The original game has New Jersey on the board and Pennsylvania in its roots.

Initially, Monopoly had many different versions, with streets relative to each region where it was played. An Atlantic City realtor gets credit for adding the streets and property values we know today. And although he wasn’t the original creator, a Philadelphia man, Charles Darrow, manufactured many copies of the game and eventually sold the rights to Parker Brothers.

And now Monopoly – perhaps America’s most famous board game – is gaining popularity as a Pennsylvania online casino game.

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Big Spin brings the board game colors to the online casino apps

Monopoly Big Spin lets players bet on properties or utilities with each color or item returning different odds. The minimum bet is .10 and the maximum bet is $10. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.75. Here are the default and free spin payouts for each color:

  • Brown: 5 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 5x
  • Light Blue: 6 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 6x
  • Pink: 7 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 7x
  • Orange: 8 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 8x
  • Red: 10 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 10x
  • Yellow: 12 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 12x
  • Green: 17 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 17x
  • Dark Blue: 25 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 25x
  • Railroads: 12 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 12x
  • Utilities: 12 to 1; Free Spin Payout: 12x
  • Chance: PUSH + 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel; Free Spin Payout: 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel.
  • Community Chest: PUSH + 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel; Free Spin Payout: 1 spin of the Bonus Wheel.
  • GO!: 40 to 1 + 1 Free Spin of the Wheel; Free Spin Payout: 40x + 1 Free Spin of the Wheel.
  • Free Parking: 30 to 1 + 2 Free Spins of the Wheel & Free Spin Payout: 30x + 2 Free Spin

Bonus Wheel Payouts

  • St. Charles: 5x
  • Beauty Contest: 8x
  • Inherit Money: 9x
  • Stock Sale: 10x
  • Ride on the Reading: 10x
  • Advance to GO!: 20x
  • Elected Chairman: 20x
  • Advance to Boardwalk: 30x
  • Bank Error: 50x
  • Get out of Jail Free: 200x

At present, Pennsylvania online casino players can find Monopoly PA online casino games like Big Spin game at:

Monopoly’s Mega Movers adapts the classic board game for the online slot audience

Monopoly Mega Movers is an online slot with an RTP of 96.05%. It also features all your favorite characters from the board game along with a few extras.

With each spin, the top hat, race car, train, dog, and more move vertically. Meanwhile, green, yellow and red wheels rotate across the top.

According to the BetMGM description:

  • The appearance of the BACKGROUND on the symbol will not affect the symbol pays.
  • Only the highest winner paid per winning combination.
  • Paytable reflects current bet configuration.
  • Line pays must occur on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel.

And so, in some ways, this family classic has returned to its roots with several Monopoly PA online casino games. It’s entertaining players in Pennsylvania, just as it always has.

Obviously, the game has changed. But the fun factor remains the same.