Riding high off his 4-1 Week 14, Colin Cowherd leveled up his ego.

Before he doled out his Blazin 5′ picks for Week 15, he proclaimed himself the “Ravens of football pickers.” Then, he added an extra pick.

Cowherd’s Blazin 5′ record, which requires three picks to cover for PA sports bettors to double their money when they use the FOX Bet app, was 8-6. The Baltimore Ravens are 12-2.

“I’ve never done this. I feel this good about the picks. If I go 0-6 it just taints me for the season. But I’m the Ravens of football pickers. I’m going all in! I am seeing what everyone else is not.”

Cowherd gives his Blazin 5′ picks on Friday but on Sunday he sent this tweet which omitted a pick, the Rams (-1).

His extra pick didn’t matter. Cowherd finished Week 15 with a 2-3-1 record and needed a Bills cover to avoid a pitiful one-win performance.

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Colin Cowherd’s Week 15 NFL picks

Seattle Seahawks (-6) vs. carolina panthers

Colin’s pick: Seahawks

Colin’s final score: Seahawks 28, Panthers 20

Cowherd said: “Ron Rivera’s firing did not go over well in the locker room. Don’t worry about the road. Russell Wilson has been a better road quarterback than a home quarterback. He’s completing 70% of his throws, 103 passer rating. Here’s the thing that will scare you if you’re a Carolina fan, Seattle’s defense has 29 takeaways, third-best in the NFL. Carolina gives it away almost more than anyone else. Turnovers will be a factor.”

Actual final score: Seahawks 30, Panthers 24

Did Colin win?: It was a push

Chicago Bears (+4.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

Colin’s pick: Bears

Colin’s final score: Packers 23, Bears 20

Cowherd said: “Green Bay’s been outgained this year. They get outgained by, like, thirty yards a game. Mitch Trubisky has got limitations but since Week 10, Matt Nagy and the staff have figured out what works and what doesn’t. The Bear’s defense, the last couple of years against Green Bay, has only given up 17 ppg against Aaron Rodgers. I like the coach for the Bears, the defense for the Bears. I’m going to take Green Bay at Lambeau to win on a late field goal, but 4.5. bet the number here, it’s too much to give Chicago.”

Actual final score: Packers 21, Bears 13

Did Colin win?: No

Houston Texans (+3.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

Colin’s pick: Texans

Colin’s final score: Texans 27, Titans 26

Cowherd said: “I have a rule, one team every week is humiliated. As long as that team has a good quarterback, take them the following week because most fans bail on them. The Texans are fun. Are the inconsistent? Oh, God yes. Are they bad? Oh, no. Following a loss this year they are 4-0 and average 28 ppg. The Texans offense is still ninth ranked in the NFL. They are all over the map but this is a must win for them. I like Tennessee. We’re going nuts on Ryan Tannehill.”

Actual final score: Texans 24, Titans 23

Did Colin win?: Yes

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Oakland Raiders (-6.5)

Colin’s pick: Raiders 

Colin’s final score: Raiders 33, Jaguars 23

Cowherd said: “I think the Jags have quit on their coach. The minute they traded Jalen Ramsey, it did not play well in the locker room. Not only is Jacksonville losing, they are losing against the spread. They aren’t tackling well. On the road, they are atrocious. This is the last game for the Raiders in Oakland. This is a team that’s going to celebrate. This is a very big game, a celebration of Oakland and the Raiders. Oakland is going to come out with their hair on fire and play a great game.”

Actual final score: Jaguars 20, Raiders 16

Did Colin win?: No

los Angeles Rams (-1) vs. Dallas Cowboys

Colin’s pick: Rams

Colin’s final score: Rams 28, Cowboys 23

Cowherd said: “I like the Rams for basically one reason. When veteran defensive coordinators face young noobies, it’s been a mismatch. The best teams aren’t always beating Dallas. The most veteran defensive coordinators have owned Kellen Moore. The Rams are a very good road team, 5-1. The Cowboys lost four of five. The offense for the Rams has turned it around. Since Jalen Ramsey arrived in Week 7, the Rams lead the NFL in sacks and are third in total yards.”

Actual final score: Cowboys 44, Rams 21

Did Colin win?: No

Buffalo Bills (+2) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Colin’s pick: Bills

Colin’s final score: Bills 24, Steelers 13

Cowherd said: “These teams are very similar, excellent coaching staffs, most of the talent on defense. But I get a significantly better quarterback in Buffalo and I get points. This game means a lot for both. This “Duck” guy for Pittsburgh is an adorable story. He won the Alabama state duck calling contest. But Pittsburgh’s offense since Week 10 is atrocious. Buffalo’s defense has held their opponents to 21 points or less in 11 of 13 games, that includes the Patriots and the Ravens. This defense is exceptional for Buffalo. The offense for Pittsburgh is a mess.”

Actual final score: Bills 17, Steelers 10

Did Colin win?: Yes

Blazin’ 5 Week 15 record: 2-3-1

Blazin’ 5 overall record: 38-35-3

Blazin’ 5 record (requires winning three out of five games): 8-7