The PA Lottery continues to keep game offerings fresh with new releases every month. With all the new Halloween-themed games and scratchers sure to remain popular through the holiday, this month’s offerings are light.

Still, October brings a few new Fast Play and online games to PA Lottery players.

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New PA Lottery Fast Play games for October

Rake It In

We all dread raking leaves this time of year, but there’s nothing to dread about the new Fast Play game Rake It In. The $5 ticket offers three top prizes of $75,000.

Simply match any of your 12 numbers to one of the winning numbers to win the prize shown below your number. The game also features the Wheelbarrow Win All number that can win you all the prizes shown on the ticket. Additionally, the Acorn Add-On bonus can add up to $500 to your winnings, but only if you hit another prize on the ticket.

The Rake It In Fast Play game includes a coupon for $5 in online bonus money players can use on the online version of Rake It In.

The overall chances of winning a prize are 1 in 4. See what prizes remain on the ticket below:

Top Six Prizes Wins Remaining
$75,000 3
$5,000 10
$1,000 55
$500 138
$200 401
$100 843

Match 2 Win

Go back to the basics with the retro-styled Match 2 Win game. With a price tag of only $2, it offers three top prizes of $12,000. This game is played row-by-row, with each row of your numbers corresponding to one prize amount. Match a winning number to two numbers in a single row to win.

Your four rows of four numbers give you plenty of opportunities to match a winning number, but there’s one more way to win. The Match 2 Too feature will win you a prize if you match two like prize amounts. For example, if two of your rows show a prize of $20, you win 2x that prize, or $40. You don’t have to win the prize in that row to earn the Match 2 Too prize.

The overall chances of winning a prize on Match 2 Win is 1 in 4.16. See what prizes remain on the ticket below:

Top Six Prizes Wins Remaining
$12,000 3
$500 10
$100 100
$50 412
$30 1,479
$20 6,627

Two new games hit the PA online lottery

The online version of Rake It In is a connect-style game, played like a video slot machine right on your computer, phone or tablet. Autumn-themed symbols fall into the play area, and you win when a cluster of three or more symbols are connected.

Each consecutive win gives players a chance to multiply the total won that round up to 5x. Collect three free game symbols to bank five free games. Three pumpkin symbols unlock the Pumpkin Patch Bonus Game, and three A-Coin Tree bonus symbols unlock another bonus game.

Players can select the wager amount per play, from 50 cents to $30. The default play is $1. The largest possible prize on the game is $150,000 if everything goes just right.

Another game with retro vibes is the online game Diner Dollars. In this matching game, you win when three of your symbols match one of the winning symbols. An instant win symbol among your symbols wins the prize shown automatically.

A multiplier symbol appearing in your symbols multiplies the prize from 2x to 10x. Three JukeBucks bonus symbols unlock the JukeBucks Bonus Game. This is where players will either hit a prize or a level up, to get to the next prize level and start again for a larger reward.

Players can select the wager amount per play, from 50 cents to $30. The default play is $1. The luckiest of players could potentially win up to $300,000 on Diner Dollars.

Second-Chance Drawings continue, offering more chances to win

The Second-Chance Drawings that will award premium game tickets to Eagles and Steelers football fans are closed for new entries. PA Lottery players who got their Eagles and Steelers Fast Play tickets entered by the deadline can watch for winners to be announced on Oct. 24. Winners are notified by email, and the PA Lottery will publish a list of winners at its website.

Don’t throw out those Halloween-themed and Addams Family tickets just yet. There’s still time to enter non-winning tickets into the PA Lottery’s FaBOOlous Second-Chance Drawing. The deadline for entries is Nov. 3 at the PA iLottery site and mobile app.

The Addams Family scratch-offs and Fast Play games are eligible, in addition to Fast Play tickets Pick Your Potion and Winning Web, and the scratch-offs Lucky #13 and Ghost$ and Goblin$.

Prizes available in the FaBOOlous Second-Chance Drawing are:

  • 3 prizes of $50,000
  • 6 prizes of $10,000
  • 27 prizes of $1,000
  • 26 prizes of $500
  • 100 prizes of $100 in online bonus money

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