Whether you refer to them as Super Bowl squares or boxes… block pools are still a very popular Super Bowl party betting activity.

This long-standing tradition among Super Bowl parties across the country can be a great way to get everyone excited to watch the game, even those who don’t care much for football.  There’s no skill involved, it’s just the luck of the draw. That’s why it’s so popular among seasoned gamblers and non-bettors alike.

It’s usually all in good fun and some organizations even use such pools as a fundraiser.

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Are Super Bowl Squares Legal in PA?

Although Super Bowl squares or block pools are a fun and exciting addition to any Super Bowl party, they could be considered illegal. Super Bowl squares are legal in most states, as they fall into the category of social gambling. But, it all depends on location, how many people are involved, the ages of the party-goers, and a whole list of other considerations.

But if you’re not sure about the legality of it all and don’t want to risk it, or none of your friends are throwing a Super Bowl bash this year anyway, we have you covered. Fortunately, DraftKings features a very legal Super Bowl Squares option of their own…

DraftKings PA has put its own unique spin on the traditional Super Bowl favorite. DraftKings’ Squares is free to play and features a prize pool of $55,000.

If you’re interested, go sign up at DraftKings Sportsbook and select your FREE square for the Super Bowl 55 contest.

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How to Play a Traditional Super Bowl Squares Pool:

  • Super Bowl squares require participants to place their name or initials in one or more of 100 squares on a 10-by-10 grid.
  • After every block is purchased, the numbers 0-9 are randomly assigned along with the vertical and horizontal squares.
  • The last digit in each team’s score for the quarter is the winning combination. And it can’t be handicapped.
  • The player ends up with a number like Kansas City Chiefs 7, Philadelphia Eagles 3. They are the player’s numbers for the entire game.

If the score in any quarter ends in a Kansas City 7 (like 7, 17, 27) along with any Eagles number of 3 (3, 13, 33 etc.) the player collects the pot for that period. They are great numbers to have, but others are real longshots, like anything with 2 or 5.

This is why participants are often allowed to buy more than one b, as insurance for drawing bad numbers.

Super Bowl Square Numbers with the Best Odds to Win

Throughout the years, these numbers have paid most often:

  • 1st Quarter – 0,0
  • 2nd Quarter – 0,7 – 0,3 and 3,7
  • 3rd Quarter – 3,7
  • 4th Quarter – 4,7

This is going to change in the era of two-point conversions.

More Chances To Win

There is a new winner in every quarter and each score changes both the lead and the contenders. Whoever has the number for the next looming score change suddenly takes a new interest.

Payouts occur after each quarter. The fourth quarter and final game total are often combined, creating a terrific payout.

Edge-of-Your-Seat Scenarios

You have the right number with one play left in the quarter. A pass goes into the end zone. You root for an incompletion. The person with the winning ticket that reflects a touchdown, roots for the score.  The two of you might even be in the same room.

Game Variations

Super Bowl Minutes. This happens in the big-dollar pools.   Money is paid for every minute you have the right numbers. This can only happen with a rich pool, but some have this feature.

Pass the Cup. More randomness, keeps everyone involved.

  • It starts with everyone putting a certain dollar amount in a cup.
  • Order is created to determine how the cup will be passed.
  • Then, names are drawn to determine who starts with the cup.

With each change of possession, the cup passes. The last one holding the cup wins the pot.

Some pools feature a football rather than a cup. And it keeps everyone connected. Possession can change in the last couple of seconds.

Strategy? None. just choose the right seat.

Personal Box Pool Flashbacks

These cover small, medium and large Super Bowl betting pools. All the money taken in was paid out to the winners.

Super Bowl 7, Garo’s Gaffe.

Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7

Four projected scenarios in the last couple of minutes.

The Miami Dolphins led the then Washington Redskins 14-0 late in the game.  They went for a field goal.  The player with Miami 7, Washington 0 prayed for the kick to be good to forge a 17-0 final. The player holding the Miami 4, Washington 0 wanted it to miss.

The participants in each outcome braced for the big play.

The kick was blocked, but it led to Garo Yepremian’s infamous attempted pass that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

One player rooting for the kick to miss screamed in delight when it was blocked and then unfurled a string of expletives as the unlikely touchdown changed the outcome.

Now the pool came down to Miami 4, Washington 6. If the extra point was missed, that combo would come out. If it was good, Miami 4, Washington 7 would win.

The player with Miami 4, Washington 6 prayed for the missed extra point that never came and the gambler who had Miami 4, Washington 7 said he had it all the way.

But he couldn’t keep a straight face.

Super Bowl 21 – It Paid Not to Watch

New York Giants 39, Denver Broncos 20

My buddy, a big Eagles fan, rode Big Blue to Big Green.

Snow had started to blanket Southern New Jersey when the Giants and Denver Broncos met in this Super Bowl.

By halftime, it was a big night for this player. He pocketed $500 in the second quarter with the numbers 9 for the Giants, 0 for the Broncos. He got the breaks. First, the Giants recorded an unlikely safety. Second, Big Blue kept the Broncos out of the end zone when Denver had first-and-goal from the 1. The Broncos settled for a 23-yard field goal. And missed it.

Twenty-three yards!

The Broncos led at halftime 10-9 and he had a winner.

Early in the fourth quarter, with more snow coming, he decided to visit the bar running the pool to collect.

He drove over without listening to the game and took his time because of road conditions. That forced him to arrive after the game ended.

But he didn’t get $500. He was handed $1,500.

Unbeknownst to him, the Giants had scored a late touchdown and kindly missed the extra point, prevailing 39-20. He won the second quarter, fourth quarter, and the game total with a string of unlikely events.

The Giants hooked him up twice, once on the losing end and once on the winning end of the score.

Who says Eagles fans can’t root for the Giants?

Super Bowl 30 – The Pain of the Game

Dallas Cowboys 27, Pittsburgh Steelers 17

This was a $100 box and a $10,000 top prize. It was in the hands of a gambler well into the fourth quarter. He had Pittsburgh 7, Dallas 0. The Cowboys led 20-17 with four minutes left.

Pittsburgh had the ball. This guy needed a stop, but he got too much. It was an interception deep in Pittsburgh territory.


Dallas worked the ball down the field as he paced the floor in torment. He knew what was coming, but hoped against hope. Nobody made any comments in deference to his pain.

We suffered with him and the dagger was driven in about a minute later.

The player took it like a pro, better than most of us would have.