The PA Lottery has released new games in anticipation of Mother’s Day and National Pet Month coming up this spring. The most exciting new PA Lottery tickets include a scratch-off with a $3 million top prize and Fast Play games offering progressive jackpots.

Some new tickets can be entered into the Paw-some Second Chance Drawing for a chance to win up to $10,000, for those who are signed up for the PA iLottery.

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New PA Lottery scratch-offs offer up to $3 million in top prizes

3 million mega stacks pa lottery

Yet another $3 million top prize scratch-off joins the PA Lottery’s instant game lineup. The title $3 Million Mega Stacks was just released on March 21, and offers five top prizes. Tickets with a $3 million top prize cost $30.

Match one of your numbers to one of the winning numbers and win the prize shown. Every prize under your numbers has a Megaplier that multiplies the prize by up to 50x. A separate bonus game offers another chance at prizes and adds an automatic $100 to any prize won through it.

pa lottery queen of moms ticket

The new Queen of Moms scratcher will make a number of moms happy this season, with its ten top prizes of $100,000. At only $5, it makes a nice addition to any gift basket on Mother’s Day.

It’s a simple match game, with a possible “Mom” symbol that wins the prize shown under the symbol automatically. Revealing a queen symbol will bring a nice payday, winning all 12 prizes shown on the ticket.

May is also National Pet Month, and the PA Lottery is commemorating it with the Doggy Dough and Kitty Cash tickets. The $5 tickets offer ten top prizes of $200,000. That’ll buy a lot of treats for your furry friend!

The two tickets share a prize pool, and each features animal-specific symbols. The Dog Food and Cat Food bowl areas offer a chance to win all 12 prizes on the ticket by revealing a “Dogs Rule” or “Cats Rule” symbol.

Two other tickets were also released on March 21:

  • Scratch and Win – A $10 ticket with ten top prizes of $500,000
  • Gimme 5 – A $1 ticket with ten top prizes of $5,000

New spring Fast Play games feature progressive jackpots

A number of Fast Play games are new for March and April. Several of them feature progressive jackpots, which allow for higher

PA Lottery Money Stash ticket

and higher top prizes throughout the lifetime of the game. So far this year, two Fast Play jackpots have hit for over $1 million, and two more have hit for over $500,000.

The newest Fast Play games with progressive prizes are Money Stash and Ladder Loot.

Money Stash has a ticket cost of $10 and the jackpot starts at $150,000. When someone hits that jackpot, the game will reset to $150,000 for a second round. Once the jackpot is won twice, the game will end.

Ladder Loot is a more affordable game at $2, and has a progressive jackpot that starts at $10,000. As of March 24, the prize was up to $18,995. Ladder Loot will also reset for a second jackpot round. Use the PA Lottery site to track Fast Play jackpots.

New $5 Fast Play games are eligible to be entered into the Paw-some Second Chance Drawing. Bad to the Bone and Feline Fine are the Fast Play version of the pet-themed tickets. The games offer two top prizes of $75,000.

Another Fast Play game with a progressive jackpot is coming soon, along with a Mother’s Day-themed ticket.

These games come out on April 4:

  • Ca$h Wanted ($20)
  • Best Mom in the World ($5)
  • Pizza Dough Doubler ($1)

Pet-themed tickets eligible for PA Lottery Second Chance Drawing

pa lottery second chance

The new Paw-some Second Chance Drawing is open for entries until May 4. Three winners will receive the top prizes of $10,000. Winners will be announced on the PA Lottery website on May 19.

Use the PA Lottery mobile app to scan your non-winning pet-themed tickets for entries into the drawing. Each non-winning $5 Bad to the Bone and Feline Fine Fast Play ticket, and each $5 Doggy Dough and Kitty Cash scratch-off is worth five entries into the drawing.

There are separate drawings for scratch-offs and Fast Play tickets. The prizes will be as follows:

Fast Play prizes

  • One winner: $10,000
  • Two winners: $5,000
  • Four winners: $2,500
  • Fifty winners: $100 online play bonus money

Scratch-off prizes

  • Two winners: $10,000
  • Five winners: $5,000
  • Ten winners: $2,500
  • Fifty winners: $100 online play bonus money

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