September was a very good month for online slots revenue in Pennsylvania, though the interactive table game segment was flat.

Gross revenue across the three online casino sites in Pennsylvania hit $4,135,358 during the month-for online slots, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB).

Gross tax revenue for online slots was $3,235,113, more than double than the month before.

Underscoring the quick growth in online slots, the overall August gross revenue for slots was $2.5 million.

Table game revenue was flat overall

However, growth was not universal in the PA online gambling segment.

Gross revenues for all online table games was $902,914 in August and declined to $900,245 in September. However, tax revenue remained nearly unchanged, with $126,034 collected overall last month.

This table shows how the three sites performed:

CasinoTotal revenueSlots revenueTable games revenue

Hollywood made major gains

While SugarHouse Casino, which is in the process of rebranding to BetRivers Philadelphia, took in the most online slot wagers in September, Hollywood Casino was the revenue leader during the past month.

Hollywood has recently added a larger selection of games and an iPhone app. The site remains the only online casino with its own iOS app in Pennsylvania.

Hollywood’s September online slot revenue was $1,631,130. By comparison, Hollywood’s August online slot revenue was just $619,493, meaning the site’s take better than doubled.

Hollywood’s online table game revenue almost tripled in just a month, hitting $165,890 in September, up from $64,959 in August.

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SugarHouse had an off month

SugarHouse had gross online table revenue of $228,611 in September, down from $285,841 the previous month.

The site’s gross revenue from online slots also backed off, despite having more wagers placed than any other operator.

SugarHouse produced $840,072 in gross online slot revenue in September, down from August’s $1.3 million.

That’s a 40% drop, likely explained by repeated hits on SugarHouse’s Divine Fortune progressive jackpot. Players hit the jackpot five times in September.

Parx had a mixed month

The online casino for Parx had gross revenue for online slots in September of $763,911. The month before revenue was $543,647.

Online table game revenue at Parx in September was $505,744, down from $552,114 in August.

Despite the drop, Parx accounted for the majority of all table games revenue in the state.