Summer may not have arrived quite yet, but an exciting variety of hot new PA Lottery online games are here.

Although the weather should have started to heat up by now, snow is still falling in some parts of Pennsylvania. But don’t worry, the PA Lottery is helping everyone bypass the winter blahs with its latest batch of online lottery games.

PA Lottery’s Crabby Cash

Crabby Cash is a match 3-style PA online lottery game that surrounds its players in summer. The game’s graphics feature a beach, a bright red crab, and a treasure chest nestled next to a palm tree.

  • The minimum price to play the Crabby Cash game is $0.10, and the maximum is $4.00.
  • The complete play range is: $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, and $4.00.

Furthermore, the game also provides an autoplay option to automatically play up to 20 game rounds.

How to play Crabby CashCRABBY CASH pa lottery online games

  • Choose the number of rows to play
  • Select the cost per row
  • Hit the PLAY button to play one game round or the AUTOPLAY button to automatically play up to 20 game rounds
  • Match three symbols in the same row to win the prize shown
  • Each row is played separately
  • Players who reveal three FREE GAMES CRAB symbols unlock 5 FREE GAMES

When you are ready to leave the game, any winnings will be shown in the “Total Won” box.

The chances of winning in this game are 1 in 14.34 per individual row.

For the complete game rules, as well as an odds/prize chart, click here.

Ready to hit the runway? First Class Cash might be your game.

Another new online lottery game – First Class Cash – also creates visions of summer travel and vacations.

Unlike “Crabby Cash,” which is a match-style game, First Class Cash is a connect-style game. The gameplay features a chance to multiply the total won up to five times as well as a chance to activate a bonus game.

  • The minimum price to play in the First Class Cash game is $0.50, and the maximum amount is $30.00.
  • The entire play range is: $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $30.00.

How to play First-Class Cash

  • Select the play amount from $0.50 to $30 using +/- (the default play is $1)
  • Tap the PLAY button to play one game round or the AUTOPLAY button to automatically play up to 20 rounds
  • The symbols on the play grid will drop and then randomly reappear
  • Players win when a cluster of at least three like play symbols are connected
  • If a GIFT symbol appears, players can remove and replace some surrounding symbols
  • If a MULTIPLIER WHEEL symbol appears, players can multiply the TOTAL WON up to 5 TIMES
  • In addition, if a BONUS GAME BOARDING PASS symbol appears, the FLIGHT BONUS GAME is activated

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  • After the FLIGHT BONUS GAME is activated, five BOARDING PASS symbols will appear on the screen
  • Players will choose any three BOARDING PASS symbols individually and then a prize amount or flight status message will appear
  • If a prize amount appears, the prize total will appear in the TOTAL WON box
  • If a FLIGHT CANCELED flight status message appears, the BOARDING PASS symbol does not earn a prize

Five new PA Lottery scratch-off tickets

If you prefer more traditional lottery games, the PA Lottery has some new ways to become a big winner. There are five new scratch-off tickets you may like, with prices ranging from $1 with a new game called 3-2-Won, up to a $20 ticket titled the $1 Million Price is Right.

Here’s a brief description of each game from most to least expensive:

pa lottery scratch off price is right$1 Million Price is Right: Based on the long-running game show, this scratch-off ticket offers five top prizes of $1 million. Players want their numbers to match the winning numbers, but there are also bonuses available for revealing a “Price Tag” (win the prize shown automatically), “Plinko” (10 times the prize shown), and “Podium” (win all 20 prizes).

VIP Players Club members can also submit non-winning $1 Million THE PRICE IS RIGHT™ Scratch-Offs into THE PRICE IS RIGHT™ Second-Chance Drawing from the PA Lottery for a chance to win up to $50,000 (for a limited time only).pa lottery scratch off bonus money new game online

Bonus Money: The $5 scratch-off game offers 10 top prizes of $250,000. The ticket does not require any numbers to match to win. Instead, the game features 10 different instant win symbols that earn instant prizes ranging between $5 and $250,000.

The Best Dad Ever: The $5 scratch-off ticket would make a great Father’s Day gift. The game features 10 top prizes of $100,000. Players want to match the four winning numbers, but also can earn instant wins with a “Dad” symbol (win prize shown) or a “Best” revealed (win all 12 prizes).

Lucky Stars: The $3 ticket has a celestial theme and offers 10 top prizes of $50,000. Players get 20 numbers up top. However, they should only scratch the numbers in YOUR PATHS that match the numbers up top. When each matched number is scratched, the star will turn white. When you match all the numbers in a connected PATH of stars, you win the prize shown for that PATH of stars. Each PATH is played separately. A shooting star symbol can also provide an instant prize of $30.

3-2-Won: The most affordable new ticket only costs $1 but features 10 top prizes of $5,000. Players have four-game lines on the card.

If they reveal a 3, 2, and 1, in any game line, they’ll win the prize shown for that game. If they reveal, a 3, 2, and “Won” symbol in any game line, they’ll get three times the prize shown.


Summer Fun With The PA Lottery

The new games are available now.

Pennsylvania’s winter weather returned to torment many of its citizens this week. But the PA Lottery is here to help you beat “the blahs.” Crabby Cash and First Class Cash are bringing summer and spring ilottery games to your online screen. And new scratch-off tickets can help you chase some serious prizes.

So maybe summer isn’t here just yet.

But the fun is.