GeoComply uses its geolocation compliance technology to tracks every player’s session on sportsbook apps. As a result, GeoComply possesses perhaps the most data about sports betting traffic in Pennsylvania.

The Vancouver-based company is able to offer unique insights. Here are some key discoveries from GeoComply about the early stages of online wagering in Pennsylvania:

  • 67% of mobile bets occur on an iPhone.
  • Pennsylvania hit almost half of New Jersey’s volume for mobile sports betting during Week 1 of the NFL season.
  • While GeoGuard was able to provide a solution for operators, GeoComply is still striving to improve user experience.

GeoComply provides a solution for updated app store policy

Over the summer, GeoComply provided a lifeline to Pennsylvania online casinos and sports betting apps.

Many sites were unable to launch on an iOS platform because of Apple’s updated app store policy, which included new rules for real-money gambling games. Online casinos and sports betting apps were in dire need of solution ASAP to be able to enter the burgeoning PA market.

GeoComply came to the rescue with the GeoGuard Location Validator. The app allows casino sites to obtain location data from customers’ iOS devices.

It performs a geolocation check, then sends data back to integrated websites. It is a hugely important step in the verification process to play online, as it confirms customers are within state lines when trying to play.

The solution sitting on the shelf

GeoComply VP of Regulatory Affairs Lindsay Slader admitted that GeoGuard was “not ideal.”
The GeoGuard Location Validator isn’t new. GeoComply started developing it as a peripheral concept about five years ago in response to Android apps not being accepted into the Google Play Store.
The concept that was “sitting on the shelf” proved to the solution for stumped and stalled operators in PA. However, GeoComply admits that there are still improvements to be made to appease user frustrations.
Commented Slader:

“For our operators that we work with, this is better than nothing. They’re still happy to have their iOS traffic but for the user it is still not an ideal experience where you have to actually go from a mobile website to the App Store to download something, then come back. We know that any additional step you put in the player funnel makes it that much more challenging to bet.”

GeoComply says PA market quickly growing

In a recent interview with Legal Sports Report, David Briggs, founder and CEO of GeoComply, offered some insight into sports betting across the country and in Pennsylvania.

Briggs said:

“Pennsylvania is quickly ramping up after launch this summer. On a recent Sunday with NFL games (Oct. 6), Pennsylvania hit almost half of New Jersey’s volume for mobile sports betting. It will be interesting to see how the numbers stack up in the next few weeks.”

GeoComply charted a Comparison for Player Volume for Oct. 6. The split between the four states was:

  • New Jersey: 58.9%
  • Pennsylvania: 31.4%
  • Indiana: 7%
  • West Virginia: 2.8%
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iPhone user gain access to sports betting

Pennsylvania operators were understandably concerned about getting their products in the hands of PA’s iOS users.

In new sports betting states Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey and Indiana, about 70% of wagering takes place on iPhones.

Briggs weighed in on how the lack of iPhone apps for sports betting in PA isn’t making too much of an impact on total iPhone users in the state.

“To be honest, there has been an impact, but not too much. Most states have around 70% of users on iPhones. However, in Pennsylvania, it is trending a couple of percent below that, which is not too bad.”

Know Your Customer a key part of iGaming

On Oct. 10, GeoComply announced the launch of IDComply. IDComply is fully integrated with the company’s existing geolocation compliance solution and offers age and identity verification.

GeoComply developed IDComply in response to customers’ requests for an integrated solution that covers more of their compliance requirements beyond geolocation. By integrating age and ID verification along with GeoComply’s geolocation compliance solution, iGaming companies are able to streamline their operations and manage both their geolocation and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance from the same back-office and Application Programming Interface (API).

Briggs commented that KYC is an extremely part of iGaming. He added:

“We’re really excited to expand our product offerings with a way for our customers to handle more of their compliance needs. IDComply enables iGaming operators to streamline customer acquisition, deter fraud, and quickly enter new markets, using an integrated solution from a compliance vendor they already know and trust.”