Colin Cowherd’s Week Four Blazin 5′ picks were an ice-cold 1-3-1.

After going 4-1 last week, Cowherd said on Friday before making this week’s selections:

“I’ve always been very altruistic. I like to make America money. Daddy buy new kicks is the whole thing.”

Those who chose to follow Cowherd’s picks this week don’t even have enough for socks.

His “Boom Bet,” which allows Fox Bet users to quadruple their winnings, didn’t even win, let alone cover (Cowboys -5). Another pick he loved, the Bears +2.5, proved to be toothless. The Dolphins +6 were his “favorite pick of the week,” and they lost to the Seahawks 31-23.

Not sure what all these qualifiers mean, since Cowherd starts out almost every Blazin’ 5 segment on “The Herd” with “I love all my picks.”

The QB and the hat(e)

After a hoopla over calling out Carson Wentz for wearing his hat backward during a news conference last week, Cowherd predicted a Bengals upset.

“Carson Wentz has been all over the board in the last six games — eight sacks, four picks this year, both tied for the most of any quarterback. I don’t know if Philadelphia’s locker room is good.”

Wentz threw two interceptions and the Eagles tied the Bengals, 23-23. During his conference this week, Wentz turned his cap forward, and of course, Cowherd pointed it out, saying, “It’s almost like we have influence in America.”

Hot take from Colin Cowherd this week

The top three teams look very familiar. Where have we seen them before? Oh, yes. Before the season started at FanDuel (and most online sportsbooks), they were the top 3 three teams by handle in the Super Bowl futures market.

Colin Cowherd’s 2020 Week 4 NFL picks

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs on “The Herd” on Fridays at around 1 p.m. EST. We break down his picks for you here and follow up on Monday with his results.

“Something is happening in the NFL you have to keep your eye on. Everyone is going over. The overs and the favorites are covering. A lot of this is because there was no preseason. It’s easy for quarterbacks in July and August to call up their wide receivers to throw the ball around. You don’t call a middle linebacker about dropping into coverages. The offensives are way ahead of the defenses. I think they will be for about one more week.”

The first three weeks of the season, we pointed out Cowherd never mentioned his “Boom Bet” on his Blazin’ 5 segment on the air, and you had to go to Fox Bet‘s social channels to find out. This week,  he closed his segment by telling listeners to go there to find out more on his picks.

If Fox Bet users wager on Cowherd’s “Boom Bet” and it wins, they can quadruple their winnings.

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Cleveland Browns vs. Dallas Cowboys (-5.5)

Cowherd’s BOOM BET

Cowherd’s pick: Cowboys

Colin’s final score: Cowboys 33, Browns 26

Cowherd said:

“Dak Prescott against really good competition has always been a good quarterback. His QB rating since last year is 108.8, and their offense right now is No. 1 in the league. But this is about the Browns defense that has allowed 7 TDs passing of 10+ air yards this year, most in the NFL. I think there is a lot of points in this game, and I don’t think Cleveland can keep up, because they are more of a running team. Cleveland’s back end worries me. They beat Cincinnati with a rookie quarterback and Washington with kind of a rookie quarterback. How good are they?”

Actual final score: Browns 49, Cowboys 38

Did Colin win? No

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears (+2.5)

Colin’s pick: Bears

Colin’s final score: Bears 24, Colts 23

Cowherd said:

“Like it, I love it. Bears getting points at home. I think they are a better team, and I think Matt Nagy wanted to start Nick Foles three weeks ago but the GM wouldn’t let him. Nick Foles lets it rip, big arm, big games. This is the coach’s kid, and he went out and got him in the offseason. How good are the Colts? They lost to the Jaguars and beat the crappy Vikings and the really crappy Jets. The Bears defense is No. 2 in the league in getting offenses off the field on third down.”

Actual final score: Colts 19, Bears 11

Did Colin win? No

Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins (+6)

Colin’s pick: Dolphins

Colin’s final score: Seahawks 27, Dolphins 26

Cowherd said:

“Favorite pick of the week. Miami gets three days of extra prep time because they were on Thursday Night Football. That is huge, because they have a very good coaching staff and staffs that are good take advantage of it. Seattle has the furthest trip you can make after dramatic wins. Fitzpatrick is very good when he’s comfortable, and Seattle makes every quarterback comfortable, because they have no pass rush. The Dolphins are playing clean football. They are one of two teams that have not had a turnover in two weeks. I think Russell Wilson may come in and save the day late.”

FYI, Colin is fading the public here big time. At DraftKings, 95% of the handle is going to the Seahawks to cover the spread.

Actual final score: Seahawks 31, Dolphins 23

Did Colin win? No

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7)

Colin’s pick: Buccaneers

Colin’s final score: Buccaneers 33, Chargers 23

Cowherd said:

“This is a lot of points. I’ll take Tom Brady and the Bucs. This game is about comfort vs. discomfort, Tom Brady vs. a Chargers defense without an injured Derwin James. Justin Herbert will face a pass rush, and you can’t run on the Bucs D. They are No. 2 for yards per play. Herbert has struggled in the red zone, and the Chargers have settled for field goals. He’ll be uncomfortable all day. I believe Todd Bowles is the best current coordinator in the NFL and Tampa has the best or second-best linebacking corps. It’s the defense of Tampa that will decide the game.”

Actual final score: Buccaneers 38, Chargers 31

Did Colin win? Push

Buffalo Bills (-3) vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Colin’s pick: Bills

Colin’s final score: Bills 32, Raiders 27

Cowherd said:

“This is an easy one. There is no home field anymore, so it’s basically a neutral field. I get the better quarterback, coach and defense. There are a lot of people who think Buffalo is a top four team in this league. A lot of coaches are really on Buffalo. They rank second in pass ypg and third is points per game the last two seasons. This Buffalo team will force the Raiders to play real defense because they press the ball down the field.”

*Colin bet against the Bills during Weeks One and Two. He quickly changed his tune on Josh Allen and the Bills and backed them with his Boom Bet.

Actual final score: Bills 30, Raiders 23

Did Colin win? Yes

Blazin’ 5 Week 1 record: 1-3-1

Colin Cowherd’s 2020 Blazin’ 5 season record: 9-10-1

Boom Bet record — Cowherd’s “hottest pick” boosted 4X at Fox Bet: 2-2

Be sure to check back at PAOC each week of the 2020 NFL season to see if Colin Cowherd’s picks won.

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