The PA Lottery’s holiday-themed scratch-off and Fast play games launched recently, and players are already winning big money. The Lottery awarded prizes of $1 million and $3 million on the games this month. In addition, all holiday-themed games are eligible to be entered into a Second-Chance Drawing offering more than $1.3 million in prizes.

There was a top prize winner earlier this month on the new $3 Million Snow Bank scratcher that offers five top prizes of $3 million. This ticket is the first $30 game to ever join the Lottery’s holiday scratch-off lineup.

It’s a simple match-style game, where players aim to match a number in the “your numbers” area with any of the eight “winning numbers” at the top of the ticket. Reveal a “snowballs” symbol to win the prize shown under that symbol automatically. Reveal a “vault” symbol and win all the prizes shown.

This ticket features one bonus area to scratch, offering a chance to win $300 instantly, or multiply any prize won in the main game by 30x.

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Seven PA Lottery holiday themed scratch-off games for 2022

Another game that paid out a top prize this month was We Wish You a Merry Million. The $20 scratch-off offers five top prizes of $1 million. Another match-style game, this one has no bonus game but includes several instant-win symbols that could make an appearance among your numbers.

A “musical note” symbol wins $200 instantly, an “ornament” scores 10x the prize shown below the symbol and revealing a “gift” symbol means you win all the prizes shown on the ticket. You win a merry $1 million if you reveal the “wish” symbol.

At the $10 price point, Ho Ho Holly $50 or $100 is a scratch-off loaded with over $58 million worth of $50 and $100 prizes. The match-style game offers several chances to rack up prizes of $50 or $100 by matching the winning numbers, and features a bonus area that offers yet another chance to hit one of the prizes instantly.

In total, there are seven holiday-themed scratch-offs in stores now, all of which are second-chance eligible. The other new holiday tickets are:

  • Oh Ca$hmas Tree ($5)
  • Sleigh Ride ($3)
  • Let It Snow ($2)
  • Cash Yet-tacular ($1)

New holiday Fast Play games are second chance eligible

Scratch-offs aren’t the only new games that are awarding good prizes this holiday season. The Big Holiday Blowout Fast Play game awarded its first top prize winner of $150,000. Only one of those top prizes remains, but lots of prizes in the lower tiers are available, including 12 prizes of $5,000 and 146 prizes of $1,000.

A Big Holiday Blowout ticket costs $10. Fast Play tickets are printed on demand at a lottery retailer’s counter or at a self-service terminal, and require no scratching.

The $5 game Cash Flurry retains both its top prizes of $75,000. On this game, match any of “your numbers” to a “winning number” to win the prize shown. Reveal a $5 bill to add $5 to your prize total. A bonus game gives you an extra number, and if it matches a winning number you win the prize shown.

Cookies For Santa ($2) and Ugly Sweater ($1) round out the Fast Play holiday offerings.

#sELFie Second Chance drawing offers top prizes of $100,000

The PA Lottery has partnered with Snapchat to create a custom lens on the photo-messaging app. Through Dec. 25, users can find the #sELFie lens that transforms your selfie into a Christmas elf photo. Entries for the Second Chance drawing remain open through Jan. 5.

Any non-winning holiday themed tickets or draw game tickets can be entered into the newest second chance drawing. Enter your tickets at the VIP Players Club at PA’s iLottery using the PA Lottery’s mobile app or website. Each dollar spent per ticket earns one entry into the drawing. The drawing offers separate prize pools for different game categories.

The drawing for scratch-off entries will award:

  • Two prizes of $100,000
  • Four prizes of $50,000
  • Six prizes of $25,000
  • Eight prizes of $5,000
  • 10 prizes of $1,000
  • 50 prizes of $100 online play bonus money

For Fast Play entries the prizes to be awarded are:

  • One prizes of $100,000
  • Two prizes of $50,000
  • Three prizes of $25,000
  • Four prizes of $5,000
  • 50 prizes of $100 Online Play Bonus Money

The following prizes will be awarded for draw game entries:

  • Two prizes of $100,000
  • Three prizes of $50,000
  • Four prizes of $25,000
  • Five prizes of $1,000
  • 50 prizes of $100 Online Play Bonus Money

The PA Lottery reminds players to gift responsibly

The PA Lottery is reminding players that while scratch-offs can make great stocking-stuffers, lottery games are not toys. They are a form of gambling, and should not be given to people under 18 years old. Please play and gift responsibly this holiday season and beyond.