Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season wasn’t particularly kind to Colin Cowherd.

His Blazin 5 picks went 2-3, and his favorite bets (the Falcons and the Jets) lost. He was so upset about it, he put them on a list.

“I will not bet FOR the Jets or the Falcons.”

This year, the Fox Bet online sportsbook app promotion with Cowherd is different. Instead of having to pick three winners out of five to boost odds for users, Cowherd is choosing a “Boom Bet” each week. His “hottest pick” gets boosted at 4x.

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Also, it doesn’t appear that he is making his college football Marquee 3 selections.

However, the more things change with Cowherd, the more things stay the same. He still has a penchant for posting foot pics on Twitter.

Cowherd cackles about Baker and Burrow

Before Thursday Night Football’s Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns game, Cowherd said that Baker Mayfield is “three more crappy Sundays from the Browns moving on.”

(Mayfield was drafted No. 1 in 2018. The other quarterback on the Browns active roster is 32-year-old Case Keenum).

The Browns won 35-30, and Cowherd commented that Mayfield played one of his best games but the losing quarterback (Joe Burrow) was way better. He called Mayfield the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC North.

After spending most of the offseason ripping No. 1 pick Burrow, Cowherd went total Burrow fanboy on Friday, praising his play on Thursday night.

Colin Cowherd’s 2020 Week 2 NFL picks

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs on The Herd on Fridays at around 1 p.m. EST. We break down his picks for you here and follow up on Monday with his results.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys (-5)

Colin’s pick: Cowboys

Colin’s final score: Cowboys 30, Falcons 20

Cowherd said:

“Dak Prescott is one of those guys who plays well at home. Last year at home, he was first in passing TDs, fifth in passer rating. Doesn’t it worry you if you are Atlanta and you outgain Seattle and get crushed? It’s a cotton candy offense with a lot of phony yards. Dallas loses their opener a lot. Mike McCarthy, all eyes on him, a lot of heat on him. Now they come home against an inferior team.”

Actual final score: Cowboys 40, Falcons 39

Did Colin win? No

Detroit Lions (+6.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

Colin’s pick: Lions

Colin’s final score: Lions 26, Packers 24

Cowherd said:

“This is all about the value of the number, Detroit +6.5. Detroit completely outplayed Chicago for all but eight minutes. Everyone fell in love with Aaron Rodgers. You do realize seven of his last nine games, he’s had declining numbers? Last year, the Lions played Green Bay close. They lost both games by a total of four points. I’m dead serious here: I think Matt Patricia, the next two weeks, is coaching for his job and to not lose the locker room. This is my upset of the week. Six-and-a-half is a ton of points here for an urgent team that needs to win.”

Actual final score: Packers 42, Lions 21

Did Colin win? No

Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins (+5.5)

Colin’s pick: Miami 

Colin’s final score: Dolphins 24, Bills 23

Cowherd said:

“So, timeout, Miami gets +5.5 at home? I thought we liked Miami last year; now we suddenly think they stink because Belichick gave a quarterback trouble? Maybe Miami is OK, and maybe New England’s defense is fantastic. Ryan Fitzpatrick has faced Buffalo many times and has been fine. This is not a rookie quarterback. The Bills averaged 19 points last year. They are still babysitting Josh Allen. Did you see what they did in the second half against the awful Jets? Very uninspiring.”

Actual final score: Bills 31, Dolphins 28

Did Colin win? Yes

Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5)

COLIN’S BOOM BET (But he doesn’t say it’s his Boom Bet or “Here comes the boom.” Instead, we found it in the app and promoted on Twitter.

Colin’s pick: Buccaneers

Colin’s final score: Buccaneers 30, Panthers 20

Cowherd said:

“When Tom Brady loses in Week 1, have you seen what he does in the next game? Yeah, he never loses. The Panthers are a bad team that have lost nine consecutive games with a college coaching staff. The Panthers allowed 30 points a game last year. This defense is younger and potentially worse. Last week, Brady faced the best defense in the division … Tom Brady had a pick-6; it won’t happen again. The thing about Tampa to watch here, their defense was actually really good. Drew Brees threw for 160 yards. The running defense was good last year; it’s good again. Don’t get caught up losing the first week to the Saints; they should have.”

Actual final score: Buccaneers 31, Panthers 17

Did Colin win? Yes

New England Patriots (+4) vs. Seattle Seahawks

Colin’s pick: Patriots

Colin’s final score: Seahawks 23, Patriots 20

Cowherd said:

“I get over a field goal with Belichick. Since 2019, the Patriots defense is first in almost everything. Seattle’s O-lines and D-lines are bad. They were outgained by Atlanta. The Seahawks allowed the most passing yards last week (434). I think Seattle is the better team in this spot. This is going to be a short, quick game. New England’s going to run and eat the clock up. What’s Seattle going to do? They know New England’s defense is great on the back end, so they are going to run the football.”

Actual final score: Seahawks 35, Patriots 30

Did Colin win? No

Blazin’ 5 Week 1 record: 2-3

Colin Cowherd 2020 Blazin’ 5 season record: 4-6

Boom Bet record – Cowherd’s “hottest pick” boosted 4x at Fox Bet: 1-1

Be sure to check back at PAOC each week of the 2020 NFL season to see if Colin Cowherd’s picks won.