“Did Colin Cowherd win?”

Apparently he doesn’t even know.

Cowherd touted the Cards at +10. They lost 36-26 to the 49ers. In the betting world that’s known as a push.

It proved costly for Cowherd who needed the Chargers (+4) to activate FOX Bet’s odds boost for sports bettors. The Chargers lost 24-17 to the Chiefs. sending Cowherd’s Blazin’ Five losing streak to four weeks.

College football continues to confound Cowherd. He is 0-12. For sports bettors in PA to cash at +800 instead of +600 as part of the Marquee 3 Super Boost, Cowherd has to hit on all three choices.  He did make progress Week 12 picking two of three correct, his best effort since Week 5.

Every week we track Cowherd’s picks (and it’s a good thing we do because even he gets confused), so you know how he is faring before you follow his bets at Fox Bet or on your PA sports betting apps.

Cowherd’s college football Week 12 picks

On Thursday on The Herd before doling out his college football Week 12 picks Cowherd said:

“I have not had the best college football betting season. I’m on a bit of a cold streak. This kind of stuff happens. It’s not linear. I would like to reverse this Bitcoin-esque run I’m on of plummeting. I’ve got three games I love.”

Michigan State (+13.5) vs. #15 Michigan

Colin’s pick: Michigan State

Colin’s final score: Michigan 28, Michigan State 17

Cowherd said: “I think Michigan is better. I don’t think they are that much better. Everybody is like, ‘this Michigan team runs the ball.’ They are not top 15 in the country in rushing. ‘Well this quarterback Shea Patterson…’ They are not top 50 in passing efficiency. Mark Dantonio, by the way, 8-4 against Michigan. Harbaugh has gotten tight in these big games. He’s only 3-7 against Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State. Michigan State runs the football. Dantonio’s four losses to Michigan were by 4, 2, 9, and 14.”

Actual final score: Michigan 44, Michigan State 10

Did Colin win? No

#4 Georgia (-2.5) vs. #12 Auburn

Colin’s pick: Georgia

Colin’s final score: Georgia 28, Auburn 23

Cowherd said: “Georgia has dominated this series. Georgia is significantly better at quarterback. We talk about Auburn’s defense, but Georgia’s is better. They are number one in the SEC in virtually everything. They haven’t had a turnover in the last three games. This will not be a high-scoring affair. Bet the under if you have to bet anything. Bo Nix has struggled against every good defense they play. Against top 40 defenses, he completes 45% of his throws. Gus Malzahn has never proven to me that he can beat Georgia or win big games. I’ll swallow the points and take the Bulldogs.”

Actual final score: Georgia 21, Auburn 14 

Did Colin win? Yes

#8 Minnesota vs #20 IOWA (-3)

Colin’s pick: Iowa

Colin’s final score: Iowa 27, Minnesota 20

Cowherd said: “Minnesota just beat Penn State, but Vegas knows Iowa is the favorite here, and Iowa is going to win. Iowa has dominated this series. They’ve got better players. Look at the last 10 NFL Drafts. Minnesota is coming off its biggest win in years. The Golden Gophers haven’t beaten ranked opponents in back-to-back weeks in 51 years. They’ve only played three road games, and two of them beat crappy Fresno State in double-overtime and struggled to beat Purdue. Yes, they were great at home at the game of the century for Minnesota. Off that now, you take those 19- and 20-year-olds and go to Iowa, who is pretty good and has got better personnel. Iowa’s got a great defense. Number two in basically every key category in the Big Ten.”

Actual final score: Iowa 23, Minnesota 19

Did Colin win? Yes

Week 11 college football record: 2-1

Season college football overall record: 11-25

Marquee 3 Super Boost record (requires winning all three games): 0-12

Colin Cowherd’s Week 11 NFL picks

“NFL teams get to this time of the year and are like ‘football matters.’ It’s time for us now, football matters. Let’s get all these right,” Cowherd said before rolling out his Blazin’ 5 picks for Week 11.

Houston Texans (+4) vs. Baltimore ravens

Colin’s pick: Texans

Colin’s final score: Texans 28, Ravens 26

Cowherd said: “Deshaun Watson in his career in November, it’s his best month. He is 4-0, completion percentage in the mid-seventies. You know how good Russell Wilson is this year? Only Wilson has accounted for more touchdowns than Watson. The Texans’ offense since they’ve elevated their running game…they’ve got a real offensive line, a Pro Bowl level left tackle and they can run the ball. Houston is top five in total yards, rushing yards and red zone percentage.”

Actual final score: Ravens 41, Texans 7

Did Colin win? No

Denver Broncos (+10.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings

Colin’s pick: Broncos

Colin’s final score: Vikings 26, Broncos 20

Cowherd said: “I’m betting a number. Minnesota off a big Sunday night win. They don’t win those things ever. They are going to pull back. This is going to be a low scoring game. Vic Fangio is one of the better defensive guys in the league. He knows Mike Zimmer well. The Broncos defense ranks top four in yards, passing yards, and red zone touchdown percentage which is amazing when you consider how bad their offense has been. They are 4-1 against the spread. Denver is not a terrible team. Denver is a real team. They lost three games expiring clock. The Chicago game was horrible officiating. I think it’s going to be ugly and choppy and I’ll take the points.”

Actual final score: Vikings 27, Broncos 23

Did Colin win? Yes

New York Jets (+2) vs. Washington Redskins

Colin’s pick: Jets

Colin’s final score: Jets 27, Redskins 23

Cowherd said: “Redskins have the worst offense…ever. They haven’t scored a touchdown in a month. Their offense is the worst in the NFL. They scored nine points or fewer in five games. Now they are on a rookie quarterback who probably shouldn’t be playing. Jay Gruden, one of their smart coaches, they fired. He was keeping it afloat. They are 0-4 at home. The Jets announced this week that Adam Gase is the coach. Jet players want to put good stuff on tape for Coach Adam Gase. He isn’t going anywhere. Watch the players play hard.”

Actual final score: Jets 34, Redskins 17

Did Colin win? Yes

Arizona Cardinals (+10) vs. San Francisco 49ers

Colin’s pick: Cardinals

Colin’s final score: 49ers 27, Cardinals 20

Cowherd said: “Like it? I love it. Anybody else watch these games besides people who live in Phoenix? Arizona is a real football team. You think the Raiders are the big shock in the league, Arizona’s pretty good. 49ers are still banged up with some of their receivers on the perimeter. I’ve been betting the Cardinals for weeks. They are 5-1 against the spread the last six games. Jimmy Garoppolo is coming off a bad game and doesn’t have all his weapons. Don’t kid yourself on Arizona, they aren’t going away. Kyler Murray is really tough to defend. Wait until he gets an o-line and a defense.”

*Be careful when Cowherd uses the “l” word (love or lock). Since Week 7, his “like it, love it/lock pick” record is 0-4.

Actual final score: 49ers 36, Cardinals 26

Did Colin win? Push

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers (+4)

Colin’s pick: Chargers

Colin’s final score: Chargers 28, Chiefs 27

Cowherd said: “Love the Chargers. This game is in Mexico, altitude 7,200 feet. The Chargers went to Colorado to train. Kansas City didn’t. They aren’t happy with the league and stayed in Kansas City. They are going to be sucking air by the second quarter. Philip Rivers will drive me crazy in two-minute drills and makes rookie mistakes but he leads the NFL in passing yards, they have excellent weapons, a good tight end and can run the football. Kansas City can’t get people off the field. If you look at the most rushing yards allowed in the NFL this year, you think Cincinnati is bad, they are the only team worse. Kansas City can’t stop the run and the Chargers can run.”

Actual final score: Chiefs 24, Chargers 17 

Did Colin win? No

Blazin’ 5 Week 11 record: 2-2-1

Blazin’ 5 overall record: 28-25-2

Blazin’ 5 record (requires winning three out of five games): 6-5