Following the success of the PA Lottery‘s first $50 scratch off, another big ticket is in stores now. The Five Million Fabulous Fortune ticket joins the exclusive club of $50 PA Lottery scratchers that offer top prizes of $5 million.

Released on Dec. 27, this ritzy-looking ticket offers over $319 million in total cash prizes.

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New PA Lottery $50 scratch off, Five Million Fabulous Fortune details

The ticket features 10 “winning numbers” and 30 spaces to scratch for a chance to match one, to win the prize shown below the number.

Three “Fast Cash” spaces at the top of the ticket offer a chance to win $75, $100 or $200 instantly. At the bottom of the ticket are three chances to hit a “Fortune Bonus” to multiply any prizes won by 50 or 100x.

pa lottery 5 million fabulous fortune ticket

Two tickets to paradise: $5 Million Money Maker top prizes still available

The $5 Million Money Maker ticket that made a splash last year is still around. The PA Lottery released its first $50 scratch off just over a year ago to celebrate the Lottery’s 50th anniversary. It took most of the year for all five of the $5 million prizes to be claimed on that ticket.

But according to the PA Lottery’s website, they’ve released an additional quantity of that ticket to meet player demand, and two more top prizes are now available. The site notes that players’ chances of winning remain the same.

A party of five nabbed last month’s largest scratch-off prize

A smart way to experience the more pricey tickets while staying within your means is to split the ticket cost with a friend or a group. In the case of a big win, the PA Lottery offers individual prize checks for each participant if the prize is $50,000 or more. Players just need to indicate on the claims form that they want individual checks.

Last month, a group of five people did just that when they hit a $500,000 top prize win on a 50X The Win scratch off. That prize was the largest of the $213 million in total scratch off prizes claimed in December.

In most months, at least one ticket hits a $1 million or higher prize, but that was not the case in December despite the higher than average total amount claimed. The Winners List at illustrates that while the huge wins are the most talked about, most of the prize winnings claimed from scratch off tickets are smaller amounts.

The list of December winners is over 63 pages long, and 61 full pages contain only $1,000 winners. Even more prizes come out less than $1,000, but they aren’t included on the winners list.

New PA Lottery Valentine’s Day-themed tickets offer Second Chance at prizes

Three new scratch offs and three new Fast Play games usher in the season of love with Valentine’s Day themes and the possibility to be entered into the PA Lottery’s With Love Second Chance Drawing.

From now until Feb. 16, eligible non-winning tickets can be entered for a chance to win up to $14,000 in the additional drawings. The drawings will award a total of $210,000 in prizes, including money to play online on the PA iLottery app or website.

pa lottery cash crush ticketOver 188 prizes will be awarded between the scratch off and Fast Play drawings. With many chances to win, you just might get lucky this Valentine’s Day.

Out of the eligible scratch off tickets, Cash Crush will earn players the most entries into the drawing. The $5 ticket is worth five entries, while a $2 ticket earns two entries and a $1 ticket gets a single entry into the drawing.

Cash Crush also offers the largest potential prize, with 10 top prizes of $100,000 up for grabs. If one of your numbers matches a “winning number,” you win the prize shown below your number. Reveal a “Cash” symbol to win $100 instantly. Reveal a “Crush” symbol and all 12 prizes shown are yours.

Eligible scratch off tickets are:

  • Cash Crush ( $5)
  • Love $tinks ($2)
  • Steal Your Heart ($1)

The following Fast Play tickets can be entered:

  • Stuck on You ($5)
  • We Go Together Like ($2)
  • Puppy Love ($1)

Two more scratchers added to the mix

If you’re not in the mood for hearts, teddy bears and flowers, two more scratchers skip the mushy stuff and get down to brass tacks.

pa lottery charge up ticketThe first is the $1,000,000 Game, which is priced at $20 and offers five top prizes of $1 million. The ticket features three Mini Games at the top that offer a chance to win instant cash, in addition to the usual scratch-to-match numbers in the main play area.

A “Game” symbol among your numbers wins the prize shown below automatically, a “20x” symbol wins 20 times the prize shown, and an “All” symbol nets you all the prizes shown on the ticket.

A lower cost option is Charge Up ($3), the bright neon ticket that could give your wallet a jolt. The ticket offers ten top prizes of $50,000 and lots of lower prizes.

Charge Up is played one row at a time, with nine chances to reveal either a “Plug” symbol or a “3x” symbol to win the prize shown or 3x the prize shown. Three mini games offer a chance to instantly win $5, $10 or $30.

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