If you love cheap thrills, the PA Lottery’s latest game releases might appeal to you. The new Halloween-themed tickets all come in at $5 or less, and only one new ticket hits the $10 price point. Even better, all the Halloween-themed tickets are eligible to be entered into a Second-Chance Drawing for an opportunity to also win $50,000 and other prizes.

Kicking off the Halloween season and coinciding with a new Netflix series, The Addams Family games dominate the new offerings. There’s an Addams Family game in each category: scratch-off, Fast Play, and online.

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New PA Lottery scratch-offs don’t break the bank

The Addams Family scratch-off is a $5 game that offers 10 top prizes of $100,000. Like other tickets at the $5 price point, it’s a simple and fun ticket to play.

Just scratch to reveal the five winning numbers at the top. Then, you have 12 chances to match one when you scratch to reveal your numbers. If you match one, you win the prize below that number. Reveal one of three bonus symbols anywhere in your numbers, and automatically win either $50, the prize below the symbol, or all 12 prizes.

The new Lucky #13 ticket, priced at $2, is even easier to play. You have nine chances to also match either of the two winning numbers. Reveal a 13 in your numbers and win the prize below that number. One bonus symbol will win you all nine prizes.

Put on your best Ghost Busters costume for the new $1 scratcher, Ghost$ and Goblin$, that will set you on the hunt for either a ghost or goblin symbol. Find one and you win the prize under the symbol. Watch out for other creatures, jack-o-lanterns and witchy accoutrements, they win you nothing.

One more scratch-off was released this week, with no Halloween affiliation, but it offers the highest top prize of all the new games. 50x the Win is a $10 ticket with 10 top prizes of $500,000.

In this game, scratch off the money bags to reveal six winning numbers and hope one of your numbers, behind the stacks of cash, matches one of them. Along with a couple of bonus symbols for instant wins, the 50x symbol wins you 50 times the prize shown below the symbol.

Don’t fear new PA Lottery Fast Play games

New Fast Play games have been in stores since Sept. 6, including The Addams Family ticket that offers three top prizes of $31,000. The Addams Family Fast Play game has two games in one.

The main game is played just like the scratch-off, with the addition of the Morticia Multiplier, which multiplies any prize by the number in that space.

The additional mini-game also on the ticket is a simple match game called Mysterious and Spooky. When the symbol in the creepy space matches the symbol in the kooky space, you win the prize shown near the bottom of the ticket.

Pick Your Potion is another match style game, but at the $2 price point. You have nine chances to match any of the four winning numbers to win the prize shown below your number. If you match the number 13, you win 3x the prize shown.

The Witch’s Brew Bonus game at the top of the ticket is played separately. Simply match two like symbols to win the prize shown. This game offers three top prizes of $13,000.

Even the new $1 Fast Play game has a small bonus game included. The Winning Web game is another match style game, offering top prizes of $1,300. For the 8-Legged Bonus, look for spider symbols among your numbers. If you see three of the creepy crawlers, you win $8 instantly.

New PA online lottery games offer monster prizes

Two of the new games have online versions, playable at the PA iLottery site and mobile app.

On the 50x The Win online game, players can control the size of their play card by selecting how many plays (your numbers) per round. Players also select the amount per play, between 5 cents and $2.50. The default is 20 plays at 5 cents each, for a cost of $1 per round.

This game features multipliers up to 10x and a chance to unlock three different bonus games that can multiply the original play amount up to 50x.

Sticking with the Halloween theme, the Addams Family online game is perhaps more entertaining. Players choose the play amount, from 50 cents to $30. Squares on the play card flip at random to reveal Addams family members and other symbols. Win when a cluster of 3 or more like symbols are revealed.

The game is chock full of multipliers, bonus games, and free game bonuses. The top prize on the game is $150,000.

Three Second-Chance Drawings are still open for entries

Once in a while, several Second-Chance Drawings overlap, as is the case right now. So PA Lottery players have plenty of options for tickets that offer more bang for the buck. The only way to enter Second-Chance Drawings is through PA’s iLottery, via the VIP Players Club. See the lottery website for full details on each drawing.

All the new Addams Family and Halloween-themed tickets are eligible to be entered into the FaBOOlous Second-Chance Drawing for a chance to win top prizes of $50,000. Second-tier prizes of $10,000 will also be awarded, in addition to $1,000 and $500 prizes.

Only non-winning tickets are eligible. The deadline for entry is Nov. 3.

For football fans, the Eagles and Steelers Second-Chance Drawings offer players a chance to win premium tickets to home games. Five top winners in the Eagles drawing will receive Party Deck game tickets. The top prize in the Steelers drawing includes game tickets with a VIP Hospitality Pass.

Enter these drawings by playing the Eagles and Steelers Fast Play and online games. The deadline for entry is Oct. 6.

Ending soonest, the PA Lottery Powerball First Millionaire Of The Year drawing has a deadline of Sept. 22. Any non-winning draw game or Keno tickets can be entered for a chance to win.

Eight winners from this drawing will become semi-finalists, from which one winner will be selected to attend New Years Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest in New York. That PA finalist will have a chance to win the $1 million Powerball First Millionaire Of The Year prize, drawn live on air during the nationwide broadcast.

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