It was a very Colin Cowherd Christmas. With his spirits soaring from a 4-1 Week 16, Cowherd headed into the holiday happy.

His timeline was filled with Christmas cheer from train sets, puppies, courtside seats to the Utah Jazz, and a family snowmobiling excursion.

So excuse Cowherd if he didn’t have time to record his Blazin’ 5 segment and only post his picks. But you might have a hard time defending his winless Week 17. Cowherd missed on all five games. Bah humbug.

Hey, the time between Christmas and New Years is a confusing, muddled space. Maybe Cowherd knew even if he missed on all the games he would still finish the season one game above .500.

A week after calling Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz the “closest thing to Patrick Mahomes,” Cowherd continued to heap on the praise:

He obviously doesn’t think Wentz is worth betting his money on though. It’s the second straight week he’s bet against the Eagles…and has lost.

However, Cowherd did bring back his Marquee 3 since its moniker is made for the College Football Playoff, or at least one game was. Cowherd picked Clemson (-2) correctly but badly whiffed on Oklahoma (+14)

Every week we track Cowherd’s picks so you know how he is faring before you follow his bets at FOX Bet or on your PA sports betting apps.

Cowherd’s college football bowl week picks

#3 Clemson (-2) vs. #2 Ohio State

Colin’s pick: Clemson

Colin’s final score: Clemson 36, Ohio State 30

Cowherd said: “I like Clemson to win by a touchdown. I think we are undervaluing Clemson. We look at their conference and say they haven’t played anybody and that is a huge benefit. They are healthy. They’ve got a ton of depth. I believe when you don’t know who is going to win you go with the coaching staff in college and I think Clemson has the best coaching staff by a wide margin. Trevor Lawrence, since Week 9, good luck. Ohio State’s defense gets the credit, I could argue Clemson’s is actually better. First in the country in multiple categories. Trevor Lawrence since Week 9 has been unstoppable. I don’t think the ACC is great but who in the Big 10 is amazing outside of Ohio State? Right now Ohio State’s defense is good but in the last four games they are allowing 21 ppg. Clemson, NFL running back, NFL quarterback, NFL offensive line, NFL tight end, NFL receivers.”

Actual final score: Clemson 29, Ohio State 23

Did Colin win?: Yes

#1 LSU  vs. #4 oklahoma (+14)

Colin’s pick: Oklahoma

Colin’s final score: LSU 41, Oklahoma 30

Cowherd said: “Oklahoma is going to hear they are going to get crushed. Do you know the number one seed has never won the College Football Playoff? Oklahoma is hearing how irrelevant they are. Jalen Hurts is the only quarterback with thirty passing touchdowns and fifteen rushing touchdowns. They are going to move the ball. LSU’s defense is good but was gashed by lesser offenses. Oklahoma’s defense was pathetic last year, it was first in the Big 12 this year. We’ve seen Oklahoma in these big games against SEC teams. They gave Georgia trouble, they beat Alabama years ago. Oklahoma is big boy football. I think this game is going to feel very very close. And I do think LSU escapes.”

Actual final score: LSU 63, Oklahoma 28

Did Colin win?: No

#22 USC vs #16 iowa (-2)

Colin’s pick: Iowa

Colin’s final score: Iowa 28, USC 24

Cowherd said: “I think this is a coaching mismatch of otherwise two very even teams. The Trojans have better perimeter players. Iowa’s got better line play including one of my favorite offensive and defensive lineman. USC football, second-most turnovers in the PAC-12 and lots of penalties. That has been a hallmark of Clay Helton football. The last two years, bowl record .500, out of conference about .500. The Big 10 is 6-1 against the PAC-12 in bowl games the last two years. Iowa’s offensive line is much better than USC’s offensive line. The pass rush from Iowa will be a problem for USC’s freshman quarterback.”

Actual final score: Iowa 49, USC 24

Did Colin win?: Yes

Bowl week record:2-1

Season college football overall record: 18-27

Marquee 3 Super Boost record (requires winning all three games): 1-14

Colin Cowherd’s Week 17 NFL picks

Miami Dolphin vs. New England Patriots (-16.5)

Colin’s pick: Patriots

Final score: Dolphins 27, Patriots 24

Did Colin win?: No

San Diego Chargers (+8.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Colin’s pick: Chargers

Actual final score: Chiefs 31, Chargers 21

Did Colin win?: No

Cleveland Browns (-3) vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Colin’s pick: Browns

Actual final score: Bengals 33, Browns 23

Did Colin win?: No

san Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks (+3.5)

Colin’s pick: Seahawks

Actual final score: 49ers 26, Seahawks 21

Did Colin win?: No

New York Giants (+4) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Colin’s pick: Giants

Actual final score: Eagles 35, Giants 17 

Did Colin win?: No

Blazin’ 5 Week 17 record: 0-5

Blazin’ 5 overall record: 42-41-3

Blazin’ 5 record (requires winning three out of five games): 9-8