The winning never stops. After capturing more than $202 million in scratch-off prizes in June, PA Lottery players are recording some big wins in July, as well.

On July 15, the Sunoco on West Otterman St. in Greensburg sold a winning $1,000,000 Cash Corner$ scratch-off ticket that earned the headlining $1 million prize. Cash Corner$ is a $20 ticket that offers a top prize of $1 million. At press time, four $1 million jackpots remain according to the PA Lottery.

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PA Lottery draw games paid big dividends

Another PA Lottery player took home $1 million from a Match 6 drawing on the same day (July 15). The player purchased a ticket from Penn Jersey Food in Lykens, Dauphin County, that matched all six winning numbers (23-29-32-36-44-46) to capture the $1,040,000 jackpot.

A few days earlier, on July 10, an Allegheny County player won big with a Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket that earned $679,726.50. The ticket matched all five balls (5-8-27-35-42) to bring home the jackpot. Stop-N-Shop on Frankstown Rd. received a $5,000 bonus for selling the winner.

Here are a few other notable July jackpot wins from the PA Lottery:

A player in Levittown purchased a ticket from the Beer-A-Rama on Levittown Parkway that matched all five balls (4-14-16-22-27) in the July 11 Cash 5 with Quick Cash drawing to win $150,000 before withholding.

More recently, a lottery player in Allegheny County cashed in on the July 17 Cash 5 with Quick Cash drawing. That player purchased a ticket from the GetGo on University Blvd. in Coraopolis, that matched all five balls drawn (2-10-27-35-38) to win $400,000.

PA online lottery players hit it big

The PA Lottery’s online players are also sharing in this month’s riches.

In a Treasure Hunt drawing on July 17, a player in Philadelphia matched all five numbers drawn (4-13-25-27-30) to win $200,000 before withholding. The jackpot was the ninth largest prize ever awarded on Treasure Hunt.

In addition, more than 50,600 other Treasure Hunt tickets also won prizes in the drawing.

New PA Lottery game could turn $30 into $3 million

PA Lottery players might also be interested in a number of new games that arrived this month.

The biggest game is a $30 scratch-off ticket titled the $3 Million Diamonds and Gold. The game card features a gold background and a whole lot of bling. The winning numbers are represented by eight diamond-encrusted gold bars, and your numbers lie behind 25 silver dollar signs.

When any of the numbers match, players win the prize shown. In addition, diamond symbols deliver instant wins. The same goes for the money stack icon (which earns $1,000) and a “win all” symbol that delivers every prize shown.

Lastly, the game also has four quick win bonus symbols that can bring instant wins of any prize that appears.

PA Lottery’s More Money can make you $500,000

Another new scratch-off game, the $10 More Money ticket, features 10 top prizes of $500,000. A scratch-off dollar bill appears at the top of the card and if a “more” symbol appears, players receive an extra $50 in addition to the total won. The $50 bonus cannot be earned without another win on the card.

On this ticket, the winning numbers are represented by six dollar signs. Your numbers are depicted by 15 dollar symbols. Any match earns the prize shown. There are also instant wins that can multiply the prize value by five, help you win all the prizes (“WinAll”), or bring home the $50,000 grand prize.

The More Money game also offers 40 jackpots of $10,000 and other smaller prizes, as well.

Additional new PA Lottery July scratch-offs

It’s Your Lucky Day

Feeling lucky? At a lower price point, the $5 It’s Your Lucky Day scratch-off features 10 top prizes of $200,000. The ticket features a rainbow background and various symbols of good fortune including a clover, a gold star, and a golden horseshoe.

Players scratch to reveal the winning numbers, which lie behind five golden coins. Your numbers are represented by 12 dollar signs. Once all the numbers appear, any match wins the prize shown. Unicorns deliver an instant win, a fingers-crossed symbol brings $50 instantly, and a crystal ball (“WinAll”) symbol earns all 12 prizes.

In addition to the $200,000 grand prize, players can also win prizes of $5,000, $1,000, $500, $200, and $100.

Stacks of Cash

The $1 Stacks of Cash ticket has one winning number and five chances to match it once the dollar sign symbols are revealed. The game’s prizes include 10 jackpots of $5,000, and 70 prizes of $500. There are also opportunities to win prizes at lower price points and a chance to win every prize on the card if a cash (“WinAll”) symbol appears.

Premier Jackpot headlines PA iLottery progressive games

The state’s lottery also has a pair of new online games available through the PA iLottery, Premier Jackpot and Spicy Hot 7s.

The Premier Jackpot game is a connect-style game with a progressive jackpot. Players can multiply their prize winnings up to 50 times and unlock 10 free games, including the Premier Bonus Game.

The Premier Jackpot slot features a royal theme, with various crowns, golden flowers, and colored jewels. Players can wager between $5 and $50.

When three like symbols connect, they win. Three ring box symbols unlock the Premier Bonus Game. Then, players who reveal four jackpot symbols in that bonus game win the current Premier Jackpot, which starts at $50,000. In Premier Jackpot, the overall chances of winning are 1 in 4.48.

Spicy Hot 7s heats up the PA online lottery

The other new online lottery game is Spicy Hot 7s, another connect-style game with instant cash prizes and a chance to unlock 10 free games on three different expanded grids.

In Spicy Hot 7s, players can wager between 10 cents and $30, with a default play of $1. A fiery 5×3 grid features 7s and a number of other hot symbols, which include suns, grills, flames, and hot sauce bottles. When three symbols connect, you win. And three 7s of the same color unlock an expanded play grid.

The overall chances of winning in Spicy Hot 7s is 1 in 4.72.

A Mega Millions jackpot looms large in July

After a banner month in June, the PA Lottery is bringing the heat to July, too. New games and big prizes will keep the momentum going all summer.

And for fans of draw games, a massive Mega Millions jackpot will soon be awarded.

Not everyone gets lucky, but some PA Lottery players certainly do.

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