Online casino players in Pennsylvania are in luck. One of the top platforms in the state, DraftKings Casino PA, just announced that its overwhelmingly popular game, DraftKings Rocket, is now available for PA bettors.

The online title previously released in other states around the country, including Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia. DraftKings Rocket hit these markets after being created completely in-house by the DraftKings games studio.

Part of the reason the title is so successful in these other locations is the fact that it differs from the majority of online slots out there. Instead of simply sitting back and seeing what the slot pull might reward you with, DraftKings Rocket gives casino players an active role.

Let’s dig into the details about this newest addition to PA online casinos.

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DraftKings Rocket now offered in Pennsylvania

The DraftKings Casino features nearly 50 exclusive games created by its own team. While many of these are entertaining, DraftKings Rocket stood out among them.

Incorporating a level of skill into the game seemed to do the trick for many casino players. When it first officially launched in NJ, it set a record for how many people played the new, intriguing title.

Unlike most casino games you’ll find anywhere, this one utilizes an innovative technology called ExitBet. This helps build an entertainment-based game that also comes equipped with a quality return-to-player rate. DraftKings Rocket’s RTP is set at 97%.

As the game starts, players make wagers prior to the rocket taking off. Basically, the goal is to see the rocket reach as high as possible before exploding.

By risking your bet further and staying on the rocket, the size of the multiplier you’ll receive increases. However, if you’re too greedy and the rocket explodes with you still on there, then you lose your bet, along with any potential winnings.

So, players are looking to find the happy medium of getting a solid multiplier, while also securing a win. The game shows a button that allows you to bail at any moment.

Things often get tricky, though, since the rocket can literally explode at any time. It’s even possible that it fails to launch altogether, ending the round quite quickly for everyone.

Another facet of DraftKings Rocket that’s interesting is that you play alongside other casino players within the same game. As others get off the rocket, the online casino displays their names and winnings to everyone participating.

It works the other way, as well. If you get off relatively early, you’ll still have the opportunity to watch how others still on the rocket fare. This may add a bit of second-guessing to the equation, but it could prepare you better for future rounds.

DraftKings Rocket soars high

Since DraftKings Rocket got recognized as such a popular title in other states, there’s little doubt that PA bettors will love it, too. The game sets itself apart by implementing the rules about anticipating when to bail off the rocket.

By creating such an interactive title, players have no choice but to be locked in while playing. This gives a different feel and excitement compared to most other games found at online casinos.

DraftKings Vice President of iGaming Marketing and Operations, Signe Yama, discussed the success this new game is having so far. Yama said:

“Since launching last year in New Jersey, DraftKings Rocket has become one of the most popular casino games in our lineup. As a trusted iGaming destination, our goal is to provide our customers with an exciting gaming experience you can’t find anywhere else.”

The game certainly provides a different style of play than lots of others. DraftKings states that “this game has the adrenal thrill of keno, baccarat, or casino war, and the strategy of blackjack or craps.”

With a maximum multiplier posted at 1,000x, PA casino players might have to see what all the fuss is about sooner than later. DraftKings Rocket is available for play now in the Keystone State.