Fox Bet online sportsbook is live in Pennsylvania. 

It’s PA’s fifth online sportsbook. But this one comes with the extra bite of the Fox brand. Fox is the first American sports media company to use its brand to launch a sportsbook.

Fox Bet is also leveraging personalities – mainly  Colin Cowherd to attract customers.

But will this radio host bring success for himself and his customers? That is why each week we are going to ask:

Did Colin win?

This week, he did, but it came down to Monday Night Football and a strong performance from Deshaun Watson to eke out an inauspicious start.

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Tracking Cowherd’s picks

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 gives bettors the chance to double their money when he has a win streak in the NFL. He’s also introduced Marquee Three Super Boost College Football Picks.

“I love college football. It was the first sport I fell in love with,” he says. “I will try to get games that are somewhere on TV. I want to pick the SEC game…the Oregon game, The Ohio State, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma as often as possible. A game we can all watch together.”

College Football Week 1

Cowherd debuted Marquee Three Super Boost College Football Picks last week.

(16) Auburn -3.5 vs. (11) Oregon

Colin’s pick: Auburn

Colin’s final score: Auburn 27 Oregon 21

Colin says: “When SEC teams play PAC-12 teams, you know where I’m going to lean, unless it’s in a PAC-12 stadium. I’m going to take Auburn to win despite the significant quarterback advantage.”

Actual final score: Auburn 27 Oregon 21

Did Colin win? Yes, he even predicted the exact score.

Northwestern vs. (25) Stanford -6

Colin’s pick: Northwestern

Colin’s final score: Northwestern 24 Stanford 23

Colin says: “Northwestern is very well-coached, has an excellent quarterback…six points is a ton in this game. I’m going with the healthier team. Upset city.”

Actual final score: Stanford 17 Northwestern 7

Did Colin win? No

Fresno State vs. USC -14

Colin’s Pick: USC

Colin’s final score:  USC 36 Fresno State 20

Colin says: “This is matchup issue for Fresno St. Too young, biting off too much. At home, in openers, that’s where USC is good.”

Actual final score: USC 31 Fresno State 23

Did Colin win? No

Week One College Football Pick Record: 1-2

College Football Week 2

Colin feels very strongly about his Week Two Marquee Three Super Boost College Football Picks.

(6) LSU vs. (9) Texas +6.5

Colin’s pick: Texas

Colin’s final score : LSU 27 Texas 24

Colin says: “LSU has better personnel than Texas right now. Texas is a year away from winning a National Championship. Texas at home +6.5 is way too much.”

Actual final score:LSU 45 Texas 38

Did Colin win? No

San Diego State vs. UCLA -8

Colin’s pick: UCLA

Colin’s final score: UCLA 30 SDSU 20

Colin says: “These are historic mismatches. UCLA is 21-0-1 vs SDSU. UCLA has a lot of freshman. Even their wins will be bumpy and mistake filled.”

Actual final score: San Diego State 23 UCLA 14

Did Colin win? No

Texas A & M +17.5 vs. (1) Clemson

Colins pick: Texas A&M

Colin’s final score: Clemson 37 Texas A&M 31

Colin says: “When they played last year, Texas A&M had more yards, double the first downs, and dominated time-of-possession (Clemson won 28-26). This is going to be a very competitive football game. Clemson’s offense will eventually mark the day. Don’t expect Jimbo Fisher and A&M to roll over”

Actual final score: Clemson 24 Texas A&M 10

Did Colin win? Yes

Week Two college football record:  1-2

Season college football record: 2 -4

Colin Cowherd’s Week One NFL Picks

Blazin 5′ Colin Cowherd’s NFL Picks

Los Angeles Rams -1.5 vs. Carolina Panthers

Colin’s pick: Los Angeles

Colin’s final score: Rams 28 Panthers 24

Colin says: “The Rams team has better personnel. Carolina’s not a great home favorite. Goff didn’t play in the preseason. I cross my fingers on this.”

Actual final score: Rams 30 Panthers 27

Did Colin win? Yes

Atlanta Falcons +4 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Colin’s pick: Falcons

Colin’s final score: Falcons 27 Vikings 26

Colin says: “I’m betting the number more than I’m betting the team. I’m going to take Atlanta and the points to win.”

Actual final score: Vikings 28 Falcons 12

Did Colin win? No

Indianapolis Colts +6.5 vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Colin’s pick: Colts

Colin’s final score: Colts 28 Chargers 27

Colin says: “I don’t know what I get with the Chargers right now. The Colts allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL last year. Their young players are getting better. This is a lot of points.”

Actual final score: Chargers 30 Colts 24

Did Colin win? Yes

Pittsburgh Steelers +6 vs. New England Patriots

Colin’s pick: Steelers

Colin’s final score: Steelers 27 Patriots 23

Colin says: “The number is ridiculous. New England’s not been a good September team. I think they are going to be disjointed offensively”

Actual final score: Patriots 33 Steelers 3

Did Colin win? No

Houston Texans +7 at New Orleans Saints

Colin’s pick: Texans

Colin’s final score: Texans 24 Saints 20

Colin says: “I love it. I think Houston’s got better players and were good on the road last year. They won 11 of their last 13 to close out the season.”

Actual final score: Saints 30 Texans 28

Did Colin win? Yes

Blazin’5 Week One record: 3-2

Blazin’5 overall record: 3-2

Overall pick record: 5-6