Four thousand fake dollars later, a dealer and gambler are awaiting their fate.

Lieu Khang David Bui, 21, of Philadelphia and Long Vu Tong, 34, of Souderton, were arrested this past November for engaging in a counterfeit money scam that took place on Nov. 7 at Valley Forge Casino. Police filed charges against the duo last month.

According to arrest records obtained by the Times Herald, the two men are awaiting preliminary hearings scheduled for Mar. 7 in Montgomery County District Court.

Bui passed $4,000 in fake bills to Tong

The gag was a simple one that started before Bui even set foot in Valley Forge on Nov. 7. According to the Times Herald, Bui called Tong and told him he was coming to the Pennsylvania casino that night and would sit at Tong’s Spanish 21 table. He would then pass Tong $4,000 in counterfeit bills. Tong would trade those bills for chips.

Tong said he told authorities that he thought Bui was kidding. But, when Bui showed up, sat down at Tong’s table and laid down the first of two stacks of counterfeit bills, Tong was quoted as saying he “let it slide,” taking the bills and slipping them into a deposit box just like he would with real money.

According to reports, the shenanigans started when Bui put $2,500 down on Tong’s table. Verifying the legitimacy of the bills was certainly not on Tong’s mind as he exchanged them for chips.

Bui wasn’t in the mood to play; he left the table shortly after the exchange. He returned later and ran the same gag. This time, he passed $1,500 to Bui.

Assuming his brilliant plan was complete, Bui went to the cash cage and traded out his chips for legitimate bills and left the casino.

Within two weeks, the Secret Service confirmed that the bills Bui used were fake. They lacked some of the basic security measures found on most bills. Tong was then interviewed by state police on Nov. 28 and Nov. 29, at which point he told authorities how the plan unfolded.

Hollywood Casino fell victim to separate dealer-friend hoodwink

In May 2017, Penn Live reported that a dealer and his friend took Hollywood Casino for $11,000. This particular crime took place at the casino’s Sic Bo table, a game that combines Roulette and Craps.

According to sources, the game’s dealer would give his friend a verbal signal when he wanted him to bet, then would reveal winning numbers that happened to match the numbers upon which the cheating chum placed his bet.

The fraudulent player, Nathaniel Shaquille Stazewski, 23, of Lower Paxton Township, faced 15 different counts of criminal activity, Penn Live stated:

  • 12 counts of fraud
  • Two counts of conspiracy
  • One count of theft