You don’t need a car or a convenience store anymore.

One of the player-friendly developments from the Pennsylvania Lottery is the proliferation of online games.

Nowadays, there are plenty of entertaining games you can play right from the comfort of your couch through the PA iLottery. And some of them offer progressive jackpots.

Double Jackpots features Gold and Diamond jackpot prizes

One of those games is aptly titled Double Jackpots. That game is a number match-style game that brings the fun of a scratch-off ticket into your living room.

Players first select between 5 and 15 “your numbers” to play per round (in groups of five). Then, players select the amount per play (from .05 to $2).

Next, much like a scratch-off card, it’s time to reveal some numbers. Players can reveal the winning numbers and your numbers individually, or hit “Reveal All” to see all the numbers at once. Every match wins a prize and there are also multiplier symbols (2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x) to boost your prize value.

In addition, there are also bonus games that can get unlocked when three symbols appear (Gold or Diamond).

Those games bring the progressive element to the forefront. Each bonus round features a wheel spin and players win all the multipliers shown in the highlighted area of the wheel when the segments stop. Finally, if both arrow segments line up in the highlighted area, players take home the progressive Gold or Diamond jackpot.

The Gold jackpot starts at $500, while the Diamond jackpot starts at $10,000.

According to the Double Jackpots’ rules page, 3% of the cost of each play helps fund the progressive jackpot prizes at a predetermined rate set by the lottery. Furthermore, an additional 0.45% of each play purchased is contributed to fund the next round of the progressive jackpot prizes.

Jungle Tumble Jackpots brings Mini, Mega, and Jumbo prizes

Jungle Tumble Jackpots also offers progressive jackpot prizes. That game is a connect-style game that features three progressive jackpots.

After the play amount and the play mode (play/autoplay) are selected, symbols on the play grid will fall and then randomly appear. Players win when a cluster of three similar play symbols are connected. Each consecutive win improves your chances to multiply a prize. There are also bonus games that can appear.

  • Revealing three “Free Games” symbols unlocks five free games.
  • Three or four “Chest” symbols unlocks the Chest Bonus game.
  • Revealing three “Jackpot Bonus” symbols unlocks the Jackpot Bonus game.

In the Jackpot Bonus game, players have a chance to win Mini Jackpots (starting at $100), Mega Jackpots (starting at $1,000), and the Jumbo Jackpot (starting at $10,000).

According to the rules of the Jungle Tumble Jackpots game, 2% of the cost of each play (based on a play of $1.00), is used to fund each progressive jackpot prize at a predetermined rate. In addition, an extra 0.244% of each play purchased, (based on a play of $1.00), is contributed to fund the next round of the progressive jackpot prizes.

Progressive slots are incredibly popular in PA casinos

Both PA Lottery progressive games are somewhat similar to the progressive slots that are popular in brick and mortar, as well as PA online casinos. In progressive games, there is an increasing jackpot and also a baseline amount that the jackpot returns to each time someone hits it. As noted in an article on PlayPA, progressive games tend to pay out a little less often than other games because a portion of the amount played helps fund the larger jackpot.

The biggest difference in the PA Lottery games and the casino-style progressive slots is the gameplay.

The initial portion of Double Jackpots plays much like a scratch-off card. It is the bonus games that bring out the more progressive elements. Jungle Tumble Jackpots is similar in that regard, as well. The larger progressive jackpots unlock once players reach the Jackpot Bonus game.

In Pennsylvania, one progressive slot that has made headlines for its jackpots is the Divine Fortune game. Divine Fortune is a 5 x 3-reel progressive slot game featuring mythical characters and a Greek mythology theme.

According to PlayPA, players in December won the Divine Fortune Mega Jackpot 98 times for a whopping $13.6 million, and an average jackpot of over $273,000. The game has also spawned a notable tattoo from one of its fans, a testament to its popularity.

So now that you’ve been educated on progressive games, you may want to try them out. Whether you opt for progressive offerings from the PA Lottery, or progressive slots from PA casinos, the jackpots will always loom large.

And thankfully, you don’t need a car or a convenience store to win them.

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