As stay-at-home orders remain in effect across Pennsylvania, PokerStars PA continues to provide some welcome entertainment. And best of all, you don’t even have to play for real money if you don’t want to.

PokerStars’ Home Games feature allows online poker enthusiasts a chance to continue sitting at the tables and connecting with friends — without violating social distancing rules.

PokerStars is also offering its biggest tournament to date, coming up on Sunday, May 17.

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PokerStars PA Pennsyl-MANIA guarantees $250K prize pool

To compete in Pennsyl-MANIA, online poker players in PA just need to pony up a $200 buy-in. The tournament begins at 5 p.m. on Sunday, with Day Two starting at 7 p.m. Monday.

The tournament comes with a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000 — the biggest yet. For those who bust out in the first five hours of play, there are five re-entries allowed before the close of registration.

PokerStars Home Games offer a private way to play with friends

Poker players who miss the social aspect of private poker games with friends can create their own Home Games at PokerStars PA. Home Games are private games in either cash or tournament format that require an invitation.

Also, friends don’t need to be physically present in Pennsylvania, but they have to be set up for play money.

How to set up your own Home Game on PokerStars PA

Ready to set up your own Home Game on PokerStars PA? Well, the good news is it’s easy as pie.

First, after logging in, look at the bottom right of the lobby. Here, you will see shortcuts. There are three dots located at the bottom, and once you click that button, the “Home Games” option pops up.

The next steps are pretty intuitive and easy to follow:

  • Create your own “Poker Club.”
  • Invite your friends and other players to join the Home Game.
  • Manage and create your own tournaments and cash games.

Players who received an invitation need your poker Club ID, which is a seven-digit number, and the Invitation Code, which is the password.

The complete social poker experience

One of the major highlights of playing online private poker with friends is that PokerStars PA offers a multitude of options, especially some of the lesser-known poker formats.

Want to play Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw or 8-game mix? Why not try it with friends for plenty of laughter and fun?

Truly, the most terrific part of playing private online poker games with friends is the social aspect. PokerStars PA makes the whole experience of private Home Games even better by allowing the use of webcams.

Please note: This does not mean that you can use webcams in regular tournaments or cash games, as it may violate the Terms of Service.

However, PokerStars PA customer support confirmed:

“We have no restrictions on players having a webcam on while playing on our platforms. You can be connected to other players or friends while playing Home Games.”

In these socially distant times, any means of staying in touch and socializing with friends while remaining apart is truly wonderful.