Colin Cowherd returned to a full video production this week, where he gushed over the start of  NFL’s Week 14 after the Los Angeles Rams overcame a 13-point deficit versus the Las Vegas Raiders at home on Thursday Night Football.

Looking forward, Cowherd releases his Blazin’ 5 picks for his favorite games for the rest of the week. The picks air every Friday at 1 p.m. ET on his show, The Herd

We outline his picks and analysis below. We also include more highlights from other industry experts, such as the Barstool Sports Advisors’ “mortal locks,” ESPN’s Erin Dolan and’s Eli Hershkovich.

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Colin Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 record

Colin Cowherd has had more winning weeks than losing weeks through the 2022 NFL Season, and he’s currently riding a two-week winning streak after a 3-2 record in Week 13.

Since 2019, Cowherd’s record is 155-152-9, thanks to what could be his best year yet.

  • 2022: 32-26-2
  • 2021: 37-43-2
  • 2020: 40-41-2
  • 2019: 46-42-3

Week 13 Wins:

  • Las Vegas Raiders (+1) at Los Angeles Chargers (Final Score: Raiders 27, Chargers 20)
  • San Francisco 49erss (-3.5) vs. Miami Dolphins (Final Score: 49ers 33, Dolphins 17)
  • Detroit Lions (-1) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Final Score: Lions 40, Jaguars 14)

Week 13 Losses: 

  • Tennessee Titans (+4.5) at Philadelphia Eagles (Final Score: Eagles 35, Titans 10)
  • New York Jets (+3) at Minnesota Vikings (Final Score: Vikings 27, Jets 22)

Week 14 picks from The Herd

“All right, let’s not waste any time. I’m just on a high after the Baker Mayfield performance last night. Let’s do our Blazin’ 5.”

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions (-2)

Cowherd pick: Lions

Final score prediction: Lions 28, Vikings 24

Cowherd said:

“I’m gonna start with a favorite. I’m gonna take Detroit at home -2. They’ve won four of their last five games. Jared Goff, longest stretch of his career without an interception, four games. Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jamaal Williams, they are playing well. And they’re very good at home.

“The Vikings, meanwhile, the defense since Week 10 has gone into the tank. It’s awful everywhere. And Kirk Cousins on the road this year, not the same guy. Seven TDs and seven picks. That’s it. Lions win. Lions cover. 28-24 Detroit.”

Final Score: Lions 34, Vikings 23

Did Colin Cowherd win? Yes

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (-2)

Cowherd pick: Steelers

Final score prediction: Steelers 24, Ravens 20

Cowherd said:

“I’ll take another small favorite, Pittsburgh -2 is the side. Coming off back-to-back wins, first time this season. They’re 4-1 when T.J. Watt plays. They have not had a giveaway in a month – four games. That’s big for Kenny Pickett.

“The Ravens, meanwhile, are broken offensively. You go since 2020, when Lamar doesn’t play, they’re 1-5. He is the edge they need. They’ve also become very turnover prone, five giveaways in the last three games. I’m gonna take the Steelers and Kenny Pickett to not throw a Pickett and win 24-20.”

Final Score: Ravens 16, Steelers 14

Did Colin Cowherd win? No

Cleveland Browns (+5.5) at Cincinnati Bengals

Cowherd pick: Browns

Final score prediction: Bengals 28, Browns 27

Cowherd said:

“Now, dogs. I like Cleveland +5.5. Kevin Stefanski is 5-0 against Cincinnati, and this team is running the football. Back-to-back games with 170-plus rushing yards. Eight games this year with 170-plus rushing yards. Most in the NFL. And their offense this season, when it comes to big plays and rushing, they’re surprisingly good. Believe it or not, Cleveland is.

“Joe Burrow is 0-4 against the Browns, it’s a divisional game, Tee Higgins is hurt. These divisional games always feel closer. I think Cincinnati wins 28-27, but I’m gonna take the points [in a] divisional game with Cleveland.”

Final Score: Bengals 23, Browns 10

Did Colin Cowherd win? No

Carolina Panthers (+4.5) at Seattle Seahawks

Cowherd pick: Panthers

Final score prediction: Panthers 24, Seahawks 23

Cowherd said:

“Upset, baby! Panthers +4.5. Like it? I love it! They’re coming off a bye, and their defense is healthy and playing well. They’ve held opponents to 15 points or fewer in three straight games. If you go since Week 10 and look at the Seahawks’ defense, it’s bad [and] getting worse. Carolina’s is good [and] getting better. 

“The Seahawks have lost two of three, lucky to beat the Rams. And Kenneth Walker is out, DeeJay Dallas, his backup, is hurt. They will not be able to control the line of scrimmage. They’ll need Geno [Smith] to throw without a run game. Panthers upset the Seahawks 24-23.”

Final Score: Panthers 30, Seahawks 24

Did Colin Cowherd win? Yes

New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals (+2)

Cowherd pick: Cardinals

Final score prediction: Cardinals 27, Patriots 20

Cowherd said: 

“I’ll take Arizona, Monday Night Football at home +2 coming off a bye. Kyler Murray’s getting healthier. DeAndre Hopkins and [Marquise] Hollywood Brown will play in just their second game together.

“By the way, the Patriots’ offense was limited. It’s been a BB gun since Week 7. They’re 0-6 when scoring 20-plus points this year. The Patriots’ offense, since Week 7, is averaging 4.9 yards per play and has scored seven touchdowns. That’s it!

“And Mac Jones, in the last five games, has been sacked 20 times. So, they don’t have weapons on the outside, the offensive line has regressed, Mac Jones has lost confidence. Arizona at home? I’m gonna take Arizona. I think they’re gonna beat them 27-20. This New England team’s not good. Maybe they need Baker Mayfield. There you go. There’s my picks.”

Final Score: Patriots 27, Cardinals 13

Did Colin Cowherd win? No

Colin Cowherd Weekly Record: 2-3

Colin Cowherd 2022 Blazin’ 5 Overall Record: 34-29-2

NFL Week 14 Expert Picks Roundup

Barstool Advisors

The Barstool Advisors’ crew of regulars includes Stu Feiner, Dan ”Big Cat” Katz and Jerry “The Kid” Thornton. Their “mortal locks” go live on Twitter every Sunday morning, representing the game each expert likes the most for the week.

In Week 13, Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy made a guest appearance in place of Thornton. Portnoy had two “mortal locks,” and plenty of you-know-what to talk toward Thornton, who he swore would not make another appearance on the show.

Will Jerry The Kid be back this week? Check back Sunday morning for an updated list of picks in this category.

In the meantime, please remember that a “mortal lock” is never a guaranteed pick. You should always set limits and bet responsibly.

Week 14 picks:

  • Feiner: Detroit Lions (-2) vs. Minnesota Vikings – Win
  • Big Cat: Cleveland Browns (+6.5) at Cincinnati Bengals – Loss
  • Jerry The Kid: Denver Broncos (+9.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Win

“Dolan out winners”

Erin Dolan went .500 in Week 13 across her four bets. Not only has she been a winner all year, but Dolan also provides analysis on her YouTube channel, including clips from her ESPN segment, “Dolan out winners.”

For Week 14, Dolan threw out a slew of player props on Sunday morning:

  • New York Giants (Team Total Under 18.5) – Loss
  • Miles Sanders (Over 66.5 Rushing Yards) – Win
  • Jared Goff (Over 269.5 Passing Yards) – Win
  • Garrett Wilson (Over 64.5 Receiving Yards) – Win
  • Baltimore (+2) at Pittsburgh Steelers – Win
  • Jalen Waddle (Anytime TD) – Loss

Eli Hershkovich’s Eli Hershkovich is crushing his bets this year, boasting a 39-24 (61%) record after going 2-0 in Week 13.

Any time Hershkovich publishes a bet, he has money on it. His two favorite picks for Week 14 are:

  • Detroit Lions (+2.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings – Win
  • Los Angeles Chargers (+3) vs. Miami Dolphins – Win

Matt Rourke/AP