Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 got the winning fires burning again. He snapped a four-week losing streak thanks to a Dallas Cowboys (+6.5) cover. However, they failed to deliver the straight-up win he predicted.

The picks he “loved” were a mixed bag. Cowherd hit with the Giants (+6) but badly whiffed with the Raiders (-3).

Cowherd’s college football Marquee 3 is running out of time to make it to the win column. He came one pick short of giving sports bettors in PA the chance to cash at +800 instead of +600 when they use FOX Bet. But it’s worth noting over the past two weeks Cowherd is having the his best run (4-2) of college picks.

Every week we track Cowherd’s picks so you know how he is faring before you follow his bets at FOX Bet or on your PA sports betting apps.

Cowherd’s college football Week 13 picks

#8 Penn State (+19) vs. #2 Ohio State

Colin’s pick: Penn State 

Colin’s final score: Ohio State 33, Penn State 23

Cowherd said: “The last three games of this series have been decided by one point, one point, and three points. Penn State can move the football. They rank top 15 in scoring offense and scoring defense. So does Ohio State and Ohio State is better. But I’m getting nineteen points. Penn State is 2-1 against ranked teams this year. Ohio State goes to Michigan next week. They struggle every year before the Michigan game. Penn State’s got a good coach, weapons on the outside. Nineteen is huge number. ”

Actual final score: Ohio State 28, Penn State 17

Did Colin win?: Yes

#13 Michigan vs. Indiana (+9.5)

Colin’s pick: Indiana

Colin’s final score: Michigan 27, Indiana 23

Cowherd said: “I wouldn’t be shocked if Indiana won the game. I’m betting a number. Michigan, before they play Ohio State the last twelve years, has been 4-8 against the spread. Indiana’s got a real offense. Points per game, total yards and yards per play, Indiana is better in all three. They’ve scored 27 or more in six straight games. If you just look at numbers, Indiana can go toe-to-toe offensively and score. This to them is their bowl game. I think Michigan wins it but has to come from behind to do it.”

Actual final score: Michigan 39, Indiana 14

Did Colin win?: No

UCLA vs #23 USC (-14)

Colin’s pick: USC

Colin’s final score: USC 36, UCLA 16

Cowherd said: “The Trojans have dominated this series at the Coliseum winning nine of ten and eight by double digits. UCLA is 3-17 in their last twenty road games. 0-3 against teams currently ranked. UCLA is a one-dimensional offense who can’t throw the ball. USC can still win the PAC-12 South. It’s their last game potentially under Clay Helton. Will they play to fight for his job? When they don’t lose the turnover battle at home, USC wins their games and they win them big.”

Actual final score: USC 52, UCLA 35 

Did Colin win?: Yes

Week 13 college football record: 2-1

Season college football overall record: 13-26

Marquee 3 Super Boost record (requires winning all three games): 0-13

Colin Cowherd’s Week 12 NFL picks

Before his Week 12 Blazin 5 selections he did said, “Love my picks. Feel good about it. Over fifty percent for the year. 2-2-1 last week.”

Three of his picks need to cover for sports bettors in Pennsylvania using the FOX Bet Sportsbook to take advantage of FOX Bet’s odds boost on the wagers.

Denver Broncos (+3.5) vs. Buffalo Bills

Colin’s pick: Broncos

Colin’s final score:  Broncos 23, Bills 21

Cowherd said: “This is going be a low scoring game and +3.5 is a lot of points. Denver got off to a bad start and we all sold our stock. Denver is a pretty good football team. Nineteen sacks is tied for third in the NFL since Week 6. Look at the overall defensive numbers, top seven in the stuff that matters. Vic Fangio knows what he is doing. Since they went 0-4, they are 3-3 and have the number two red-zone defense meaning they are going to force you into field goals. It’s one of my favorite picks.”

*Last week, Cowherd picked the Broncos (+10.5) to cover against Minnesota. It was one of his two wins.

Actual final score: Bills 20, Broncos 3

Did Colin win?:  No

New York Giants (+6) vs. Chicago Bears

Colin’s pick: Giants

Colin’s final score: Giants 27, Bears 24

Cowherd said: “Like the Giants, I love the Giants. If you noticed Daniel Jones in the last month since Week 8, 9 TDs, 1 INT, 107 QB rating. We are not paying attention because they are a bad team. Daniel Jones is playing pretty good football right now. Giants are coming off a bye. Meanwhile, the Bears looked like a broken football team, certainly a broken offense. Anyone notice Khalil Mack? I think he said he’s out for the year, ‘I’m not giving you my best.’ I think it’s a broken locker room. The Giants off a bye facing the worst offense in the league. Upset.”

Actual final score: Bills 19, Giants 14

Did Colin win?: Yes

Oakland Raiders (-3) vs. New York jets

Colin’s pick: Raiders

Colin’s final score: Raiders 28, Jets 23

Cowherd said: “Love the Raiders in this game. Big offensive line advantage for the Raiders. Jets have one of the worst, Sam Darnold is always running for his life. The Raiders have had the toughest road schedule in the NFL and they’ve won five of seven on the road. They are averaging more yards per play than any offense on the road. Yards per play is huge Vegas stat. The sharks and the wise guys love it. Raiders are also tied second in the NFL for sacks allowed. They don’t let you get to Derek Carr. That’s why his efficiency numbers are so high. They have three capable running backs. I think this is a time of possession game and the Jets tend to have more turnovers.”

Actual final score: Jets 34, Raiders 3

Did Colin win?: No

*Be careful when Cowherd uses the “l” word (love or lock). Since Week 7, his “like it, love it/lock pick” record is 1-5-1.

Seattle Seahawks (+1.5) vs. Philadelphia eagles

Colin’s pick: Seahawks

Colin’s final score: Seahawks 26, Eagles 23

Cowherd said: “Seattle is off a bye. The last six times they have been off a bye, 5-1. That’s the best record in the NFL. Hall of Fame coach gets extra days to prepare. Philadelphia lost DeSean Jackson. They have no perimeter speed. Seattle went and  got Josh Gordon and Jadeveon Clowney, they are a different team than the team that lost to Baltimore. They’ve got a deep threat and an elite guy in space on the outside. Russell Wilson MVP. Number one in everything that matters. Seattle’s also rushed for 100+ yards in all but one of their games. When you go on the road you want to take the crowd out of it.”

Actual final score: Seahawks 17, Eagles 9

Did Colin win?: Yes

Dallas Cowboys (+6.5) vs. New England patriots

Colin’s pick: Cowboys

Colin’s final score: Cowboys 32, Patriots 23

Cowherd said: “Mohamed Sanu is out. It’s Julian Edelman, 42-year-old Tom Brady and cross your fingers. Even if New England wins this isn’t going to be a shootout game. It’s going to be low scoring. The Patriots defense has come back to earth since Week 8 because they are playing quarterbacks who can actually play. They are 31st in rushing yards allowed, 11th in total yards allowed and 12th in points-per-game. The Cowboys are averaging 32 points since Week 9, top 3 in the NFL. Quarterbacks that can move around give Belichick a little trouble.”

Actual final score: Patriots 13, Cowboys 9

Did Colin win?: Yes

Blazin’ 5 Week 12 record: 3-2

Blazin’ 5 overall record: 31-27-2

Blazin’ 5 record (requires winning three out of five games): 7-5