Let’s just say it was a good month to buy lottery tickets at WaWa.

The Pennsylvania Lottery sent out a press release this week announcing that scratchers surrendered $167,335,899 in winnings this past month, including two $1 million tickets sold at WaWas in Lower Macungie and Fairness Hills.

The release also noted that PA Lottery patrons also won four $300,000 prizes.

Power Payday leads the way

According to the PA Lottery’s official list of June $1,000+ winners, $1,000,000 Power Payday was the lucky man’s game.

The scratcher was responsible for a $1 million prize won by “Matthew S.”, a $100,000 prize for “Edwin G.” and a quartet of $10,000 winners.

Power Payday was also quite generous with $1,000 payouts. More than 200 people were listed as winners of $1,000, including three men named “Thomas K”.

Inside perspective on winning $1 million

The PA Lottery features some of their past winners, choosing to include short articles about some of the winners.

A good example of what it’s like to win a million dollars from a scratcher is Shari G., whose PA Lottery story notes she bought the winning ticket in Lebanon.

Shari told lottery representatives she was so excited she couldn’t sleep.

“I got all the way to the last number and when I saw there was a match, I shouted, ‘No way! I threw the ticket down and started pacing in circles. I picked up the ticket, checked it again and said, ‘I think I just won a million dollars!'”

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Eventful spring and summer for PA Lotto

This past June, the Lottery launched its iLottery games per the provisions state lawmakers provided in the historic 2017 gambling expansion bill known simply as “Act 42”.

Crossover between existing scratch-offs and online scratchers was prohibited and, therefore, the launch of the iLottery also was the launch of a variety of new games with dramatic names, including  Monster Wins, Volcano Eruption, and Super Cash Buster.

At the time of the launch, Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko had this to say in a press release about his organization’s online expansion:

“PA iLottery games are a fun, new way to play and win from home or while on the go. iLottery is a big part of our effort to meet our players where they already are while generating new funds to benefit older Pennsylvanians. We’re partnering with our more than 9,400 Pennsylvania Lottery retailers to encourage players to sign up for iLottery.”

Casinos beefing with lottery

The new iLottery provides new avenues for gambling and is an attractive option for those who don’t want to lace up and head down to the corner gas station to get a couple of scratchers.

Casinos don’t seem too happy with the new iLottery games, though. Because the online instant win games can be played in rapid succession, casinos are arguing that they mimic slot machines, which would be a violation of Act 42, which has a provision to protect brick-and-mortar casinos by banning competing legal games.

Thirteen casino ownership groups signed a letter laying out their concerns for Gov. Tom Wolf. The group threatened legal action if Wolf didn’t take action earlier this month.

The state responded by requiring the Lottery to change its marketing campaign, which previously included comparisons to slot machines.