What would you do with three million dollars? Five lucky winners from one of the Pennsylvania lottery’s newest games will get to answer that very question.

My Three Million is only one of the new PA Lottery scratch-off games, and it has five top prizes of a whopping three million bucks.

The $30 ticket has five Bonus symbols at the top and eight Winning Numbers that need to be scratched off. Below those are Your Numbers. If any of your numbers match the winning numbers, you receive that prize.

In all, My Three Million, which is available now, will give away more than $158 million in total cash prizes.

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$50, $100, or $500 offers three levels of winning

At a lower price point, the $50, $100, or $500 scratch-off game, which costs $10, offers prizes of only those totals listed in the game’s title.

There are six Winning Numbers to be scratched and 15 of Your Numbers that need to be revealed as well. If any of those numbers match, you win the prize shown. Certain symbols can also provide instant wins of $50, $100, or $500.

Cash Craze Double Doubler has 10 top prizes

If you want to chase a bigger payday, the Cash Craze Double Doubler might be your game. The $5 ticket gives you a chance to win 10 top prizes of $250,000.

  • Players reveal five Winning Numbers and a Doubler icon.
  • Then, they’ll scratch to reveal 12 other numbers.
  • If any number matches the Winning Numbers, players win that prize amount.
  • If a Double is revealed, players win double that amount.
  • Lastly, if a Craze symbol is revealed in the Doubler spot, players win double any prize in the play area.

The Lucky Win game could put 20 grand in your hand

Another new game is named the $20,000 Lucky Win. That game costs $2 and promises 10 top prizes of $20,000. There are two Winning Numbers and 10 symbols that become Your Numbers. When those match, you win. And if you reveal a “Lucky” symbol, you win all 10 prizes.

Best Mom Ever might make for a massive gift

Finally, with Mother’s Day, a little more than a month away, the PA lottery has released the Best Mom Ever game with a nod toward female lottery players.

  • That scratch-off ticket costs $5 and features 10 top prizes of $100,000.
  • The Winning Numbers are represented by five scratch-off stars.
  • Your Numbers are depicted as 12 scratch-off flowers.
  • Once revealed, if any of the Winning Numbers match the game numbers, you win.
  • A “Mom” symbol in the game area earns an automatic win.
  • And a “Best” symbol wins all 12 prizes shown.

Stay tuned for even more games from the Pennsylvania Lottery

The PA Lottery, which funds numerous programs that support older Pennsylvanians, keeps the fun going all year round by releasing new PA Lottery scratch-off games on a regular basis. Some games, like the 50 Years of Scratch, can even be played online. Or maybe you’ll be into PA Lottery’s new Second-Chance promotion.

And as March turns toward April, five of the newest ones can now be found at your nearest retailer. All that’s left is to figure out which ones to play.

Do you buy your Mother’s Day present early? Or do you swing big and chase a life-changing three-million-dollar jackpot?

Maybe you just buy them all. The decision is yours. And the tickets will be waiting for you when you make it.