Another new operator will soon be coming to PA online casinos, now that the state approved its latest gaming provider. Aruze Gaming announced recently that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board gave approval for the company to launch its online casino in the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania is the second state to approve the European company’s iGaming platform. Aruze gained approval to operate in New Jersey last month, where it currently offers over 30 online slot titles.

Aruze to launch PA online casino

Azure offers video and mechanical slots, enhanced table games and more for casinos all over the world. The company was previously approved to offer its brick-and-mortar casino games in the state.

Now, it has plans to expand more into the online space.

Though only six states have legalized online casino gaming, Aruze sees the iGaming category as an important area for growth. The company just gained approval to operate in Malta, and aims to launch in the U.K. this month, as well.

According to a press release, Aruze said they will continue to target online casino growth as well as brick-and-mortar growth in 2023. It is also expanding in Europe, Canada and Latin America.

“We firmly believe that the future of casino gaming is not a ‘winner-takes-all’ between iGaming and brick-and-mortar. Successful casino gaming is actually a blend of the two; and, at Aruze, we’re making this blend our top priority for 2023.” said Kurt Hansen, Aruze’s vice president of iGaming.

Aruze Gaming sees benefits of online casino industry

Hansen sees the convenience of iGaming as a stopgap for gamers who don’t have a retail casino nearby. But he also sees iGaming as an avenue for innovation.

“Not everyone who loves gambling has the luxury of a casino being down the street from them, and that’s where we come in. While players will still travel to search out the lights and sounds of the casino floor, Pennsylvanians will now also have the option of playing right at home,” Hansen said in a statement.

When Hansen joined Aruze in August last year, he stated his plans to bring something new to the table.

“There is so much room for innovation in gaming, specifically online gaming, and I’m excited to build off of Aruze’s current momentum and bring their innovative products to the iGaming space,” he said in a release.

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