The gifts arrived all month long with PA Lottery scratch-off tickets.

Scratch-off lottery players from all across Pennsylvania hit it big in December, winning more than $223 million last month.

Two prizes, in particular, must have felt like a Christmas miracle.

  • One player in Coraopolis in Allegheny County won $1 million on a scratch-off ticket from the Uni-Mart at 1300 Coraopolis Heights Road.
  • And another player in Enola (Cumberland County) also won $1 million on a scratch-off ticket from the Smoker’s Express at 457 North Enola Road.

Both retailers earned a $5,000 bonus for selling the winners.

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There were many more wins in other places too. Other scratch-off jackpots during the month of December included the following:

  • Two prizes of $500,000
  • Three prizes of $250,000
  • Two prizes of $100,000

A more comprehensive list of monthly winners can be found here. However, the list of winners does not include the numerous scratch-off players who won less than $1,000.

The largest PA Lottery scratch-off ticket ever ($50)

Now, a new month and a new year have arrived. New winners emerge every day.

And there’s a brand new game from the PA Lottery to help make even more of them.

In honor of the PA Lottery’s upcoming 50th Anniversary in March, the organization released its first-ever $50 scratch-off ticket on Dec. 28th. The scratch-off ticket has a massive maximum prize of $5 million.

Thus, the $50 scratch-off is named the $5 Million Money Maker. Previously, the most expensive scratch-off ticket from the PA Lottery was $30.

Here are the details on the PA Lottery’s first-ever $50 scratch-off ticket:

  • 5 top prizes of $5 million
  • Over $285 million in total cash prizes
  • Over 145,000 in prizes from $500 to $10,000

$50 scratch off-ticket $5 Million Money Maker rules:

  • When any of your numbers match the winning number, win the prize shown under the matching number.
  • Reveal a “money roll” (MNYRL) symbol and win the prize shown under the matching number.
  • Scratch off a “$500 burst” (WIN$500) symbol and you just won $500.
  • Reveal the “vault” (WINALL) symbol and you just won all 30 prizes show.
  • Scratch off a “Five Mil” ($5MIL) symbol and win $5 million.
  • Star bonus: Scratch off a “$1,000 burst” (Win1K) and you just won $1,000. Reveal a “20X” (20TIMES) or a “50X” (50TIMES) symbol and multiply any prize won in the main play area.
  • Cash bonus: Reveal a cash prize amount in any BONUS spot and win that amount instantly. Cash Bonus is played separately.

For chances of winning, complete game rules and prizes remaining, visit the PA Lottery website.

A number of new PA Lottery scratch-off tickets have hit the shelves

New PA Lottery tickets in stores on Nov. 23:

  • $3 Million Xtreme Tripler ($30)
  • $500,000 Crossword Mania ($10)
  • All About the Benjamins ($5)
  • Fast Ca$h ($1)

New PA Lottery tickets in stores as of Dec. 28:

  • $5 Million Money Maker ($50)
  • $1,000,000 Power Payday ($20)
  • Love 2 Win ($5)
  • Top Dollar Crossword ($3)
  • My Lucky Valentine ($2)
  • Perfect Match ($1)

*Love 2 Win, My Lucky Valentine, and Perfect Match are second-chance eligible. PA Lottery Second Chance gives VIP Players Club members more chances to win.

New Pennsylvania Lottery Fast Play games

Lottery games that launched in November 2021

  • Frosty Fun ($10)
  • Holiday Cash Drop ($5)
  • To Me, From Santa ($2)
  • Baking Spirits Bright ($1)

*all of the above games are second-chance eligible

New PA Lottery Fast Play Games available Dec. 7:

  • Dynamite Doubler ($20)
  • Money Bag Bonus ($5)
  • Match 3 Tripler ($1)
  • PA Lottery Fast Play Games Coming in 2022

In stores as of Jan. 4

  • $50 or $100 Mayhem ($10)
  • Lucky in Love ($5)
  • Cupcake Cash ($2)
  • Bee Mine ($1)

*All of the above except $100 Mayhem are second chance eligible

The PA Lottery remains the only state system that uses all its proceeds for older citizens

Whatever lottery games you play and however you play them, the organization’s mission will be the same as it was when it first began in March of 1972.

The PA Lottery is the only state lottery system to direct all its proceeds to programs that benefit older residents. Since ticket sales began in 1972, it has contributed more than $32.6 billion to fund property tax and rent rebates, transportation, care services, prescription assistance, and other local services.

In the end, everyone reaps the rewards.

Players can win big prizes.

And senior citizens win every time a ticket is bought.

Image credit: Keith Srakocic – AP