RushArena Slots Tournament Gives PA Online Casino Players New Customizable Ways To Win

BetRivers Casino Pennsylvania customers now have access to a new RushArena Slots Tournament feature in the online casino app

For Pennsylvania online casino players, the mechanics of trying to rack up line hits or chase progressive jackpots can get monotonous. A new RushArena slots tournament available in PA on BetRivers Casino aims to break up that mundane repetition.

Participation in the tournaments is highly customizable and allows you to participate at your convenience. The result is what could be a fresh take on online slots for Pennsylvanians.

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How RushArena slots tournaments work in PA

The RushArena premieres RushRace in PA on BetRivers. RushArena is Rush Street Interactive‘s new proprietary “multi-player tournament engine” while RushRace is the name for the actual tournaments themselves.

The gimmick behind RushArena is that it opens online casino play up for peer-to-peer games. Instead of competing against the house, your competition in such games is other BetRivers Casino players.

RushRace builds on the classic slots tournament format that brick-and-mortar casinos have employed for decades. It uses the technology to give players far more options than the land-based avenue can afford.

The biggest optimization there is customizability. That’s great because it allows you to take part in this tournament while sticking within your bankroll. There are different options for starting balances and wager amounts.

Along with the betting options, RushRace includes a wide array of available slot games on BetRivers. That allows you to pick from your favorites, try out a new title, and differentiate your strategy from other players.

Also of importance is the fact that you can take part when you want. You can log in and hit the slots at your convenience. Play a little, play a lot, on a break at work, throughout the evening, it’s up to you.

RushArena’s tech also allows you to see where you stand on the various leaderboards in real-time. While this should prove an enjoyable way to take slot play up a notch in PA, players who enjoy other games won’t be left out for long.

Slots just the beginning for RushArena and RushRace

A press release from Rush Street says the framework “will allow for the addition of new head-to-head contests and much more in the future.” If it reaches its full potential, RushArena has a lot of possibilities.

For one thing, there’s a potential social element. BetRivers Casino players could create their own custom competitions with friends, setting up their own parameters for their friendly wagers of slots or maybe other games as well.

The inclusion of table games presents another expansion option. PA gamblers who prefer to challenge others or work their way up leaderboards playing baccarat or roulette might enjoy this amenity as well.

“Enhancing the player experience remains our top business strategy,” said Richard Schwartz, CEO of Rush Street Interactive. “We listen to our customers, and by owning, building, and innovating the framework, we can tailor our games to deliver what our casino players, or insights obtained from them, have told us they want.  We use these ground-breaking game mechanics to create new experiences, which is consistent with our goal to increase retention, loyalty, and business KPIs.”

For now, the action is on the RushArena slots tournament. Until the program expands, that’s where PA online casino players can get a feel for RushRace and imagine the possibilities.

Almost “Play” Time?: Pennsylvania Might Get First Crack At PlayUp Online Casino

PlayUp online casino has made a deal to get into the Pennsylvania through a partnership with Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania’s status among the first-movers in terms of online casinos might come to fruition again. PlayUp online casino has added PA to its plans for its iGaming product, and given the current landscape, could be the first state where it’s available.

If that ends up being the case, PlayUp could help iGaming in PA push over the $100 million mark in monthly revenue. There is another possibility for PlayUp’s first foray into iGaming in the United States, though.

PlayUp online casino makes deal to get into PA

PlayUp announced a market access agreement with Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia on Wednesday. In a press release, PlayUp CEO Dr. Laila Mintas explained the importance of having a robust iGaming product for the company.

“It’s no secret that the sports betting sector is ultra-competitive in the U.S.,” Mintas commented. “The way we look to cut through the noise is to offer unparalleled customer service and experiences for our VIPs and provide our patrons [with] gaming and entertainment options beyond just sports betting. iGaming and other services are central to our roadmap of including a wide breadth and depth of options in our product portfolio.”

Currently, PlayUp offers online sports betting in Colorado and New Jersey. It also has an agreement in place for online casino access in Iowa, should that state ever legalize iGaming. Online casinos remain illegal in CO as well.

Currently, there is no timeline for when PlayUp online casino might go live in PA. That’s partially up to regulators, as the company does not yet have a license. Whenever that time comes, it might be part of PA reaching a new milestone.

Will PA make $100 million months commonplace?

In September 2021, PA online casinos produced just under $98 million in adjusted gross revenue. Although September was the seventh consecutive month with gross revenue from iGaming topping $100 million, the adjusted figures haven’t had such consistency.

There’s no guarantee that simply adding another operator like PlayUp will get the PA iGaming industry to a place where AGR consistently surpasses $100 million every month. If PlayUp is successful in its ambitions, however, it’s possible.

PlayUp says it intends to compete for market share just as it has on the sports betting front in CO and NJ. That will probably mean some new customer bonuses, exclusive games, and contests.

PA might be the place where PlayUp first starts working out its marketing plan for its online casino. That isn’t a foregone conclusion at this point. The company says it plans to launch iGaming in NJ “shortly.”

There’s no official timeline for launch in New Jersey right now. So while the verbiage suggests NJ will be first, the possibility exists for PA still. Even if NJ goes first, PA is a priority for PlayUp.

Lead image c/o PlayUp 

DraftKings Casino Promos Keep PA Players On Their Toes

DraftKings Casino promos are a common thing on the app in Pennsylvania but they can change frequently, so checking in regularly is key.

It’s been said that the only constant is change. That’s not any more true of anything in life than the Pennsylvania online casino industry. For instance, DraftKings Casino promos change frequently to accommodate a wide array of tastes.

If you don’t like the offerings on a particular day, there’s no reason to be dismayed. Variances in the terms of deals, the games involved, and rewards come often. You should soon find something more to your liking.

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Examples of regular DraftKings casino promos

On Sundays in PA, DraftKings frequently activates a Casino No Brainer promo. Typically, these involve staking a very low amount on a specific game on the casino side.

Recently, DraftKings offered $5 in casino credit and a $5 free sportsbook bet in exchange for betting just $1 on a hand of Touchdown Blackjack. Even if you had lost that dollar, the $10 in free bets could still give you a great return on that wager.

Another example is Freaky Fridays at DraftKings. Right now, if you stake at least $25 playing DraftKings Spooky Roulette, you’ll get $5 in casino credit in addition to any winnings.

Next week, the games involved and rewards in these promos could all change. PA online casino players also know DraftKings for having regular leaderboard contests and bonuses for streaks of winning hands at card games.

In addition to regular promos, new customers can also take advantage of our exclusive welcome offer, which includes:

  • $60 in free credits just for signing up
  • $25 free upon first deposit
  • 100% first-time deposit match up to $2,000 (see playthrough requirements)

Just like with any other promos, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions before you choose to try them. That way, you know exactly how to take advantage of the deals and how to maximize their value.

Understanding the terms of these promos

Perhaps the most important aspect of any casino promo to comprehend is the playthrough requirement attached to rewards. Usually at DraftKings, the requirement for casino credit is 1x.

That means you have to risk any credit you receive in a game before you can withdraw it as winnings. Some larger credits might come with a 2x or 3x playthrough mandate, which would mean you would have to stake the promotional amount twice or three times before you could actually count it as real money.

Speaking of real money, that’s what you nearly always have to use to earn these types of rewards. So, if you’ve got casino credit from another promotion or DK Dollars, you can’t earn more casino credit with those “currencies.” Only US dollars that you have deposited will do.

Another very important thing to pay attention to is any expiration date and time for a promo you’re considering. Because of these frequent changes, sometimes these promos can only be valid for a day or even a matter of hours.

Find more DraftKings Casino promos on the app

All of this information and more is readily available on the app if you tap on the promotion you’re looking at. Most of the promos require you to opt-in, so be sure to do so if you want to participate. If you have any further questions, that’s what DraftKings’ customer service is for.

It’s perfectly alright to be picky when it comes to when you play on DraftKings Casino and in which games. You might just want to check the app regularly to make sure you don’t miss any promos tailored to your interests.

The Juice Is Reduced At BetRivers In Pennsylvania For Select NFL Games

Tired of putting up $110 to make $100 in profit on the Eagles or Steelers games? Then these BetRivers NFL specials might be for you.

The standard -110 odds at PA sportsbooks are the standard because there are some variances to them. There are some BetRivers NFL specials with that exact premise.

BetRivers Sportsbook in Pennsylvania has reduced the odds on some NFL wagers to -107. While that difference may not seem like much at first glance, it can actually be significant.

How these BetRivers NFL specials work

Each week, BetRivers in PA will select some markets for this reduced vig. Like any other marketing push from a sportsbook, it’s to entice bettors to make a bet that the book wants them to make.BetRivers reduced juice sports betting specials

Thus, you can assume the sportsbook feels pretty confident about the line these odds are attached to. For example, the sportsbook currently has the Green Bay Packers -3 against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday reduced to -107.

BetRivers probably feels pretty good about that line and fully expects Green Bay to beat the Bengals by at least four points. Does that make this a sucker bet? Not in the least.

This marketing push is also about getting new customers to sign up for BetRivers. Those new customers are worth more than the 3% “discount” that the sportsbook is offering.

That math is important to understand the value in this deal for bettors, though. Simply put, it means you can wager less to get the same payout if you’re successful.

Shop around for the best odds at PA sportsbooks

To realize the value of these deals, the important elements are handicapping and line shopping. For your handicapping, you should forget about these reduced-vig odds entirely.

Instead, pick your spots based on what the data and news tell you are the best bets to make on a given NFL game day. Then, once you’ve identified the moneylines, props, spreads, and totals you feel most confident about, it’s time to shop.

Survey all the PA sportsbooks you’re registered with and see which has the best odds on the bets you want to make. That may or may not be BetRivers. If you find a match with these reduced juice odds, then great.

That means you’ll only have to risk $107 (instead of $110) to profit $100 on a winning wager. With that extra three dollars, you can get the guacamole on your burrito.

Reduced vig makes a big difference over time

The reduced vig only really makes a difference if you win. The sportsbook keeping $107 or $110 of your bankroll because you made a losing bet is pretty negligible if you’re betting three figures.

Of course, if you’re wagering smaller amounts, this translates, too. To profit $50, for instance, you’d only need to stake $53.50 instead of $55. On larger wagers and over time, you can see how this reduced vig can add up to a big difference.

This difference isn’t enough to make bets you don’t feel good about. At the same time, there’s little reason to stake more than you have to in order to get the same profit. BetRivers gives you options toward that end here.

Lead image credit: AP Photo/Don Wright

Some Pennsylvania Sportsbooks Offer Same-Game Parlays

Same-game parlays provide opportunities to diversify your bets at Pennsylvania sportsbooks this NFL season. Which apps have them available?

Pennsylvania sportsbooks are always on the leading edge of what they can offer to customers within the confines of regulations and laws in the state. This NFL season, that means more opportunities to create same-game parlays than ever.

By extension, the result of that is myriad more ways to diversify your plays on Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers games than ever. It’s important to note which PA sports betting apps give you these options, and which are most rewarding in doing so.

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What are same-game parlays?

The name pretty much explains it all. These are parlay wagers where all the legs of the bet are contained in the same sporting event. Traditional parlays involve at least two separate sporting events.

For example, suppose you wanted to bet on all of the following items for Sunday’s San Francisco 49ers at Eagles game.

  • Jalen Hurts to record a passing touchdown
  • Eagles over 13.5 points in the first half
  • Will there be a safety in the game? No

You could wager on all of those events individually. You might not get a very good return on them, however. Alternatively, you could combine all those bets as legs into one parlay wager. That could greatly improve your payout should the contest play out the way you want.

At the same time, your trade-off for that improved payout is higher risk. If Hurts doesn’t throw for a TD in the game, for example, it won’t matter if you guessed right on the other two items. The sportsbook would still grade your bet as a loss.

While these wagers function the same at the PA sportsbooks that offer them, there are some nuances in how to place them between apps. That includes some who offer incentives to try out the bet type.

One-game parlays at BetMGM PA Sportsbook

If you browse the Week 2 NFL lines on the BetMGM Sportsbook app, you’ll see orange text that reads “One-Game Parlay.” This is your invitation to craft your wager using your legs of choice. All you need to do is tap on the game you want to bet, then tap on the One-Game Parlay tab.

Within that tab, the options for inclusion in your parlay will appear. This will include a variety of the moneyline for the game, props, spreads, and totals. As you add legs and depending on which legs you add, your quoted odds will go up and down.

As soon as you are satisfied, decide how much you want to bet. Then finalize your wager. BetMGM is also currently offering NFL One-Game Parlay Insurance for its users. Place a parlay of at least four legs from any single NFL game. If you hit on all but one of your legs, BetMGM will give you the lesser of $25 or the value of your wager back in site credit.

BetMGM isn’t the only app offering easy navigation and a bonus for NFL same-game parlays, though. Make sure to compare the odds on your wager from multiple sports betting apps, like the next one on this list.

DraftKings’ new same-game parlay feature

DraftKings PA Sportsbook rolled this out just in time for football season and is making sure its customers are aware of the option. Again, navigate to the NFL weekly lines then tap on the game of your choice, perhaps the Las Vegas Raiders at Steelers. You’ll see an “SGP” icon on your screen. That’s your gateway.

Again, add however many and whichever legs from the game you like. Once you’ve gotten to the numbers you want, finish the bet and watch to see if you will cash out or if you’ve essentially just paid for the price of admission.

While DraftKings does have a special promo for same-game parlays on another kind of football (men’s UEFA Champions League soccer matches), there’s no deal especially for NFL bettors who place a same-game parlay right now. If you get better odds on your bet with DraftKings than on other apps, though, this might still be the way to go.

The next sportsbook on the list is offering a special for NFL same-game parlays. It doesn’t come with as much of a guarantee as BetMGM’s promo, though. There is less risk involved, however.

FanDuel loves parlays on NFL games

If it means a big return on a small wager, why would apps like FanDuel Sportsbook want to incentivize you to place parlays? It’s pretty simple math. For every one of these wagers that produces a big payout on a $5 bet, there are hundreds if not thousands of similar wagers that didn’t hit.

In the long run, FanDuel is going to win in the overwhelming majority of these bets. Does that mean they are sucker bets? Actually, no. If you are confident that every leg of your bet will hit based on your handicapping, why not get a better payout?

If you want to try out FanDuel’s same-game parlay feature for Thursday night’s New York Giants at Washington Football Team contest, navigate your app to that game, and then you’ll see a Same-Game Parlay tab. Create your bet, set your wager, and hope for the best.

Before doing so, though, you might want to check out FanDuel’s NFL Risk-Free Same-Game Parlay promo. This deal works very similarly to BetMGM’s. After opting into the promotion, place your parlay bet with real money with final odds of +400 or greater. Your wager only has to have three legs at minimum to qualify here.

If your bet loses, FanDuel will credit your account equal to the amount of your bet up to $10. That applies no matter how many legs fail. So, in theory, you could place a $10 same-game parlay, whiff on the entire thing, and get every “dollar” back.

It’s important to note that site credit isn’t real money you can withdraw, though. You’ll have to wager that credit to withdraw it and it expires seven days after issuance. The final app on the list here is the newest addition when it comes to PA operators with this option.

Penn National-Genius Sports deal clears way for same-gamers

Earlier this year, Genius Sports made waves in the sports betting industry by acquiring the coveted license to distribute official NFL data. In the US, access to that data is a must for any serious sportsbook contender. On Sept. 9, Penn National secured that access.

With the new data in hand, Penn’s Barstool Sportsbook has rolled out a new Parlay+ feature. In that tab on the app, you can opt to combine multiple legs from the same game and/or add in legs from other events, too.

As long as you’re sticking to your bankroll and placing wagers your research says are winners, same-game parlays are a fun way to enjoy NFL games even more. Because of the promos, now might be the best time to try out this bet type at PA sportsbooks.

Lead image by Charlie Riedel/AP

Rush Street Interactive Launches Exclusive Live Dealer Studio For Blackjack Players in PA and NJ

New BetRivers live dealer blackjack studios exclusively for players in New Jersey and Pennsylvania make getting to the action easier.

Blackjack players on BetRivers Casino or PlaySugarhouse Casino in Pennsylvania, get ready for some VIP treatment. Exclusive new BetRivers live dealer blackjack studios offers customers priority access to spots in the games going forward.

Users of the app in PA will now get to mingle with PlaySugarhouse Casino users in New Jersey as they place their bets. Both Rush Street Interactive (RSI) brands have answered customers’ calls for an improved experience.

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Changes for BetRivers live dealer blackjack games

When players on the BetRivers app access the live dealer blackjack tables in PA, they’re likely to notice some aesthetic changes. Instead of seeing branding for the company that produces the games, Evolution Gaming, they will see branding for BetRivers and PlaySugarhouse.

Evolution is still running these games, so there won’t be much if any change in function. The branding is just a signal that this studio is for RSI customers only. Currently, only RSI customers in NJ and PA have access to the studio.

This change is about much more than just keeping BetRivers’ logo in front of your face, though. Exclusivity is a big benefit. Evolution Gaming provides live dealer products for several online casino operators besides RSI.

In PA, those brands include BetMGM Casino, Borgata Casino, and PlayLive! Casino. As there are obviously only so many seats at each gaming table, that leads to high demand for spots in the games. This move equalizes the supply in a way by providing Rush Street customers their own tables.

Improved access to live dealer tables for PA players

Prior to this change, RSI users effectively had to “share” the Evolution studios with players from other casino brands. The investment in exclusive studios seems a result of customers expressing their dismay about that.

Richard Schwartz, CEO of RSI, commented in a press release:

“Since we initially launched our live dealer games with Evolution in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we’ve had requests from customers to offer exclusive tables with seats only available to players loyal to our brands. Now our players will have their own dedicated seats where they are able to chat and interact with not only our dealers but also other players in our online community, who can interact in real-time, adding a fun social aspect to the betting experience as if they were at a land-based casino.”

The new dual studios will each feature three blackjack tables. At this time, it isn’t clear whether these exclusive studios will offer other games in the future. Even on this level, though, there are some perks.

If you have a friend in NJ who you’d like to play alongside, for instance, the two of you are more likely to get in a game together now. As any experienced blackjack player knows, games go more smoothly when other players at the table have experience playing blackjack. The situation hasn’t improved for just Rush Street players, either.

More seats at the live dealer tables for everyone

By “removing” BetRivers and PlaySugarhouse users from the pool of players in the Evolution studios, the supply improves for everyone. All PA online casino players should find it a bit easier to get a seat at a blackjack table moving forward.

The same thing applies to RSI customers who play with other brands themselves. There are plenty of options in the Keystone State when it comes to live dealer blackjack. PA operators that offer such games besides the aforementioned brands include:

Players who have yet to try out BetRivers or PlaySugarhouse online casinos can take advantage of new customer bonuses like a 100% match of your first deposit up to $250. If blackjack is your game, there’s never been a better time to take a seat.

Lead image screenshot of BetRivers live dealer table. 

DraftKings Teams With NextGen Stats To Offer Fastest NFL Player Betting Markets

NFL NextGen stats bets are live in Pennsylvania at DraftKings Sportsbook where you can bet on the fastest offense and defensive player.

Pennsylvanians have been able to bet on NFL futures for statistical leaders over the course of a season. DraftKings Sportsbook is taking that a step further, however, with NFL NextGen Stats bets.

Among the available wagers based on Amazon Web Services‘ and Genius Sports‘ tracking of NFL players are the fastest offensive ballcarrier and the player to record the fastest sack over the course of the 2021 regular season.

What are NFL NextGen Stats bets?

Integrating AWS technology, Genius Sports provides its customers with data covering every movement every player on the field makes during every game. Earlier this month, DraftKings became the first PA sportsbook to close a deal for access to that data.

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports, commented:

“Genius is proud and delighted to partner exclusively with the NFL to establish a new era of digital fan engagement for professional sports leagues everywhere. Our technology leads the world in the convergence of official data, betting, streaming, and digital media and we are excited to bring our unique capabilities to the world’s preeminent sports league.”

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Betting on fastest ball carrier and fastest sack

DraftKings has wasted no time in coming up with a way to recoup some of its investment. Bettors in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey can bet on players in two NextGen markets right now.

In the DraftKings Sportsbook app, click on “NFL,” “Player Futures” then scroll to “Regular Season Fastest Offensive Player” or “Regular Season Fastest Defensive Player.”

For offensive players, the betting market is for “Regular Season Fastest Offensive Ball Carrier.” Which offensive player hits the top speed in the league while carrying the ball throughout all 544 regular-season games in the upcoming season will determine wagers in this market.

Regular Season Fastest Offensive Ball Carrier odds: 

  • Tyreek Hill: +500
  • Raheem Mostert: +650
  • Jonathan Taylor: +1200
  • Full odds listed on app

Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers DeVonta Smith and  Greg Ward are both listed at +6500. Running Back Boston Scott is +8000.

Pittsburgh Steelers include Chase Claypool (+10000)Anthony McFarland (+10000), Diontae Johnson (+25000), and JuJu Smith-Schuster (+25000)

On the defensive side, the market is “Regular Season Fastest Individual Recorded Sack.” The relevant measurement here is which defensive player gets the opposing quarterback to the ground after a snap over the same games.

Regular Season Fastest Individual Recorded Sack odds

  • Montez Sweat: +750
  • Chase Young: +900
  • Myles Garrett: +900
  • Full odds listed on app

Philadelphia Eagles with odds to record fastest sack are Brandon Graham (+3500) and Alex Singleton (+5000),

Pittsburgh Steelers odds include TJ Watt (+1200), Devin Bush (+1600),  Steph0n Tuitt (+7500), Cameron Heyward (+10000), and Joe Schobert (+10000).

NFL NextGen stats data

The NFL makes some of this data available to the public online. For example, the fastest offensive ballcarrier table for regular-season games will be updated weekly.

Mostert recorded both of the fastest two speeds last season. The top recorded pace was 23.09 miles per hour. Hill came in at number five on that list at 21.19 mph.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard took just two seconds flat to record a sack last season. As this is the first time regulated sportsbooks are offering betting markets of this type, handicapping data isn’t available on the same level as more traditional wagers.

What might be easier to do is weed out data that isn’t relevant. Conventional wisdom might point bettors to which teams blitz on defense the most for players recording fastest sack times.

However, that actually might be fools’ gold. For example, Indianapolis ranked 31st in the NFL last season in terms of blitz frequency. Despite that, Leonard still recorded the fastest sack.

These season-highs can be as much the result of opponents badly missing an assignment as a clever play design or any tendencies. Still, these bets provide another way to wager on NFL games on DraftKings PA.

Lead image c/o Associated Press

DraftKings Sportsbook Introduces New Same-Game Parlay Feature In Pennsylvania

DraftKings’ same-game parlays have made their debut on the sportsbook app. What are they and how can bettors in Pennsylvania take advantage?

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then DraftKings Sportsbook has just paid FanDuel Sportsbook a compliment of the highest degree. A new DraftKings same-game parlay feature is available in the app and on the Pennsylvania sports betting website.

It’s a move that will make it easy for bettors to diversify their wagers. However, it’s important to note that these are still parlay bets and carry extra risk despite the same-game element.

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What are DraftKings same-game parlays?

They are essentially what the name suggests. It’s a parlay wager in which all the legs come from the same sporting event. An example using a Philadelphia Eagles game demonstrates the concept easily enough.

Say you want to put money down on Philadelphia’s regular-season opener in Atlanta on Sept. 12. You could just bet the Eagles spread or moneyline. However, there are so many more options with a same-game parlay. You could instead form a parlay using the following bets as legs:

  • Jalen Hurts Over 200 passing yards
  • Eagles +3.5
  • Will the Eagles score a rushing touchdown in the first half? Yes

This differs from traditional parlays because all the legs come from the same event. Traditional parlays involve legs from multiple sporting events. Until recently, those were the only type DraftKings allowed.

How do I use this new feature on DraftKings?

DraftKings has loaded a new feature on its app allowing bettors to easily create custom parlay wagers on select sporting events. While browsing the betting markets, look for the new “SGP” symbol.

Tapping on that will open a new dialogue box, with a “switch” you can “flip” to activate same-game parlay mode for the event you’ve chosen. At that point, you’ll need to decide what legs will compose your parlay and how much you want to wager.

Once you’re satisfied with your legs and the odds, add the wager to your betting slip. From there’s it’s a matter of finalizing your bet just like any other wager. While this provides a new way to enjoy betting on sporting events, it’s important to remember why this option exists and what it means for you as a gambler.

DraftKings plans to come out ahead

In the process of creating these same-game parlays, you’re likely to discover the potential payout if you win these wagers is far better than traditional bets. That’s the case as compared to if you bet each leg on its own, too.

The important thing to remember is that you have to give something to get something whenever you gamble. The better your payout gets, the longer your odds are. DraftKings didn’t make this change because it felt like giving bettors more money.

In fact, the exact opposite is the case. DraftKings likely saw how FanDuel has been reaping the rewards of offering same-game parlays.  In Illinois, for example, FanDuel’s win percentage was more than the next two operators’ (including DraftKings) win combined for June. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board does not break down monthly sports betting numbers by bet types.

A lot of that revenue came from bettors who placed same-game parlays and lost. It’s crucial to not forget about responsible gambling rules when enjoying the option to place a parlay wager on a single sporting event. DraftKings now enables you to do that.

Lead photo: DraftKings Field Club at Lincoln Financial Field/Katie Kohler

What Does DraftKings Purchase of Golden Nugget Online Gaming Mean For Pennsylvania?

A recently announced DraftKings Golden Nugget takeover has implications for the future of online casino gambling in Pennsylvania.

There’s so much inside baseball to the DraftKings Golden Nugget takeover that an MLB umpire might issue it a warning. However, there are also some nuggets that the average Pennsylvania online casino player should be aware of.

Those include what this means for the ongoing wait for one of the most popular online casino brands finally going live in PA, what could change with DraftKings Casino in PA, and whether the changes will be a net benefit to players.

Details of the DraftKings Golden Nugget purchase

On Monday, DraftKings announced an all-stock play for Golden Nugget Online Gaming (GNOG). Since Fertitta Entertainment spun GNOG off and took the company public last year, this might have been the desired result all along.

The value of the DraftKings stock that will change hands, upon regulatory approval, is around $1.56 billion. GNOG CEO Tillman Fertitta will be the recipient of most of that value. In addition, Fertitta will take a seat on DraftKings’ board.

The company expects the transaction to close sometime early next year. In exchange for the stock and giving Fertitta some say in the company, DraftKings gets one of the strongest online casino brands in the country.

In Pennsylvania right now, that doesn’t have much relevance. Despite being fully licensed and approved, Golden Nugget has yet to launch its online casino app in PA. Could DraftKings’ takeover hasten that launch? That depends on your frame of reference.

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Will DraftKings light a fire under Golden Nugget PA?

Given that regulators still need to approve this transaction, immediate action on this front is quite unlikely. It simply wouldn’t make sense to mobilize the necessary resources to launch in a new market with an ownership change pending.

However, once the acquisition closes, that might be a different story. It would also be illogical to invest over a billion dollars into a product and not activate every possible avenue for recouping that investment. The online casino market in PA represents one such avenue.

DraftKings could use its resources to immediately begin working on taking Golden Nugget online casino live in PA. That might include launching the casino under a name like “Golden Nugget Casino by DraftKings.” However, that’s pure speculation right now.

What seems less speculative is how the two brands could co-exist in PA under the same roof. In fact, PA online casino players have already seen this exact phenomenon already.

What BetMGM and Borgata tell us about the future

In PA, BetMGM Casino and Borgata Casino are the equivalents of “siblings.” MGM operates and owns both brands. For that reason, players on both apps often see identical promotions and the same exclusive game titles. Players on both apps also can participate in the M Life rewards program.

Once Golden Nugget is live in PA, players on that app and DraftKings Casino might see some of the same collaborations. Games that are exclusive to DraftKings Casino and Golden Nugget Casino might become available on both platforms.

Additionally, players might be able to earn and use DraftKings Crowns on either casino app. What seems quite certain is that if and when DraftKings does take Golden Nugget Casino live in PA, it will support that rollout with plenty of advertising and introductory bonuses for new customers.

The same thing will likely apply past the initial period in regard to promotions. There could be a lot of crossover between the two brands. Is the possible rollout of a DraftKings-owned Golden Nugget Casino in PA a win for DraftKings or players? The answer could be both.

The upsides of DraftKings purchase of Golden Nugget

DraftKings Casino is already among the market leaders in PA. If it launches Golden Nugget Casino and that brand starts taking market share away from competitors, that’s obviously a win for DraftKings.

As long as those competitors are determined to fight for that market share and not succumb to DraftKings’ pilfering, players stand to benefit from that contest. The sparring for position might mean more frequent and lucrative deals for players to get in on.

Naturally, should DraftKings become too much of a behemoth in the PA online casino game, that could have a detrimental effect on players’ bankrolls. The incentive to make games with a better return-to-player percentage, for example, disappears.

The parties that stand to lose the most from the DraftKings Golden Nugget takeover could be the other online casino providers in PA. For the here and now, players should just watch the news to see if DraftKings has any more to say about Golden Nugget’s future in PA.

FAQs About the New DraftKings NFT Marketplace

DraftKings is diversifying its business again. Going beyond sports betting and its online casino, the company has essentially created a way to convert deposits on its platform into its own “cryptocurrency.” It will all happen on DraftKings NFT marketplace which is planned for later this summer.

As the concept of NFTs and how to deal with them is probably new to many, the basics in plain English are here. It’s really quite a simple operation once you learn the verbiage and could present some opportunities for DraftKings users.

What is the DraftKings NFT marketplace?

Earlier this month, DraftKings announced a collaboration with Autograph, an NFT collection service. Autograph counts several professional athletes among its founders, such as:

  • Tom Brady
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Tony Hawk
  • Derek Jeter
  • Naomi Osaka
  • Tiger Woods

Lionsgate Studio, which has produced movie franchises like The Hunger Games and Saw, is also a founding member. With this deal, DraftKings becomes the exclusive seller of sport-related NFTs that Autograph provides.

Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder and president, said in a press release about the planned launch of the NFT ecosystem and exchange:

“The NFT boom has reinvented the collectibles industry and driven excitement to early-adopting audiences worldwide—including the DraftKings community. DraftKings Marketplace will sit at the center of this technological and cultural phenomenon, providing our immense existing customer base with an easily accessible experience that rivals all legacy marketplaces. This initial vision in collaboration with Autograph, and its coveted collection of official digital collectibles, is a vital first step as we enter the emergent NFT market. We aim to usher in this new era by introducing millions of collectors to this evolving space while providing beloved content through an intuitive interface built to win over the long term.”

So, what are NFTs? How can DraftKings users in PA use the platform? There are simple answers to those questions and many more.

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What does it mean for DraftKings customers in PA?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. That doesn’t mean the token is immune to athlete’s foot and other fungi. Non-fungible in this context means the token cannot be replaced by another identical item. Essentially, it means the token is one-of-a-kind or a 1/1 in collector terms and cannot be divided.

A better, but perhaps more technical description, comes from Georgina Adam of The Art Newspaper.

“NFTs are lines of code minted on a blockchain that represent a digital work ‘living’ on another platform on the internet.”

In this context, there could be a video of Osaka warming up before a match on Autograph. The NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace would give users a way to essentially convert that video into a cryptocurrency. With the authentication from Autograph, buyers can be assured the digital works are genuine.

Are NFT transactions legal in Pennsylvania? Yes.

As NFTs are a recent phenomenon, there is very little regulation around their creation and transmission. The same goes for DraftKings users in New Jersey. So, why are NFTs taking off in popularity among both creators and collectors? There are several reasons.

What is the value of NFTs?

NFTs have some advantages for people like Gretzky and Hawk. They provide ways to further monetize their celebrity. Additionally, they can produce any work the artist has the technology to make and store on the web.

For buyers, NFTs provide a way to diversify investments. With names like these attached to the items the tokens are based on, the value of the tokens seems sure to appreciate over time. If owners can find a buyer, there’s a profit to be had.

How soon should PA DraftKings users expect to see this? The release says exclusive drops from Autograph will begin rolling out on DraftKings NFT Marketplace later this summer. Those initial drops for purchase with US dollars through DraftKings accounts will be titled the “Pre-Season Access.” Buying the first round will give premier access to future releases.

In addition to the tokens, DraftKings Marketplace will also act as a secondary resale platform for digital collectibles. The clear benefit for DraftKings in this deal is that it provides another way to collect customers’ money and thereby boost its stock ($DKNG) price.

Soon, DraftKings customers will have a chance to buy an exclusive, introductory batch of NFTs. In the future, Pennsylvanians might take their online casino winnings and buy NFTs with them instead of cashing out.

Lead image via Dreamstime.