘s lottery sales are off almost $40 million through May compared to the last fiscal year, mostly due to the closure of casinos with video poker and table games, according to the Associated Press.

Many state lotteries rebounding

Maryland had mixed results.

Some weeks in April had sales down as much as 30%, according to Gordon Medenica, Maryland’s lottery and gaming director.

“We really didn’t know where the bottom was at that point. We were just seeing sales absolutely collapse,” he said.

“Since then, they have rebounded remarkably well. In the month of May, we actually had our all-time best month for the year in both sales and profits.”

Since March, Texas, Arkansas, Montana and several other states have seen an increase in sales. That’s driven in part by housebound residents putting cash down for scratch-off tickets, the AP reported.

Other states, like Massachusetts and Oregon, have had revenue drops due to stay-at-home orders.

A lack of online buying option a big issue

And a lack of an online presence exacerbated the issue.

At least nine states allow online lottery sales with PA being the only state to offer $20 free to new players that use a PAiLottery bonus code.

Deborah Goldberg, state treasurer of Massachusetts, where there are only retail lottery sales, told the AP:

“This pandemic has dramatically exposed the limitations and vulnerabilities of the lottery’s all-cash, in-person business model.”

PA Online Lottery Sets Example For Other States, Mega Millions Climbs To Over $400 Million

Pennsylvania boasts the most successful iLottery launch in the US, hitting $1 billion in online and mobile sales on the eve of its second anniversary.

Congratulations are in order to Pennsylvania iLottery for the most successful iLottery launch for online and mobile sales in the United States! In fact, PA iLottery sales hit $1 billion just shy of the second anniversary of its launch date in the Keystone State.

To recap, the state of Pennsylvania passed a gambling expansion bill in 2017. As a result, PA iLottery launched in May 2018.

According to a press release by Scientific Games, which powers the PA iLottery program, it is on track to top more than $1 billion in sales annually.

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PA iLottery sales in recent months

Currently, 46 US states participate in lotteries, but only 13 allow online lottery games. Of those 13, only seven states, of which PA is one, sell e-instant games.

Comparing sales from recent weeks with weeks prior to the coronavirus shows that there was an 80% increase in iLottery sales, along with an increase of 200% in first-time players.

Additionally, the single-day record for online and mobile sales hit $4.2 million, with current averages running around $3 million per day.

Drew Svitko, executive director of the Pennsylvania Lottery, stated:

“During this unprecedented time, we are reminding lottery players that they have the option to take advantage of playing PA Lottery online games at This is the only place where PA Lottery players can buy their Powerball® and Mega Millions® tickets without having to leave their homes.”

Largest Mega Millions jackpot since June 2019

Speaking of the Mega Millions, the jackpot is at its highest in over a year. The only Mega jackpot hit so far this year was on Feb. 11, when a $202 million ticket was sold in New Jersey.

The jackpot rolled over again, surpassing the $400 million mark, after no one hit it in the Friday, June 6, drawing. However, three tickets — in Connecticut, Florida and New Jersey — did match five numbers to win $1 million.

The estimated jackpot for the drawing on Tuesday, June 9, is $410 million, making it the 11th largest in the history of the game. It is also just the eighth time it has gone over $400 million in the past six years, according to the official Mega Millions site.

To scoop up this hefty jackpot, you need to match all six numbers: five white balls plus the gold Mega Ball.

Be sure to check the winning numbers on PlayPennsylvania after each 11 p.m. ET Mega Millions and Powerball drawing.

Other states to look at PA iLottery’s success

As other states look to emulate Pennsylvania’s success with their lottery programs, Pat McHugh, the group chief executive, lottery, for Scientific Games, stated:

“What’s encouraging to states looking to launch online/mobile lottery sales is that when the COVID crisis happened, Pennsylvania had a partnership and program in place to protect vital funding — including effective management of the combined retail and digital game portfolio, an iLottery platform and services to attract and retain players, integrated to support retailers while continuing the strategic management of traditional lottery products sold in stores.

Many states will look to Pennsylvania’s program to modernize lottery products online and at retail. Pennsylvania has effectively managed high-performing retail and digital instant games, creating benefits for players, retailers and the Commonwealth’s programs supporting older Pennsylvanians.”

Indeed, many of the PA lottery retailers were forced to close, and traditional game sales plummeted by 25%. Yet in March, online lottery sales increased by 30%.

PA Lottery provides funding for older Pennsylvanians

Supporting the PA iLottery program means providing and protecting funding for state programs benefiting older residents.

Thanks to the PA Lottery, PA senior citizens are provided with:

  • Meals and senior centers
  • Medical prescription assistance
  • Transportation services such as either free or reduced fares
  • Additional care services
  • Rebates for property or rent

The PA lottery continues to set a prime example for other states to follow on multiple fronts.