You may already know that PA lottery revenue proceeds are used to fund programs that benefit senior citizens in the state. But in the most recent fiscal year, only 23% of the total revenue went to fund those benefits. So, what happens with the rest of the money?

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The PA Lottery earmarks some for the playerspa lottery revenue

While we can all feel good about the Lottery’s mission to assist older residents, probably the main reason we play the lottery is for the chance to win a big prize ourselves. The PA Lottery delivers in this regard. After all, without the potential of crazy good payouts, there’d be nothing to get excited about. And without excited lottery players, there’d be no lottery profits.

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that the biggest chunk of Lottery earnings goes towards prize winnings for players like you and me. In fact, in the 2020-2021 fiscal year, just under 67 percent of Lottery sales went back to players in the form of prizes.

In that year, there were 97 winning tickets in PA that paid prizes of $1 million or more. And of course, there are almost countless smaller prizes paid out every day.

A little action for the dealer

If you’re keeping track, that still leaves another 10% of lottery proceeds to account for. The next largest portion goes to Lottery retailers in the form of commissions and bonuses. Retailers earn a small percentage for every ticket they sell, and receive a bonus when they sell a ticket that wins a major prize.

That usually adds up to about 8% of the total Lottery budget. With more than 9,600 retailers in the state, the Lottery paid over $329 million in commissions and bonuses in the last fiscal year.

PA communities win in the end

The smallest amount, around 2% of the PA Lottery revenue, is used to keep the whole thing going. That amount goes to the Lottery’s operating expenses. As you can see, almost all of the money raised goes back into the hands of PA residents and communities: lottery winners, local retailers, and the organizations that provide the important services seniors rely on.

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