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When it comes to college football, it’s a study in contrasts. He has yet to hit on his Marquee 3 Super Boost college football picks through five weeks. If all three picks hit, sports bettors cash at +800 instead of +600.

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Each week we track all of Cowherd’s picks so you can know how he is faring before you follow his bets.

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Cowherd’s college football Week 5 picks

Here are Cowherd’s Marquee 3 Super Boost college football picks for college football’s Week 5.

#18 Virginia vs. #10 notre dame (-12.5)

Colin’s pick: Virginia

Colin’s final score: Notre Dame 30, Virginia 20

Cowherd said: “That’s a lot of points. Virginia is a good team that is tied for the most sacks in college football. Notre Dame played a highly physical and emotional game last week. Notre Dame tends to be a good team after a loss but not dominant.”

Actual final score: Notre Dame 35, Virginia 20

Did Colin win? No

Northwestern vs. #8 Wisconsin (-24.5)

Colin’s pick: Northwestern

Colin’s final score: Wisconsin 36, Northwestern 16

Cowherd said: “Northwestern is hard to figure out. They are bizarrely good on the road, 8-0 in their last eight road conference games, and they’re also bizarrely good as a double-digit underdog. Wisconsin is better. Because they were on national TV and drubbed Jim Harbaugh I think they are overvalued. Everybody in the world has Wisconsin in the playoffs.”

Actual final score: Wisconsin 24, Northwestern 15

Did Colin win? Yes

#21 Usc vs. #17 washington (-10)

Colin’s pick: Washington

Colin’s final score: Washington 34, USC 23

Cowherd said: “USC is clinging to life. They are a mess. Don’t overvalue the Utah win. Washington is better defensively, better at quarterback, better coached, and an overall better roster. Washington is 16-1 in their last 17 home games and are absolutely brilliantly coached on defense. Jacob Eason may go number one in the draft.”

Actual final score: Washington 28, USC 14

Did Colin win? Yes

Week 5 college football record: 2-1

Season college football overall record: 6-9

Marquee 3 Super Boost record (requires winning all three games): 0-4

Colin Cowherd’s Week 4 NFL picks

Here are Colin Cowherd’s Week 4 Blazin’ 5 picks:

tennessee titans (+3.5) vs. atlanta falcons

Colin’s pick: Titans

Colin’s final score: Titans 27, Falcons 24 

Cowherd said: “Don’t bail on Tennessee, they’re the most Jekyll and Hyde team in the NFL. Atlanta’s really been troublesome to me. Matt Ryan leads the NFL with six interceptions. They are tied with the Browns for the most penalties in the league. They’ve finished 9-7 the last three years and are just inconsistent because Marcus Mariota is inconsistent. I’m calling for an upset.”

Actual final score: Titans 24, Falcons 1o 

Did Colin win? Yes

Baltimore ravens (-7) vs. Cleveland browns

Colin’s pick: Ravens

Colin’s final score: Ravens 29, Browns 17

Cowherd said: “I generally don’t like laying a touchdown but I’m taking Baltimore -7 here. Cleveland has been the poster boy for inefficiency. Leads the NFL in penalties, Baker Mayfield is second in the NFL in interceptions. Baltimore is the opposite. They have a lower ceiling but are completely efficient and are the only team in the NFL without a turnover. Points, yards, and rushing – first, first, first. I don’t think Lamar is there yet, but they don’t put him i positions to fail. I think Cleveland continually puts Baker in positions to fail.”

Actual final score: Browns 40, Ravens 25

Did Colin win? No

Oakland Raiders  (+6.5) vs. indianapolis colts

Colin’s pick: Raiders

Colin’s final score: “27-26 game either way. Indy probably pulls it out.”

Cowherd said: “I’m going to go against the public on this. Josh Jacobs leads all rookie running backs. Colts have struggled to stop the fun. Here’s the problem with Indianapolis so far; they’ve won but barely and their defense has been really underwhelming. They’re 28th in red zone defense and 28th in third-down defense. I think the Raiders are going to convert a lot of third downs in this game and keep it close. I don’t like what I’m seeing with the Colts defense.”

Actual final score: Raiders 31, Colts 24

Did Colin win? Yes

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals(+5.5)

Colin’s pick: Arizona

Colin’s final score: Seahawks 24, Cardinals 23 

Cowherd said: “Like it, I love it. This game is always close. Seattle isn’t converting enough and allowing almost 27 points per game. All their games have been decided by six points or less. Arizona has played good teams. They are staying in games. They are a very interesting story here.  I think Kyler Murray comes back and gets a backdoor cover.”

Actual final score: Seahawks 27, Cardinals 10

Did Colin win? No

Dallas Cowboys at new orleans saints (+2.5)

Colin’s pick: Saints

Colin’s final score: Saints 28, Cowboys 27

Cowherd said: “This is a gift. I get New Orleans which I think could be the better team and they are at home, and I get the superior coach and the points. Saints have only turned the ball over three times all year. Their pass rush has nine sacks. It’ll be the loudest crowd of the year. I’m taking the Saints to win it outright.

Actual final score: Saints 12, Cowboys 10

Did Colin win? Yes

Blazin’ 5 Week 4 record: 3-2

Blazin’ 5 overall record: 14-5-1

Blazin’ 5 record (requires winning three out of five games): 5-0