It seems some loads of laundry brought loads of cash. Consider it a net Gain. A turning of the Tide. And a reason to Cheer.

Detergent jokes aside, a laundromat in West Philadelphia did indeed spin some big bucks toward a PA Lottery player.

In the May 21 drawing, a West Philly lotto player matched all five balls drawn (7-11-17-24-36) in the Cash 5 with Quick Cash PA Lottery game to win $300,000 before withholding.

The ticket was purchased at Laundromat Paradise at 447 N. 63rd St. in West Philadelphia. The business will receive a $500 bonus for selling the ticket.

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Match 6 brings almost $1 million to Allegheny County player

The six-figure jackpot in West Philadelphia spotlights another successful stretch for PA Lottery players.

On May 20, an Allegheny County player hit for nearly $1 million on the Match 6 drawing. That player matched all six winning numbers (6-10-11-13-23-45) correctly, to win the $940,000 jackpot minus withholding.

The ticket was purchased at Giant Eagle on Settlers Ridge Center Rd. In addition, more than 34,000 other tickets won money in the drawing.

PA Lottery sees big wins in progressive games

On May 25, a Delaware County player purchased a progressive top prize-winning ticket worth $785,032 for the PA Lottery’s Blank Check game. The ticket, which was purchased at the Wawa on Chester Pike in Folcroft, is a $20 Fast Play game.

Players can win progressive jackpots starting at $200,000. Last week’s win eclipsed that number by a sizable margin.

Country Fair on Peach St. in Erie delivered another progressive win on May 24. A player purchased a $5 ticket for the PA Lottery’s Wow game and won a total of $229,742.

Wow is another Fast Play progressive game with a top prize starting at $50,000. The Fast Play games can be printed on-demand from a lottery sales terminal or a touch-screen vending terminal that provides immediate outcomes for players. There are no items to be scratched and no drawing you have to wait for to win.

A player in Berks County earned a third notable progressive game win this month on May 20. At the Rutters on New Enterprise Dr. in Leesport, a player purchased a $10 Fast Play ticket for the Big Win game and walked out with $285,376.

Big Win’s top progressive prize starts at $100,000.

In the May 17 drawing, a player purchased a winning Cash 5 with Quick Cash ticket from the Turkey Hill on Wertzville Rd. in Mechanicsburg. The player matched all five balls drawn (1-2-10-39-42) to win $250,000 before taxes.

Whether the PA Lottery tickets are purchased at a grocery store, a gas station, online, or even a laundromat, one thing remains the same.

Some of them will win. And if you’re lucky, you could, too.

Photo by: Shutterstock