Pennsylvania’s status among the first-movers in terms of online casinos might come to fruition again. PlayUp online casino has added PA to its plans for its iGaming product, and given the current landscape, could be the first state where it’s available.

If that ends up being the case, PlayUp could help iGaming in PA push over the $100 million mark in monthly revenue. There is another possibility for PlayUp’s first foray into iGaming in the United States, though.

PlayUp online casino makes deal to get into PA

PlayUp announced a market access agreement with Harrah’s Casino Philadelphia on Wednesday. In a press release, PlayUp CEO Dr. Laila Mintas explained the importance of having a robust iGaming product for the company.

“It’s no secret that the sports betting sector is ultra-competitive in the U.S.,” Mintas commented. “The way we look to cut through the noise is to offer unparalleled customer service and experiences for our VIPs and provide our patrons [with] gaming and entertainment options beyond just sports betting. iGaming and other services are central to our roadmap of including a wide breadth and depth of options in our product portfolio.”

Currently, PlayUp offers online sports betting in Colorado and New Jersey. It also has an agreement in place for online casino access in Iowa, should that state ever legalize iGaming. Online casinos remain illegal in CO as well.

Currently, there is no timeline for when PlayUp online casino might go live in PA. That’s partially up to regulators, as the company does not yet have a license. Whenever that time comes, it might be part of PA reaching a new milestone.

Will PA make $100 million months commonplace?

In September 2021, PA online casinos produced just under $98 million in adjusted gross revenue. Although September was the seventh consecutive month with gross revenue from iGaming topping $100 million, the adjusted figures haven’t had such consistency.

There’s no guarantee that simply adding another operator like PlayUp will get the PA iGaming industry to a place where AGR consistently surpasses $100 million every month. If PlayUp is successful in its ambitions, however, it’s possible.

PlayUp says it intends to compete for market share just as it has on the sports betting front in CO and NJ. That will probably mean some new customer bonuses, exclusive games, and contests.

PA might be the place where PlayUp first starts working out its marketing plan for its online casino. That isn’t a foregone conclusion at this point. The company says it plans to launch iGaming in NJ “shortly.”

There’s no official timeline for launch in New Jersey right now. So while the verbiage suggests NJ will be first, the possibility exists for PA still. Even if NJ goes first, PA is a priority for PlayUp.

Lead image c/o PlayUp