DraftKings Casino came out with a new game a few months ago that goes by the name “Rocket” and people seem to love it. The game is so popular it actually set a record for participation in the game when it first launched.

Well, since I’m not a huge online slots player, I was intrigued by this game. So, I figured I’d give it a shot and record my experience for other players who are interested but have no idea what they are getting into.

So I added $100 to my DraftKings account (I live in NJ), opened up the game, and tried it out.

Can You Play DraftKings Rocket in Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately no. Not yet, at least. DraftKings Rocket is currently only offered in New Jersey, Michigan and West Virginia.

I did reach out to several DraftKings contacts and one anonymous source told me:

“DraftKings offers the game in NJ, WV and MI, and we are working with regulators on necessary approvals in order to give our customers the chance to enjoy one of our most popular in-house built casino games.”

In a PlayPennsylvania article that was published early March of this year, our friend Katie Kohler had a chance to talk with DraftKings CFO Jason Park. Although Rocket was a topic that came up, we still don’t know if or when it will make its way to Pennsylvania.

“Rocket is pretty fun and it’s very innovative,” said Park. “It’s performing extremely well. Going forward, you’ll see us bring to market more in-house games that are innovative and unique to DraftKings.

“We have a DraftKings games studio, which would be within our products and tech org and that’s all part of the fixed cost growth that we’ve experienced and we’ll continue to experience through 2022. I think coming out of 2022, they’ll be at a great spot just to churn off new titles forever.”

What is the DraftKings Rocket?

Although Rocket is one of over 30 DraftKings games designed entirely in-house, it is actually the first one using this brand new concept, which brings a level of skill “guts” to online casino gaming.

So the game consists of a virtual rocket that takes off and begins to rise. The higher it soars without exploding, the more players stand to win. You can cash out anytime by tapping the “Bail” button at the bottom right of your screen, but it’s not that easy. The rocket can explode at any time and the quicker you bail, the less you win.

If the rocket explodes before you bail out, you lose that entire bet and a new round starts. So it takes anticipation, timing, luck and nerves of steel to be profitable. But even then, it’s all random.

Even though the rocket explodes at a predetermined time, this new concept of online casino gaming is attractive to players. It still gives you more of an active role in the outcome, unlike slots.

How do you win? 

  • LONG ANSWER: See above.
  • SHORT ANSWER: Bail out before you explode and cash in at the level you bailed.

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Other DraftKings In-House Games Offered in PA

Even though DraftKings Rocket may not be available to play in Pennsylvania, they do offer a huge variety of online casino in-house games that you can enjoy.

Here are 10 of the more popular DraftKings-themed online casino games in PA:

draftkings casino games PA rocket

Disclaimer: I am not an online casino/gambling expert of any kind. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.