PokerStars Pennsylvania has some major action happening this summer. The 2022 Summer Stacks Series takes place June 10-27 and features over 100 events in the Keystone State. Pennsylvania players will be able to play for up to $1 million in prizes.

“After seeing the success and interest from the poker community we saw from our inaugural Summer Stacks festival last year, we knew we’d be bringing this one back for 2022,” said Tom Bostic, Operations Manager, PokerStars US. “This is a summer tournament series with plenty of value added that players can enjoy from the comfort of their home featuring a variety of formats and buy-ins which makes for a lot of fun.”

The series will take place in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. All states will play independently of each other.

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Summer Stacks PA Main Event

The PokerStars Summer Stacks Main Event will take flight on June 26 in all three states. The tournament will be a $100 buy-in and offers a $125,000 guarantee in Pennsylvania.

Besides the Main Event, PokerStars will offer multiple different styles of events for players of all sorts. PKOs, Bounties, Freeze-outs, and Turbos will all be offered.

Besides standard no-limit hold’em, some of the different events include:

  • PL Badugi 
  • H.O.R.S.E 
  • Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) 
  • Stud Hi-Lo 
  • 8 Game

The complete schedule can be found here:

PokerStars PA Summer Stacks 2022 schedule

June 1001: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 1002: $5 NLHE [Turbo, Mini Warm Up], $2.5K Gtd$2,500TurboY
June 1003: $100 NLHE [Big Freeze], $15K Gtd$15,000RegularN
June 1004: $30 NLHE [Zoom 6-Max. Progressive KO, Turbo Warm Up], $10K Gtd$10,000TurboY
June 1105: $30 HORSE [Mixed Game Warm Up], $3K Gtd$3,000RegularY
June 1106: $100 NLHE [Big Kickoff], $35K Gtd$35,000RegularY
June 1107: $10 NLHE [Mini Kickoff, 9-Max], $6K Gtd$6,000RegularY
June 1108: $30 5-Card PLO, $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 1109: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks: Turbo Edition], $10K Gtd$10,000TurboY
June 1110: $75 NLHE [Bounty Adrenaline: 5-Max], $9K Gtd$9,000HyperY
June 1211: $75 NLHE [Summer Marathon], $15K Gtd$15,000SlowY
June 1212: $30 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Warm Up], $6K Gtd$6,000RegularY
June 1213: $100 NLHE [Summer Special], $75K Gtd$75,000SlowY
June 1214: $15 NLHE [Mini Summer Special], $12K Gtd$12,000RegularY
June 1215: $100 PLO, $12K Gtd$12,000RegularY
June 12Side Event: $500 NLHE [High Roller: Big KO's], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 1216: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks: Turbo Edition], $10K Gtd$10,000TurboY
June 1217: $50 NLHE [Heads-Up Zoom, Turbo, Progressive Total KO], $12.5K Gtd$12,500TurboY
June 1318: $15 NLHE [Summer Royale: Early Edition], $3.5K Gtd$3,500RegularY
June 1319: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $15K Gtd$15,000RegularY
June 1320: $50 PLO8, $7.5K Gtd$7,500RegularY
June 1321: $100 NLHE [Summer Royale], $20K Gtd$20,000RegularY
June 1322: $30 NLHE [9-Max], $20K Gtd$8,500RegularY
June 1323: $20 NLHE [Adrenaline: 3-Max], $4K Gtd$4,000HyperY
June 1424: $20 NLHE [Summer Tuesday : Early Edition], $6K Gtd$6,000RegularY
June 1425: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 1426: $50 NLHE [ Sumer Stacks: PKO Edition], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 1427: $100 NLHE [Summer Tuesday], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 1428: $30 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $7K Gtd$7,000TurboY
June 1429: $75 NLHE [Hyper Tuesday], $8K Gtd$8,000HyperY
June 1530: $15 NLHE [Summer Storm: Early Edition], $3K Gtd$3,000RegularY
June 15Side Event: $300 NLHE [6-Max, High Roller], $15K Gtd$15,000RegularY
June 1531: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 1532: $50 NLHE [Freezeout], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularN
June 1533: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Summer Storm], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 15Side Event: $30 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $3K Gtd$3,000TurboY
June 15Side Event: $100 NLHE [Bounty Adrenaline], $5K Gtd$5,000HyperY
June 1634: $20 NLHE [Summer Thrill: Early Edition], $6K Gtd$6,000RegularY
June 1635: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $15K Gtd$15,000RegularY
June 1636: $20 NLHE [5-Max, Turbo, Progressive Total KO], $5.5K Gtd$5,500TurboY
June 1637: $100 NLHE [Summer Thrill], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 1638: $30 NLHE [Win the Button], $6.5K Gtd$6,500RegularY
June 1639: $10 PLO [Adrenaline: PLO], $2K Gtd$2,000HyperY
June 1740: $15 NLHE [Last Man Standing: Early Edition], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 1741: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 1742: $25 NLHE [9-Max Freezeout], $4.5K Gtd$4,500RegularN
June 1743: $75 NLHE [Last Man Standing], $15K Gtd$15,000RegularY
June 1744: $30 NLHE [Friday Night Fight], $5.5K Gtd$5,500RegularY
June 1845: $75 NLHE [Saturday Session Starter], $8.5K Gtd$8,500RegularY
June 1846: $25 Stud Hi/Lo [Summer Stud], $2K Gtd$2,000RegularY
June 18Side Event: $5.00 NLHE [6-Max, Rebuy + Add-On], $1.5K Gtd$1,500RegularR+A
June 1847: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 1848: $25 NLHE [Bankroll Builder], $6K Gtd$6,000RegularY
June 1849: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Saturday], $20K Gtd$20,000RegularY
June 1850: $30 NLHE [Deepstack], $10K Gtd$10,000RegularY
June 1851: $50 NLHE [Bounty Adrenaline: 4-Max], $7.5K Gtd$7,500HyperY
June 1952: $50 NLHE [Summer Marathon], $12.5K Gtd$12,500SlowY
June 19Side Event: $25 NLHE [Progressive KO, Freezeout], $1.5K Gtd$2,500RegularY
June 1953: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Summer Special], $75K Gtd$75,000SlowY
June 1954: $5.00 NLHE [Micro Summer Special], $5K Gtd$5,000RegularY
June 19Side Event: $500 NLHE [6-Max, High Roller], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 1955: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks: Turbo Edition], $10K Gtd$10,000TurboY
June 1956: $30 NLHE [Summer Supersonic], $6.5K Gtd$6,500HyperY
June 2057: $15 NLHE [Mini Summer Stacks], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 2058: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2059: $25 NLHE [Bankroll Builder], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2060: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Summer Royale], $20K Gtd$20,000RegularY
June 2061: $30 NLHE [Mini Summer Royale], $8K Gtd$8,000RegularY
June 2162: $15 NLHE [Mini Nightly Stacks], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 21Side Event: $300 NLHE [High Roller: Summer Tuesday], $20K Gtd$20,000RegularY
June 2163: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2164: $25 NLHE [Progressive KO, Bankroll Builder], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2165: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Summer Tuesday], $22.5K Gtd$22,500RegularY
June 2166: $30 NLHE [Mini Super Tuesday], $10K Gtd$10,000RegularY
June 2167: $50 PLO [5-Max, Progressive KO], $6.5K Gtd$6,500RegularY
June 2268: $15 NLHE [Mini Summer Stacks], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 2269: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2270: $25 NLHE [Bankroll Builder], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2271: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Summer Storm], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2272: $30 NLHE [Turbo, 9-Max Progressive KO], $17.5K Gtd$6,000TurboY
June 2373: $15 NLHE [Mini Summer Stacks], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 23Side Event: $300 NLHE [High Roller: Summer Thrill], $20K Gtd$20,000RegularY
June 2374: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2375: $25 NLHE [Bankroll Builder], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2376: $100 NLHE [Bigstack Summer Thrill], $22.5K Gtd$22,500RegularY
June 2377: $30 NLHE [Mini Summer Thrill], $10K Gtd$10,000RegularY
June 2378: $75 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $7.5K Gtd$7,500TurboY
June 2479: $15 NLHE [Mini Summer Stacks], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 2480: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2481: $25 NLHE [Bankroll Builder], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2482: $100 NLHE [Friday Night Fight], $15K Gtd$15,000RegularY
June 2483: $30 NLHE [Last Man Standing], $6K Gtd$6,000RegularY
June 25Side Event: $5.00 NLHE [Summer Breeze], $1K Gtd$1,000RegularY
June 2584: $20 8-Game, $2K Gtd$2,000RegularY
June 2585: $15 NLHE [Mini Summer Stacks], $4K Gtd$4,000RegularY
June 2586: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks], $12.5K Gtd$12,500RegularY
June 2587: $25 NLHE [Bankroll Builder], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2588: $100 NLHE [Main Event Preview], $17.5K Gtd$17,500RegularY
June 2589: $30 NLHE [Mini Main Event Preview], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2590: $50 NLHE [Main Event Hyper Trainer], $6K Gtd$6,000HyperY
June 26Side Event: $30 NLHE [Mini Summer Marathon], $6.5K Gtd$6,000SlowY
June 2691: $10 NLHE [Progressive KO], $3.5K Gtd$3,500RegularY
June 2692: $100 NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day], $125K Gtd$125,000RegularY
June 2693: $30 NLHE [Mini Main Event], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 26Side Event: $1,000 NLHE [High Roller], $30K Gtd$30,000RegularY
June 2694: $50 NLHE [Nightly Summer Stacks: Turbo Edition], $10K Gtd$10,000RegularY
June 2695: $75 NLHE [Bounty Adrenaline], $15K Gtd$15,000HyperY
June 2796: $20 NLHE [Mini Summer Send Off], $7K Gtd$7,000RegularY
June 2797: $100 NLHE [Big Summer Send Off], $25K Gtd$25,000RegularY
June 2798: $50 NLHE [Summer Stacks: Turbo Edition], $10K Gtd$10,000TurboY
June 2799: $10 PL Badugi, $1K Gtd$1,000RegularY
June 27100: $5.00 NLHE [Bounty Adrenaline: TKO Skirmish], $2K Gtd$2,000HyperY

PokerStars Second-Chance Freeroll

Players that don’t cash can participate in PokerStars’ Second-Chance Freeroll. Anyone who doesn’t make the money will have the chance to play in bonus freerolls from June 13-26.

The site is also offering a deposit bonus freeroll. PokerStars players that want to get an opportunity to freeroll into the Main Event can win seats by reloading their accounts.

Successful SCOOP Series recap

PokerStars is launching the Summer Stacks Series after coming off of a successfully run Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). The PA SCOOP tournaments took place Mar. 25 to Apr. 11 in all three states and carried big guarantees.

Winners from those events are now receiving some impressive trophies in the mail for their accomplishments. That includes Jason Welch, who grabbed new decorations for his mantle when he shipped two SCOOP events in the same series.

Another Pennsylvania resident that took down victory was Michael Hammers. The online grinder and Twitch streamer showed off his hardware before heading to Las Vegas.

Photo by: Shutterstock