Licensed sportsbooks are beginning to open up at casinos all across Pennsylvania. As a result, anyone over 21 and inside the state can now legally bet on Philadelphia 76ers games and all kinds of NBA action.

In fact, all PA sports betting operations offer a variety of simple and easy ways even casual fans of the NBA can bet on the league.

Basic NBA bets available at all PA sportsbooks include:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures

NBA moneylines

Moneyline bets are probably the easiest and most popular way to bet on any sport, including basketball. The bets pay according to a team’s probability of winning. All you have to do is pick the outright winner of the game and accept the odds.

Take a look at a typical 76ers home game against a fellow Eastern Conference contender like the Indiana Pacers. The moneyline on the Sixers at most PA sportsbooks will likely hover around -120. That means you’ll need to bet $120 on Philadelphia to win $100 plus your bet back.

If you like Indiana to win on the road, you’ll probably find a price of around +100. That means a $100 bet on Indiana will pay $100 plus your bet back.

NBA point spreads

NBA point spread bets are almost as easy to bet on. The point spread line at any PA sportsbook is subject to move based on how people are betting.

However, in the 76ers-Pacers game described above, most PA sportsbooks will have the home 76ers as a -1.5 point favorite.

It’s simple, just make the correct prediction with the line factored in and you’re a winner.

That means if you take the Sixers as a -1.5 point favorite, you will win when Philadelphia beats Indiana by two points or more. Of course, that also means if Indiana wins, or the Sixers win by just one point, only bets on Indiana will pay off.

PA sportsbooks will typically make the odds on point spread bets on either side -110. That means no matter what side you choose, you’ll have to bet $110 to win $100 plus your bet back.

NBA totals

NBA totals bets are a lot like the over/under in football. PA sportsbooks will set a line on the total number of points both teams will combine to score and it’s up to you to decide if the actual total will be over or under that number.

PA sportsbooks will typically make the odds on totals bets on either side -110. That means no matter what side you choose, you’ll have to bet $110 to win $100 plus your bet back.

In the 76ers-Pacers game described above, a PA sportsbook might make the totals line 213. That means if both teams combine to score under 213 points, under bets pay. If the total is over 213, like Sixers 110 Pacers 104 for example, over bets pay.

NBA futures

NBA futures bets are just what they sound like they should be. These are NBA bets involving something where the outcome will not be determined until sometime in the future. That traditionally means betting on who will win the Eastern Conference or the NBA title, for example.

The earlier it is in the season, the better odds you’ll usually get on these bets. Midway through this season, the 76ers are obvious title contenders, but they’re certainly not favorites. Most PA sportsbooks will offer NBA futures odds and will typically have the 76ers at +400 to win the East and +2,000 to win the title.

Just like moneyline bets, this means a $100 bet on the 76ers to win the East will win you $400 plus your bet back. Plus, a $100 bet on the Sixers to win the championship will earn you $2,000 plus your $100 bet back.

When it comes to futures, there are usually some pretty big odds available on underdog teams.

NBA parlays

NBA parlays involve combining two or more basic NBA bets on a single card. Most PA sportsbooks will offer parlay cards that pay much better odds than straight bets because you have to win them all for the parlay to pay. You can put together parlay cards involving bets on a single game, multiple games, and even multiple sports. However, it’s important to remember that you must win all your bets on the card for it to pay.

NBA in-play betting

Most PA sportsbooks will also offer some more advanced wagering options, like live in-play betting. This allows you to make bets with changing odds as the action continues.

It’s a great option for anyone who wants to watch the action unfold at the sportsbook and react to it with timely wagers. Play-by-play real-time wagering will typically be available at PA sportsbooks for 76ers games and can add even more excitement to the experience of watching a game at the casino.

NBA betting tips

Betting the basics in NBA games at PA sportsbooks should be easy enough to do. However, picking winners can be hard at times.

Here are three facts about the NBA you can usually count on to help you make good wagering choices:

  • In the NBA the best team almost always wins.
  • The NBA is a players league and superstars impact games. Pay attention to injury reports to see who is playing and who isn’t. It will have an impact on the outcome.
  • NBA games are almost always close. In fact, they’re often decided by a single bucket. If a game looks like it’ll be a close one, and you can get four or more points on a point spread bet, you might want to think about taking the underdog.