Will Cryptocurrency Be Accepted By Online Casinos? If So, Will Players in Pennsylvania Actually Use It?

Will online casinos in North America start accepting cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals? Especially here in Pennsylvania.

Cryptocurrencies have recently started hitting the mainstream around the world. It’s not just the retail crowd that’s apeing in – as the lingo goes – into moonshots like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. Major investors and even countries (like El Salvador and the city of Miami) are delegating massive amounts of their portfolios to the likes of Bitcoin.

While this currency might be new to many, it’s much more familiar in certain communities like online gambling in PA.  Legal, licensed, online casino apps in Pennsylvania can have players make deposits or withdrawals using much more common methods like PayPal or their credit cards.


Nevertheless, there is no question that as cryptocurrencies gain popularity and we see inflation rise, the appetite for their use will grow by the day.

So that begs the question: When Will PA casinos accept Crypto?

Let’s take a deeper dive into the subject.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Many cryptocurrencies currently exist in the market with arguably the most popular one being Bitcoin. More people may have heard about Dogecoin, thanks to Elon Musk’s famous endorsements of the cuddly currency, but that’s a story for another day. By market cap, it’s Bitcoin that’s king.

Essentially, cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money. It allows for person-to-business or person-to-person transfer of money in a quick, efficient manner. Transactions can be easily tracked on the blockchain and with no middle man involved, the fees are minimal on both sides. As the world increasingly becomes more and more digital, would a leap to moving towards a future with digital currency really be that much of a stretch?

When Will PA Casinos Accept Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity in the mainstream as many bettors and gamblers are quite familiar with them and many casinos are getting involved.

The enthusiasm around the crypto is growing and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before casinos dive more into crypto, NFT’s and metaverses. Companies like AT&T and Microsoft are actually accepting crypto as payment, the state of Arizona allows you to pay taxes with Bitcoin and many major sports franchises like the Dallas Mavericks and Oakland Athletics will take Bitcoin for ticket purchases. In case you haven’t noticed, the Los Angeles Lakers now play at Crypto.com Arena, and the Miami Heat plays their games at FTX Arena – a cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto is no longer underground; it’s here and it’s growing. It’s only a matter of time before it joins the mainstream in the casino space too.

Will PA Casinos Accept Crypto Just As Another Banking Method?

Currently, customers in Pennsylvania have no shortage of ways to make deposits to various PA sportsbooks and online casinos. There are online banking and prepaid cards, credit cards, PayNearMe, PayPal, and various e-wallets like Skrill. With so many readily accessible methods, is cryptocurrency really something customers want?

While it may seem unnecessary to add crypto to such a wide array of already available options, the reality is, companies will move to wherever the demand is. If many customers have cryptocurrency readily available, it would be in the company’s best interest to offer banking methods that cater to crypto so they cater to it.

It’s nothing personal; it’s simply business. If tomorrow, the world decided that Pogs were the No. 1 source for money and transfer, you can bet that casinos would find a way to accept it. Using cryptocurrency with PA online casinos may be inevitable.

Casinos Could Save On Fees

While casinos will obviously move with the trends, there’s another major reason why it’s possible PA casinos accept crypto sooner than later, and even get ahead of the curve by encouraging their customers to use it: saving on fees.

Companies are always focused on their bottom line and this can impact it. If they can save by cutting out the middleman, they’ll do it. Companies like Visa, PayPal, or Amex can take between 2-3 % from the vendor per transaction.

  • Think that’s not a big deal? Well, imagine a casino takes $50 million in deposits in a year or two, a couple of percentage points adds up to $1 million.
  • Think that’s enough encouragement to make a change? If they can reduce that number by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or some of the other popular cryptos specifically used for low transaction costs and fast transfers like Stellar or Ripple, they’ll do it.

As for the customer, faster deposits and withdrawals are their focus when it comes to placing those bets. If they know that it’s safe and secure and that they can make transfers (using crypto) that hit their account right away and have no fees, they’ll be on board. No one likes to fumble with online banking deposits or opening up Skrill accounts, possibly incurring more fees – especially if crypto is more efficient at a cheaper cost.

Streamlining crypto and increasing its use is likely the way of the future. While we have a way to go, there is progress being made every single day.

Will PA Casinos Allow Players To Gamble With Crypto?

It’s not hard to see a time in the near future where casinos allow players to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency but what about allowing players to play with it? On the surface, this seems like a stretch because that adds a layer of complexity and financial challenge that the company might not want to deal with.

For example, if a player wins in dollars, that’s clearly what they’ve won or lost. If a player wins in a jackpot while playing with Bitcoin and then Bitcoin simultaneously skyrockets up, can that cripple a company? Who knows? It’s a new variable that they’ll have to consider.

If you take a look around in the offshore world, they are already accepting cryptocurrency and some casinos allow players to play in it. We can debate whether those outlets are legal or not, but the reality is that – in some ways – they are competition and they currently have a competitive advantage. They’re offering something that customers can’t get in Pennsylvania.

But realistically, the customers that want this are still in the vast minority. Until crypto is fully regulated and adopted, it’s not likely any legal brand will be offering this.

Will The Volatility Of Crypto Hurt Its Chances?

A well-known characteristic of cryptocurrencies is their general volatility. It can be a blessing and a curse as the exponential highs and lows crypto can make you happy or sad – depending on the day.

For example, at the start of May 2011, Bitcoin was trading at a measly $3.50 USD, so $1000 of Bitcoin at that time could have bought you 286 bitcoins – excluding the cost to trade. At its 2021 peak of $69 000, that would have totaled $19,734,000 USD.

Less than 6 months post its 2021 peak, the currency fell to $29,000 per bitcoin, dropping that initial whopping investment from $19,734,000 to $8,294,000, which is quite a significant drop in a matter of months. That’s challenging for any investor to stomach. If the US dollar were this volatile, it would be impossible to rely on it as a reserve currency.

Would PA Online Casino Players Actually Use It?

So, what does that mean for players using Pennsylvania’s online casino apps? Would it surprise you to hear that the massive rise and fall of bitcoin doesn’t actually impact gamblers all that much?

Since a trade can occur instantaneously, a cryptocurrency can be nothing more than a means of transfer.

In other words, if someone has $500 dollars but then exchanges to Bitcoin, sends it to someone else, and then that someone else exchanges that crypto back into dollars, they’ll probably end up with $500 as well. All of this can happen quite easily in a matter of seconds.

In terms of gaming, the path would be that a player would exchange money into crypto, then transfer it to the casino, and then the casino could exchange it back immediately if it wanted to. In this type of situation, it’s unlikely volatility factors are all that much.

Right now, buying, selling, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies is more cumbersome than using any type of conventional currency. However, there was a time when simply using the internet required a landline and downloading a single music file took more than 24 hours (who remembers the Napster and Limewire days?).

As crypto becomes more mainstream, the onramp and offramps will be much more accessible and user-friendly.

PA Casinos Accept Crypto In The… Metaverse?

One of the most intriguing use cases of a crypto casino is in the metaverse. In case you’re not familiar, a metaverse is essentially like an online world where you can walk around, own a piece of land, meet with other people, shop, and do much more.

A part of that is playing in an online casino that’s recreated in a visual, graphical way. A number of brands are already there, owning land in metaverses like Decentraland, and offering a way for players to play. When you log into a metaverse, you have your own character and you can simply walk over and play (for real money) in these venues.

While this might seem like it’s something that’s off in the distance, you might want to take a look at the numbers. One casino in Decentraland has picked up $7.5 million in winnings over the last three months. ICE Poker bought land about 18 months ago – when it was much cheaper – and built up a casino in the metaverse.

That land has skyrocketed in price and they’ve had so much demand to play there that on any given day, they might have more than 1000 players in there either playing poker or casino games.

Many will debate the legality of this and how something like this might survive regulation, but regardless of what direction that goes, it shows that players have a craving for this. Does that mean that the legal, licensed brands might offer something like this in the not-so-distant future?

Considering brands have proven this concept and players have flocked there, it is likely that these brands in North America are already thinking about this as a way of gaming in the future.

What’s Stopping Crypto Adoption With Online Gambling?

Arguably one of the biggest challenges cryptocurrencies currently face is regulation. At this point, currencies like Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ethereum, Cardano, and others are mostly free of regulation. Whether the government will try and jump in to regulate things is still unknown.

  • Will the government allow Bitcoin and put the clamps down on stablecoins? That’s a possibility.
  • Will everyone have access to track transactions? Depends.
  • Will users still be able to get away with anonymity using coins like Monero? We’re not certain.
  • Will some governments create their own cryptocurrencies and force the masses to use them? China is already doing that.

At any rate, these are just some of the questions that have yet to be answered.

If casinos in Pennsylvania want to use cryptocurrency for withdrawals or deposits, regulators must enforce KYC standards.

What does this mean exactly?:

  • A customer needs to properly verify who they are when opening an account using crypto
  • Provide some sort of legal ID, and the company will have to keep a record of it.

And while adoption feels off in some places, it’s not in others. The country of El Salvador has formally made Bitcoin a legal tender and has launched a virtual wallet called Chivo. That’s groundbreaking in a country where 70% of citizens don’t have access to financial services.

Setting that aside, for now, there are rumors of other countries and cities doing the same. Miami is one of the cities leading the way. In Arizona, a new bill was put forward to make Bitcoin legal tender. In Texas, there are rumors of similar proposals popping up.

Which get accepted and which are still a long way away? Nobody knows. As we’ve seen with sports betting and casinos, it can take a long time to regulate. However, the seeds have been planted.

Some Casinos Already (Indirectly) Accept Crypto

This might come as a surprise, but some gaming companies are already accepting cryptocurrency. PayPal and Skrill, two of the most common e-wallets that casinos use, both work with crypto.

No, this is not a typo, PayPal started allowing American customers to hold cryptocurrencies in October 2020. As for Skrill, you can buy and sell more than 40 different cryptocurrencies via their platform. That means you can deposit cryptocurrencies into Skrill, convert and then ship to a casino.

The next steps will likely include regulation and gaming commissions to adopt digital currency. Then the casinos have to accept crypto directly.

If that happens, that will allow easier and cheaper transactions.

Featured image credit: Kin Cheung – AP

Sportsbooks in PA Are Supplying Plenty of Betting Action For The 2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics are set to get started this week. We’ve got a full rundown on how to bet on this epic event.

If it feels like we just recently had an Olympics, you’d be right. Remember, the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo became the 2021 Games due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now about six months later, we’re about to dive into the 2022 Winter Games.

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Although there’s no tennis, basketball, or golf in the Winter Games, there are still plenty of exciting events to wager on. Sportsbooks in PA are going to have plenty on the menu, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular events and the ways you can bet on them.

Betting on the Winter Olympics: Most Popular Sportswinter olympic betting

Ice Hockey

Usually, ice hockey is the sport that attracts the most action at the Winter Olympics but things could be slightly different this year. That’s because the NHL has decided not to send its players to Beijing, so we’re not going to see the professional stars represent their country like we normally do. That being the case, it’s going to be much tougher to handicap these games.

Taking a look at the United States rosters, some of the names we’ll see include:

Drew Helleson, David Warsofsky, Nick Perbix, Jake Sanderson, Matty Beniers, Kenny Agostino, Ben Meyers, Aaron Ness, Andy Miele, Matt Knies. Not exactly household names.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be able to bet on, most of the best PA sports betting apps will have lines for each contest (moneylines, puck lines, and totals), you’ll be able to bet futures at FanDuel among other books, (who’ll win the event) and there will be live betting for every contest.


Curling has always been popular in Canada but it stormed into the mainstream in the United States in the last Winter Games when John Shuster and the Americans won a medal for their country for the first time ever. It had never been done before that. Now he’ll be looking to smash some more records in 2022.

If you haven’t gotten into curling yet, you should check it out. It’s one of the most entertaining sports in the Games and there’s lots of strategy to it.

Figure Skating

If you’re betting on figure skating, always watch out for that Russian judge. Jokes aside, this is one of the most artistic sports on the ice. You’ll be able to bet on all of the individual events (men’s and women’s) and then also the pairs.

This is one of the sports where there will be some decent information out there on the competitors, which might help you make some good betting decisions.

Snowboardingbetting on the winter olympics

Of course, the likes of Chloe Kim and Shaun White have made this one of the more popular sports for Americans to keep an eye on. Not only can you watch the snowboarders compete in various races and slalom, but you can also see them get some big air off jumps and in the halfpipe. There are all sorts of ‘wow’ moments on the snowboard, so make sure you tune in. And get some money on the riders to make it extra entertaining.

Alpine Skiing

Mikaela Shiffrin is one of the faces of the American team heading to Beijing and there will be plenty of pressure on her to win at least a medal. She’s also going to be favored – or among the favorites – at her events.

In general, alpine skiing is all about the need for speed, and DraftKings has a variety of betting choices to put you in the center of all the action. If that excites you, tune in to see the skiers flying down the mountain at blistering speeds.

Medal Props

Medal Over-Under

While it’s sometimes hard to figure out what’s the best bet on a micro-scale – since the athletes are amateurs and we don’t always have a ton of information on each competition – an easy bet is zooming out to a macro scale and betting on each country’s performance.

Sportsbooks will post over-unders for medal count for each country, which gives you the opportunity to bet whether a country will win more or less than that mark. For example, if the United States’ medal count over-under is set at 101.5, you can decide whether they will have 102 medals or more and go over, or 101 medals or less and go under the number.

If you do your homework, you’ll typically find some good value with these props.

Medal Leader

One of the most popular Olympic props at BetMGM, and on the board at other sportsbooks in PA will be betting on which country will finish with the most medals. How this works is you’ll see every country on the board and then you choose which country you think will finish atop the board. For example, if you see the United States at +300, a $100 bet will pay $300 in profit if they do, in fact, finish the 2022 Winter Olympics with the most medals.

If you’re betting on this prop, you can look at historical data to see which countries do well. Also, keep in mind that you can usually bet a prop that focuses solely on gold medals as well (who’ll win the most golds), so if that’s your preference, that’s also an option.

American Athletes To Watch At 2022 Winter Olympics

  • Shaun White – Snowboarding
  • Chloe Kim – Snowboarding
  • Mikaela Shiffrin – Alpine skiing
  • Nathan Chen – Figure skating
  • Jessie Diggins – Cross-country skiing
  • Taylor Gold – Snowboarding
  • Elena Meyers Taylor – Bobsleigh
  • Erin Jackson – Speedskater
  • Alex Ferreira – Freestyle skiing
  • David Wise – Freestyle skiing
  • John Shuster – Curling
  • Chasey Josey – Snowboarding
  • Emily Sweeney – Luge
  • Vicky Persinger/Chris Plys – Mixed doubles curling
  • Carlo Valdes – Bobsledding
  • Breezy Johnson – Alpine skiing
  • Kallie Humphries – Bobsledding
  • Jason Brown – Figure skating
  • Jamie Anderson – Snowboarding
  • Brock Crouch – Snowboarding
  • U.S. Women’s National Ice Hockey Team

Can I Legally Bet On The 2022 Winter Olympics in PA?

Yes, as long as you’re in a state that has legalized sports betting, like Pennsylvania, and are over the age of 21, you’ll be able to bet on the 2022 Winter Olympics in PA. However, keep in mind that different sportsbooks will have different offerings.

Some sports betting apps in PA will have more bets than others, so take your pick.

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Will There Be Fans At The Events?

There will be fans at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing but the ones attending the events can only be locals from mainland China. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to linger and that’s impacting a lot of issues in terms of attendance. Beyond that, there are some political rifts ongoing, which we won’t fully delve into, but that’s also attending which countries and entities go to Beijing.

From a betting perspective, expect the Chinese athletes to have a decent home-field advantage with the audience backing them strongly. Other athletes won’t likely get the same cheers.

Featured image credit: Jae C. Hong – AP

Opinion: Ortiz Headlines Hall Of Fame 2022 Class, MLB Legends Get Shunned By Biased Writers

David Ortiz was the lone inductee in the MLB Hall Of Fame this year. Is MLB Hall Of Fame voting becoming too personal & petty?

Major League Baseball has a new Hall of Fame class. The votes have been counted up and David Ortiz is the headline act. Meanwhile, for an umpteenth consecutive year, the likes of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Curt Schilling all failed to make the 75% threshold – this time in their final year of eligibility for the MLB Hall of Fame. Many fans are mad, and they should be.

Why are we still using the same group of biased old-school sportswriters who seem to become increasingly petty every year? This year’s MLB Hall of Fame voting results prove more than ever, this system is outdated and flawed. Let’s take a closer look at Ortiz’s HOF selection and the writers who decided to pass on more deserving players.

Who Are These Writers Who Vote & Should This System Change?

Jayson stark mlb hall of fame
Jayson Stark is known as one of the few MLB HOF voters to remain unbiased and professional

In case you’re wondering who is on this clandestine committee who gets to pick and choose who goes to the Hall of Fame, it’s actually a group of voting members in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). This year, there were 394 ballots submitted and players need to receive 75% of the votes, so that meant that they had to have 296 votes this year.

But a bigger question is who are these so-called Guardians of the Galaxy?

  • Are they people that we should, in fact, entrust with who gets enshrined?
  • Or is this an archaic system that needs to be changed to fit modern times?

In truth, many people feel that a change is coming. For many years, the writers of the BBWAA didn’t take analytics into account, so some players were left behind even though the game had become more advanced. That’s slowly changing now, though.

And now some are wondering just how fair they are treating some of the legends of the game like Bonds, Clemens and Schilling. This group seems quite biased against them – especially since guys like Bonds shunned much of the media for many years.

Is this their way of paying him back or is this a statement towards players in the steroid era? It’s hard to say. But, even Derek Jeter knows this to be true.

It does feel odd – maybe even uncomfortable – that a set number of writers, maybe who are a tad too full of themselves at times, get to choose who gets inside the pearly gates and who misses out. Is there really no better system?mlb hallf of fame ballot

At the end of the day, many other leagues do the same. For example, the NFL has a Selection Committee that makes the call and almost everyone there is in the media in some way. They just make their picks, though, while the baseball writers do a vote that gets publicized. It’s probably not the best system but it’s all we’ve got for now.

  • We can’t have former players voting because they’ll be biased.
  • We also can’t have league personnel and current coaching staff involved, because they’ll be biased too.
  • And we surely can’t have fans voting to make this important decision because we know how that will end up.

So what should be done? I’m not sure exactly, but things need to change.

Ortiz Makes The Cut In First Go – MLB Hall of Fame

This was the first time around that Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz was on the ballot and he got enough votes to be welcomed to Cooperstown. Ortiz received 77.9% of the votes. It’s not a huge surprise as he had 541 home runs in his career and only 34 other players in the game have ever created more runs. And by the way, each of those 34 players are in the Hall of Fame.

The main question with Big Papi is did he do enough in the field? If you take a look at his Wins-Above-Replacement (WAR), it might make you think that he doesn’t deserve to be there. After all, he was a designated hitter and he didn’t do much – if anything – in the field. However, the DH is a job in baseball and Big Papi wore it about as well as anyone we’ve ever seen.

What really cemented not only Ortiz’s invitation to the Hall but also his legacy was his performance in the playoffs. He was one of the most clutch hitters in the game when the lights were brightest. He batted .289 in the playoffs with 17 home runs, 61 RBI’s, and 51 runs. And don’t forget that he was one of the most instrumental players in overturning the Boston Red Sox curse. In one of the most critical playoff series in franchise history – the 2004 ALCS against the rival New York Yankees – he batted .387 with three jacks and 11 RBI’s – two of which were walk-offs – in seven games.

The main concern here is that Ortiz was linked to Performance-Enhancing Drugs but most of the voters overlooked that. It’s a bit difficult to explain when you see who didn’t get in.

2022 MLB Hall Of Fame Voting Count

mlb hall fo fame votes 2022

Bonds, Clemens, Sosa & Schilling Don’t Make The Cut

Two of the players who are most synonymous with PED’s – Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens – didn’t make the cut. It was their 10th and final year in the running, so that was it. Curt Schilling, one of baseball’s greatest pitchers of all time is another MLB legend who was on his last year eligibility and didn’t make it. But why? He never had any ties to steroids or cheating. Is the MLB Hall of Fame voting becoming too personal and do the writers who actually place the votes have too much power? We think so.

It is a bit surprising that Ortiz eased in right away and he had issues but these players did not. Each of these three players are legends in Major League Baseball. If there ever was a book written on the game with all of the seasons in it, these would be main characters. Many players used PED’s in the “Steroid Era” but only a few are being scapegoated.

Which Players Have Future Hopes?

Ortiz was the only inductee this year but many players don’t make it on their first go. That’s likely going to be the case with a number of players and the early voting shows that.

Scott Rolen received 249 votes, which was 63.2% of the vote. That’s a really good sign and he’ll probably make the cut either next year or shortly after. Andruw Jones and Todd Helton are basically in the same category. Jones and Rolen should continue to get strong love from the analytics community, which is only growing.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Carlos Beltran next year. There have been questions about PED’s and he was also busted in the sign-stealing incident of the Houston Astros. We’ll have to see what the voters decide to do with him.

Featured image credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez, Steven Senne, Pablo Monsivais – AP

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect PlayPennsylvania’s position.

NFL Playoff Promo: $5 Free Bet At FOX Bet Just In Time For Wild Card Weekend

FOX Bet is giving customers a Free Bet to use for the Saturday Wild Card games. Here’s how you can claim this bonus.

The NFL regular season has come to a conclusion and now we’re heading into the playoffs. It’s a popular time for bettors to get in the game and FOX Bet Sportsbook PA is offering a sweet little incentive for customers. If you’re a customer and would like some extra coin, read on below for the details of how to get it.

Claim $50 at FOX Bet

FOX Bet Customers Get $5 Free Bet For Saturday’s Games

To celebrate the start of the 2022 NFL playoffs, FOX Bet is hooking up all customers with a $5 Free Bet that can be used on Saturday’s Wild Card Games.

It’s simple, sign up at FOX Bet, opt-in & claim your $5 Free Bet.

The PA sports betting app promotion period runs from through Saturday, so make sure you claim your bet before the game’s kickoff. There are two on Saturday, so you’ll have a couple of options of how to use that $5.

Wild Card Weekend NFL Betting Odds

Playoffs Commence On Saturday

The NFL is heading into what they’re calling Super Wild Card Weekend, which will be slightly different this year. There is just one team with a bye in each conference, so we’re going to see six other teams in action. We’ll see two playoff games on Saturday, three on Sunday and then – for the first time ever – we’ll have a playoff game on Monday night since the league expanded to the new 14-team format.

For the Saturday games that apply to this promotion, you’ll have two options and both games are rematches. The Las Vegas Raiders will visit the Cincinnati Bengals in the early game. The two teams squared off in Week 11 and the Bengals routed the Raiders 32-13. The Raiders played an undisciplined game, racking up 77 penalties and having two turnovers. They also had no answers for the Bengals ground game, which picked up 159 yards and a pair of touchdowns on 30 carries.

As for the late game, it will be the third meeting of the season between the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills. The Pats won the first matchup 14-10, which was in Buffalo under extreme inclement weather.  Three weeks later, the Bills rolled the Pats 33-21 in New England. The team that dictates the pace of play here will likely win.

Make sure you claim your $5 Free Bet. Feel free to use it on point spreads, moneylines, totals, and much more, but whatever you bet on, make sure you use it as you’ve got nothing to lose!

Lead image credit: Rich Schultz – AP

Turn $5 Into $200 At DraftKings By Betting on College Football, NFL & NBA

Looking for an easy way to win a couple of hundred bucks? DraftKings Sportsbook has a sweet promo where you can bet $5 and win $200.

Looking to score an easy (and big) win? DraftKings PA sports betting app has you covered as they’re offering all new customers a bet $5 win $200 promo.  Want a piece of the pie? Read on for more details:

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Bet $5 Win $200 DraftKings Moneyline Bet

DraftKings Sportsbook is offering customers the opportunity to bet $5 on any moneyline in the NBA, NFL, or college football and if your team wins, you’ll collect $200. That’s a pretty sweet deal since the usual payout would be anywhere from $2 to $10 if you were betting anything normal.

The offer started on December 27th and there are only a few days left. This is available for a limited time until January 10th.

If you do win your bet, you’ll not only collect $200 but you’ll also win your original bet too. For example, if you bet $5 to win $4, you’ll get your $5 stake back, your $4 in profit, and then $200 from the bonus as well, so it all stacks.

In terms of the bonus itself, it is broken up into eight $25 Free Bets, so when you use them, you’ll have to use them one at a time. Also, those Free Bets are only valid for seven days. Qualify for this promo (with the original $5 bet) on odds boosts, live bets, parlays, free bets, cash-out bets, and voided bets.

College Football, NFL Regular Season Winding Down

If you’re looking to use this special on college football, there is just one more game to do so as the College Football Playoff National Championship Game is coming up on Monday, January 10th. After that, college football will be dormant until September.

CFB Promo - Bet $5 Win $150 If your team wins
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Monday’s big game is a rematch between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs were the No. 1 team in the country for the longest period of time this season and they only lost once.

However, that one defeat came at the hands of the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship Game. We’ll see if the Bulldogs have learned from that loss and can make the necessary adjustments to rebound.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to bet on the NFL, it’s the final week of the regular season this Sunday. You could always try to bet something easy – or something that looks easy – like the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on the moneyline. The Colts need a win to clinch a playoff spot while the Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL record-wise.

The Colts are a 15.5-point favorite in this spot, so we’ll see if they can deliver. They lost at home as a sizable favorite against the Las Vegas Raiders last week.

Image credit: Michael Wyke – AP

Which NFL Teams Were The Best Bets Against the Spread In 2021?

Which NFL teams were the best against the spread in the 2021 calendar year? We’re examining who provided the most bang for your buck.

The New Year is the perfect time of year to reflect some exciting NFL betting. 2021 has come and gone, and now we can look back through the last calendar year and see which teams were the best against the spread, and which delivered the most winnings for sports bettors.

With that in mind, let’s review the best ATS teams in the NFL in 2021.

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Dallas Cowboys

ATS Record: 12-4

The Dallas Cowboys are 12-4 against the spread through 16 games. Part of this is due to the Cowboys being in the NFC East. The Cowboys thrashed the NFC East. Now we just have to see what happens with their next game vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

Their closest game was a game at Washington in which they took a huge lead and survived a bad second half. They later annihilated the Washington Football Team on Sunday Night Football.

Beyond their division, though, the Cowboys have done other things to attain such a good record against the spread this season. They won in Minnesota against the Vikings when Dak Prescott was injured and backup Cooper Rush had to fill in at quarterback. Dallas also won at the New England Patriots and Mac Jones.

Green Bay Packers

ATS Record: 12-4

The Packers are 12-4 against the spread at most PA sportsbooks. Aaron Rodgers has been his normally excellent self, leading the Green Bay offense to big drives whenever the Pack Attack has really needed something from him. Rodgers remains an equation-changing quarterback in the NFL, a guy who has lost none of the mustard on his fastball.

His instincts and reflexes are top-notch. This is why the Packers have fought past their opponents and handled their business with relative ease. Even when the Packers seemed to be in trouble, Rodgers has risen to the occasion. He beat the Arizona Cardinals on the road when the Packers were missing several important players.

Green Bay beat the Los Angeles Rams, other Super Bowl contenders, and other possible playoff teams with a lot of talent. Beyond the obvious wins against the Lions and Bears, the Packers have beaten the more competitive teams on their schedule as well.

It also has to be said that if the Packers had not won at San Francisco early in the season, they might not have become such an ATS juggernaut this year. That game was a real tone-setter for the Packers as they moved forward with their 2021 journey, which is now carrying into January.

Detroit Lions

ATS Record: 10-6

The 10-6 record the Detroit Lions have against the spread has to rate as one of the bigger surprises in the NFL this season. The Lions are an enigmatic team. What has helped them to win 10 games against the spread is that expectations were so low. Nevertheless, they had to rise above those expectations. They do that two-thirds of the time (10 of 16).

The Lions beat the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings. They tied the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. Those were three obvious covers since the Lions have been an underdog in all of their games, but the Lions have covered the spread in seven other instances this season.

Lions for real?

To be more precise, the Lions have covered the spread seven times in games they lost straight up. Why are the Lions able to do this? Why are they able to cover so many times? A few answers come to mind: First, Dan Campbell takes a lot of risks. The Lions faked two punts against the Los Angeles Rams and converted both. That kept the ball from the Rams and enabled the Lions to shorten that game, which they very nearly won.

The Lions often play with nothing to lose. The other part of this is that the Lions play a lot of close games in which they do just enough to lose. Like a bad team, they find a way to make the losing play, but the other part of the equation is that they put themselves in a position to win.

They just don’t finish the job very often. The Lions have such a well-established identity as a bad team that people forget they actually compete well. This team just doesn’t win, competitive but not successful, and they battle, but they don’t play smart

These are the kinds of distinctions and points of differentiation people need to make – and take note of – when understanding why a team with only two straight-up wins is so successful in covering the spread.

“The Lions are going to lose” is a safe bet. “The Lions are going to lose against the spread” is not a safe bet. Moneylines, not ATS, provide a situation in which betting against the Lions is smart. Know the difference between the two.

Indianapolis Colts

ATS Record: 10-6

The 10-6 ATS record of the Indianapolis Colts comes from their 1-4 start, but everyone wrote them. People thought Carson Wentz was going to struggle on a lot of Sundays. But he didn’t. People did not expect the Colts to win eight of 10 games straight up.

Coach Frank Reich has really overachieved with Wentz. A lot of people are surprised that the Colts can run the ball so well even though Wentz’s inconsistencies make opposing defenses load up the tackle box to try to take away Jonathan Taylor. Everyone knows Taylor is getting the ball, but the Colts still run the ball well. That leads to a lot of games in which the Colts cover the spread. It’s very impressive.

The other part of this story is that the Colts are simply beating good teams in games with very small point spreads. They beat the New England Patriots when favored by only two points, close to a pick’em game. They beat the Arizona Cardinals as a two-point underdog. Winning up-for-grabs games certainly elevates the Colts’ overall ATS profile, as it would for any other team which did the same thing.

Image credit: Kyusung Gong – AP

Will Sportsbooks In Pennsylvania Start To Accept Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity each day. But should PA sportsbooks accept crypto and if so, when will it be done?

While cryptocurrencies are just now finding their way into the mainstream in North America, they’ve been quite a hit with a specific community for quite some time: sports bettors. However, it’s only currently available at offshore books, which are illegal in the US.

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For the last decade or so, bettors playing at offshore sites in the gray market have become accustomed to using this new-wave form of money. That’s because playing offshore – while illegal in some places like the United States and gray in places like Canada or other countries – has always presented a tricky task: what’s the easiest way to get your money in and out?

Onshore companies that are legal and regulated don’t have these problems because customers can simply use a credit card or PayPal to deposit and withdraw, and most players will be far more familiar with these sports betting banking options than crypto. At the same time, there’s no question that there is an appetite for cryptocurrency in the United States and it’s simply growing by the day.

That begs the question: will sportsbooks in the state of Pennsylvania get on board and start offering deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

There is a vast array of cryptocurrencies with some expecting them to eventually have a value of zero while some view this as the future. We’re not going to delve into the two sides of that argument but what we will first talk about is what these are.

Essentially, cryptocurrency is digital money. It allows for person-to-person to the person-to-business transfer of money in a really fast, efficient way. Transactions can be easily tracked and there is no middle man involved.

We’re moving towards a world where everything is becoming more and more digital; is it really that big of a leap to see a future where everyone uses a digital currency?

When it comes to crypto, what many people understand is that they can be volatile. This year alone, Bitcoin has been as high as $69,000 and as low as $29,000 per Bitcoin. If the U.S. Dollar were this volatile, nobody would be able to rely on it as a reserve currency.

The good news is this doesn’t impact online gamblers in PA or sports bettors. All you’d have to do is exchange USD into crypto, send the crypto to the sportsbook, and then exchange it back. While crypto can be volatile, since it all works so fast, you can essentially execute this without the price impacting your deposit.

Right now, it’s a bit tricky to buy, sell, send and receive cryptocurrencies. However, there was a time when simply logging onto the internet and using it was tricky. If crypto does become mainstream as it is trending towards, using it in all fashions will be far more user-friendly.

Why Would PA Sportsbooks Accept Cryptocurrency?

Customers in Pennsylvania can deposit with credit cards, prepaid cards, PayNearMe, online banking, PayPal, various other e-wallets like Skrill…do they really need to add cryptocurrency to the fold?

While that may seem like overkill, the reality is that these companies will move to wherever there is demand. If many customers have cryptocurrency available, the more popular sports betting apps in PA would be smart to offer banking methods that cater to it, so that they can take advantage.

The other main attraction for sportsbooks is the fact that they stand to save a lot of money with crypto.

Think about it: companies like Visa or PayPal might only take 2% or 3% per transaction, but for a gaming company, that number could result in millions in fees. Sportsbooks raking in hundreds of millions in handle – if not billions – in each state (collectively).

Imagine that if a company handles $50 million in deposits and withdrawals in one month, a 1% fee could cost them $500,000. If they can cut down on that number by using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or some of the other popular cryptos specifically for low transaction costs and fast transfers like Stellar or Ripple, they might only have $5,000-$50,000 in fees.

As for the customer’s perspective, it’s simply about depositing and withdrawing faster. Transfers with crypto are instantaneous with minimal fees. Do you really want to be fumbling with online banking or opening up Skrill accounts and possibly even paying fees yourself if crypto can do this more efficiently at a cheaper cost?

That’s a glimpse of what the future might be. We still have a long way to go but that’s where crypto hopes to be in five years or sooner.

What’s Stopping Crypto Adoption?

One of the biggest challenges for cryptocurrencies right now is regulation. At this point, we’re not entirely sure if currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, and others will continue to be free of regulation or whether the government will want to jump in and start to dictate a few things.

Will they want to allow Bitcoin and ban stable coins? Will they force full transparency for anyone using crypto? Will everyone be able to track every transaction or will some customers get away with anonymity?

These are some of the questions that have yet to be answered.

The one thing sportsbooks will have to expect is to do KYC – better known as Know Your Customer – if they ever want to allow cryptocurrency payments or withdrawals. That simply means that when a customer opens an account and wants to use crypto, they’ll have to provide ID and verify they are who they are, and that they’re of age.

Cryptocurrency right now offers a lot of anonymity but gambling companies have to ensure that customers are of age, using the apps in specific locations, and not doing anything fishy.

At this point, crypto is still a little bit of the wild west. It’s changing by the day and the government will do their best to still allow it for innovation but regulate it where they can. Once it’s much safer to use and crypto gets a blessing from the government, you can expect sportsbooks to get onboard.

Did You Know: Some Sportsbooks Already (Indirectly) Accept Crypto?

This might surprise you but here’s a bit of breaking news: some sportsbooks in Pennsylvania already accept cryptocurrency. Did that catch you off-guard? It shouldn’t as no books directly accept it. What we’re referring to is that PayPal and Skrill – two of the most common e-wallets that books use – both work with crypto.

In case you missed it, PayPal now supports Bitcoin transfers. As for Skrill, they actually take far more than just Bitcoin. You can use more than 40 different cryptocurrencies to fund your account – including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and much more. That means that we’re almost there already.

The next step is likely regulation and to get the PA Gaming Commission on board. When that happens, customers will be able to go direct with their crypto and avoid the fees of e-wallets. Don’t expect it to happen overnight but it feels like it’s something that it’s on the cusp.

What’s The Verdict?

Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania currently don’t allow you to directly deposit or play in cryptocurrencies. However, for the time being, this does feel like the future. We see so many sportsbooks already involved in crypto – including DraftKings Sportsbook, which has an entire NFT marketplace.

They allow customers to buy collectible NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) from star athletes like Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. Those are all different forms of crypto. Others like FanDuel sports betting app and BetMGM PA are debating whether they should get into this themselves too.

With so much enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrency right now, it does feel like we’re nearing a time when sportsbooks will allow it. We see companies like Microsoft and AT&T accept it for payment as well as major sports franchises like the Oakland Athletics and Dallas Mavericks.

The Miami Heat’s arena is now known as FTX Arena – cryptocurrency exchange – and the Los Angeles Lakers now play at Crypto.com Arena. This is no longer something out there on the fringes of reality; this is real, this is growing and there is a smart business case as to why sportsbooks and customers will use this in the future. It’s just a matter of time.

PayNearMe Partners With Pin4 For New Cash-Out Options & More

PayNearMe partners with Pin4 to improve the withdrawal process. Now players withdrawing will get cash in hand the same day.

One of the most popular online betting payment solutions has joined up with Pin4, which is a cardless cash product, to improve the withdrawal process. The goal is to give operators the ability to let players have instant access to their winnings in a matter of speed that would put smiles on the faces of many bettors.

With this partnership, starting in 2022, any users of PayNearMe will have the ability to withdraw from their favorite PA online casinossports betting apps and get their funds in real, hard cash in the dame day at more than 18,000 different ATM’s in the United States.

Here’s the full scoop:

What Is PayNearMe?

PayNearMe is one of the most popular ways to deposit from a sportsbook because it gives you a retail option. While many PA sportsbooks offer credit card deposits, PayNearMe offers a retail option. That means you can head into a convenience store and deposit the funds there using this service. Typically, you get a QR code and just pay there, and then the money is linked to and deposited into your account.

For many online players in Pennsylvania, digital wallets are the way to go but for others, having the ability to get the job done while you’re at a convenience store or retail location is quite attractive.

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What Does Pin4 Partnership Offer?

While PayNearMe is a great way to deposit, now the partnership with Pin4 will allow for new seamless banking options. The short of it is that when players withdraw, they’ll be guided to a nearby ATM where they can get their money.

How it works is when a player requests a withdrawal, they’ll get a four-digit order number texted to them. That will include some details such as the payout amount and the amount of time they have to withdraw the funds.

From there, they’ll receive a second text that links them to a locator map where they will see the ATMs that they can withdraw from. They can head on over to that ATM and get their cash in hand.

Solving Pain Points

One of the biggest pain points for customers has been getting their money from sportsbooks. With this partnership, now players will be able to have cash in their hands by the end of the day when they withdraw. No-fuss, no muss.

PayNearMe is offered by sportsbooks in more than 17 different states, so now Pin4 will be integrated into that as well. For those customers who are wondering when this will all take effect, the early estimate is that it will start in early 2022.

Keep an eye out as it will be coming to a sportsbook and online casino near you.

Casinos In Pennsylvania Prepare To Host Big Thanksgiving Day Parties

One of the biggest days of the year for PA casinos is Thanksgiving. Not only is it a great day to congregate with your friends and family, but it’s also perfect for a casino setting with all of the PA sports betting and gaming going on.

One of the biggest days of the year for Pennsylvania casinos is Thanksgiving. Not only is it a great day to congregate with your friends and family, but it’s also perfect for a casino setting with all of the PA sports betting and gaming going on.

While many people like to spend Thanksgiving with their families, a good option is to head to one of these PA casino venues, so that you don’t have to sweat the cooking and hosting. There are a number of options in Pennsylvania that are welcoming, so if you’re looking to join a crowd and be with some people this Thanksgiving, check out the offerings from the casinos below.

But, if you decide to stay home, there are plenty of amazing online betting sites in PA for you to choose from.


Harrah’s Philadelphia

Whether you’re looking to bet on the ponies or hit the casino floor, Harrah’s Casino in Philadelphia is always a blast on Thanksgiving. Hit up the Philly Tap & Tavern if you’re looking for more of a sports vibe – after all, there will be plenty of football through the day – or head to The Market for a more traditional experience.

Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course

As you might imagine, Hollywood Casino is more of a race track to bet the horses, so if that’s the action you’re looking for, you’re better off attending on the weekend. However, they will have an event where you can see the JJ Rupp Band at H Lounge.

Hollywood Casino York

Come celebrate Thanksgiving at the Hollywood Casino York and you can watch all of the football at the Barstool Sportsbook with the rest of the crowd. There will be a special Thanksgiving Day menu, which includes turkey breast, seasonal stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted turkey, gravy, carrots, green beans, roll with butter and pumpkin or apple pie. That’s all included for $24.99.

Hollywood Casino at the Meadows

Recently rebranded to Penn National’s signature brand, The Meadows is another Turkey Day destination.

The Carvery is whipping up one special buffet on Thanksgiving as per their annual tradition. If you’re the type that enjoys more than one serving, this might be the spot for you.

Valley Forge Casino Resort

The Chop House is the place to be this Thursday as they’ll be featuring a special Thanksgiving menu. Start off with a butternut squash bisque, move into a full turkey Thanksgiving dinner next and cap it off with a pumpkin pie tart. You won’t want to miss this one.

And if you want to place some NFL bets, the FanDuel Sportsbook is open – both live and online.

Rivers Casino Philadelphia

Rivers is serving up Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the fixings at Jack’s on Nov. 25. Holiday hours:

  • Wed., Nov. 24: noon-10 p.m. (bar open until 2 a.m.)
  • Thanksgiving Day: noon-8 p.m.

Thanksgiving Burger Special – Thanksgiving turkey burger and fries all month long for $8.88.

Young at heart, Turkey Dinner Special

  • Noon-8 p.m. every Monday in November
  • Guests 55 years and older can enjoy the $8.88 turkey dinner special. (Must present Rush Rewards player’s card with the Young at Heart sticker.)

Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

Martorano’s Prime Thanksgiving Special ($70)

  • Italian wedding soup – homemade meatballs, lumachine pasta, spinach, parmesan cheese
  • Roast (served family style) – white & dark meat, roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta & balsamic, garlic mashed potatoes, Italian sausage stuffing, served with rosemary gravy, gnocchi with Sunday gravy
  • Pumpkin spice cake – cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Wheelhouse Thanksgiving specials (in addition to regular menu on Nov. 25):

  • Traditional Thanksgiving dinner ($25) – roasted turkey, traditional stuffing, whipped potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry Sauce, turkey gravy
  • Beef & squash soup ($7) – Pumpkin spice dumplings
  • House-made pumpkin pie ($8) – Cinnamon creme anglaise, spiced pumpkin seed

For those betting online, BetRivers casino and sportsbook has some generous promos to accompany the many dining options.

Mohegan Sun Pocono

Mohegan Sun Pocono is located in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Enjoy live casino games, live sports betting, harness horse racing,  and a variety of dining options. It also offers online betting in the form of a Unibet casino and sportsbook.

Mohegan Sun might have the most options across the board for this coming Thanksgiving. Almost every single one of their dining outlets will have something special for the holiday.

  • At BALLO, which is an Italian join, the set menu will include bruschetta, Garganelli Bolognese, duck breast and a crème brulee.
  • At Hash House A Go Go, you’ll get options ranging from a Roasted Turkey Dinner to a Big O’ Turkey Pot Pie.
  • At Jasper White’s Summer Shack, step in for a Thanksgiving Day feast that includes a clambake
  • At Lansdowne Irish Pub & Music House, they’ll be serving up turkey sliders during the day and roasted turkey dinner in the evening. And don’t miss out on their Chocolate-bourbon pecan pie.
  • At Michael Jordan’s Steak House, you can start with a quinoa beet salad, then progress to roasted turkey breast and finish with banana chocolate bread pudding.
  • MJ23 Sports Bar & Grill, Skyrise Food Court, TAO Asian Bistro & Lounge, and Todd English’s Tuscany will all have their own set menus as well.

Mount Airy Casino Resort

The Mount Airy Casino Resort is doing a takeout holiday menu, which means you can host a feast without any of the hard labor. The family-sized meal comes in at $249.00.

Mount Airy also offers a wealth of online wagering options with Stars Casino PA, online poker, and the FOX Bet sports betting app all one click away.

Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia

If you don’t feel like doing the cooking yourself, head on over to The Prime Rib at Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia and they’ll take care of you. The cost is $65 per person and you’ll get quite the serving – if you’re up for it.

The menu includes your choice of soup or salad to start (shrimp and corn chowder, or season mixed greens salad), slow-roasted turkey dinner, and your choice of pumpkin, pecan or apple pie to end your meal.

Presque Isle Downs & Casino

Bourbon and brew will have you covered at Presque Isle Downs & Casino in PA, as they’ll be serving a number of delectable options. The basic $18 per person gets you turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and a white chocolate pumpkin cookie sundae for dessert. You can also get a takeout menu for four for $100, which includes a whole turkey.

Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin

One of the fun things happening at the Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin is the Thanksgiving Mystery Point Multiplier. You can win up to 16X the rewards points if you play this Thursday. That’s from 7 AM right through until midnight.

FanDuel’s Free Fantasy Football Can Lead To Real-Cash Wins

FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy website is offering a pretty sweet bonus for new customers. Don’t miss out on this generous offer. Fanduel fantasy football.

FanDuel has launched a new free-to-play game that new customers can participate in. The best part is that the more you play, the more you can win – in real cash! We’ve got all of the details for you, so read on below for how to win.

Win With FanDuel’s Free Fantasy Footballfanduel fantasy football

FanDuel PA is offering all new customers a way to enter NFL contests and turn them into real winnings. For those wondering, this is for FanDuel’s daily fantasy brand rather than the PA sportsbook.

Any new DFS customers can get a free entry into the weekly NFL contests for the rest of the season and have a chance to earn real cash prizes. All you have to do is play every week and you’ll have a shot to win every time you enter.

Keep in mind that this is for new Pennsylvania customers. To join in, you’ll have to sign up at FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy website. Once you’re in, you’ll get one free voucher for each remaining week for the rest of the season. These will qualify as your cover fee to join in and play. Then just join the masses weekly and do your best to finish in the money!

If you want to take advantage of this generous offer, your best bet is to act now. The NFL season is moving into Week 11 but remembers that there are just 18 weeks of action in total. That means that there are only a handful of weeks left for you to take advantage of. There’s nothing to lose, so make sure you sign up and get yourself into the game.