The PA Lottery released new seasonal scratch-off tickets in April, with new Fast Play games on the way May 2.

Fresh offerings include a new way to win $1 million, a game that makes a great gift for dads and a new Second Chance Drawing now open for entries.

One new PA Lottery ticket breaks the mold by offering a unique prize.

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Haul in a special prize with new Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off

PA Lottery 4x4 Payout Scratch Off

Let’s get right to the interesting bit, shall we? Ten PA Lottery players will win a brand new Ford F-150 truck of their choice on the new scratch-off, 4X4 Payout. The truck prizes are the top available on the $5 ticket and are valued at $150,000. That sum includes taxes and dealer fees.

Winners will have their choice of the following prize options, according to the official game rules:

  • 2023 FORD F-150 Raptor: Base model includes standard 3.5L V6 EcoBoost high-output engine with auto start-stop technology
  • 2023 FORD F-150 Limited: Base model includes 3.5L PowerBoost full hybrid V6 engine
  • 2023 FORD F-150 Lightning Platinum: Base model includes dual eMotor – extended range battery
  • The cash value of the prize ($150,000), less federal withholding.

4×4 Payout is the only ticket eligible for the PA Lottery’s newest Second Chance Drawing. From now through June 1, players can enter non-winning 4×4 Payout scratch-offs into the Brake the Bank Second Chance Drawing.

There’s no truck up for grabs in the drawing, but there is a top prize of $50,000 for one winner. Ten others will earn $5,000 and 50 players will get $100 in online bonus money. Enter your eligible tickets using the PA iLottery app or website.

Four more PA Lottery scratch-offs now available this spring

pa lottery 1 million seriously scratch off

The next new ticket to hit shelves is no joke. $1 Million? Seriously is the name of the game, and it costs $20. The lottery might be running short on names for its scratchers, but it’s not short on money. The $1 Million? Seriously ticket offers 10 prizes of $1 million.

The ticket offers straightforward game play, as you might expect on a ticket with such a name. If any of your numbers matches a winning number, you win the prize shown. A separate “Win-A-Million Spot” is front and center, offering players a chance to win $1 million instantly.

PA Lottery King of Dads Scratch Off

Father’s Day is coming up in June and the King of Dads scratch-off is out now. It joins the Queen of Moms ticket that was released last month. King of Dads offers 10 top prizes of $100,000.

Match a winning number with your numbers to win a prize. A “DAD” symbol wins the prize shown under that symbol automatically. The “KING” symbol wins you all 12 prizes shown on the ticket.

If you like word games, the colorful new Crossword Multiplier is a fun pastime priced at $3. The game offers 10 top prizes of $50,000.

And finally, a new ticket at the $2 price point offers 10 prizes of $20,000. Get out your lucky scratching coin for the penny-colored $20,000 for $2 ticket.

New Pennsylvania Fast Play games land in stores May 2

Best Mom in the World PA Lottery Fast Play

A Fast Play version of the Father’s Day ticket is coming to lottery retailers next month, under the title Best Dad in the World. It’ll join the Best Mom in the World ticket already available. Surprise mom or dad at the checkout by asking for one of these. Fast Play games print on demand at the counter or at self-service lottery terminals, and there’s no scratching necessary.

The Best Mom in the World Fast Play game has two top prizes of $50,000 remaining, and the Dad version will launch with the same top prizes available.

There are no details released on the rest of the new offerings, as they’re not in stores yet. But the new titles include:

  • $50 and $100 Frenzy ($10)
  • Best Dad in the World ($5)
  • Hole in Won ($2)

None of the new games offer progressive jackpots, but the Pennsylvania Progressive game ($30) currently touts a jackpot prize over $1.4 million as of April 25. The recently released Ca$h Wanted ticket goes for $20 and offers a progressive prize currently over $367,000.

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