For Pennsylvania online casino players, the mechanics of trying to rack up line hits or chase progressive jackpots can get monotonous. A new RushArena slots tournament available in PA on BetRivers Casino aims to break up that mundane repetition.

Participation in the tournaments is highly customizable and allows you to participate at your convenience. The result is what could be a fresh take on online slots for Pennsylvanians.

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How RushArena slots tournaments work in PA

The RushArena premieres RushRace in PA on BetRivers. RushArena is Rush Street Interactive‘s new proprietary “multi-player tournament engine” while RushRace is the name for the actual tournaments themselves.

The gimmick behind RushArena is that it opens online casino play up for peer-to-peer games. Instead of competing against the house, your competition in such games is other BetRivers Casino players.

RushRace builds on the classic slots tournament format that brick-and-mortar casinos have employed for decades. It uses the technology to give players far more options than the land-based avenue can afford.

The biggest optimization there is customizability. That’s great because it allows you to take part in this tournament while sticking within your bankroll. There are different options for starting balances and wager amounts.

Along with the betting options, RushRace includes a wide array of available slot games on BetRivers. That allows you to pick from your favorites, try out a new title, and differentiate your strategy from other players.

Also of importance is the fact that you can take part when you want. You can log in and hit the slots at your convenience. Play a little, play a lot, on a break at work, throughout the evening, it’s up to you.

RushArena’s tech also allows you to see where you stand on the various leaderboards in real-time. While this should prove an enjoyable way to take slot play up a notch in PA, players who enjoy other games won’t be left out for long.

Slots just the beginning for RushArena and RushRace

A press release from Rush Street says the framework “will allow for the addition of new head-to-head contests and much more in the future.” If it reaches its full potential, RushArena has a lot of possibilities.

For one thing, there’s a potential social element. BetRivers Casino players could create their own custom competitions with friends, setting up their own parameters for their friendly wagers of slots or maybe other games as well.

The inclusion of table games presents another expansion option. PA gamblers who prefer to challenge others or work their way up leaderboards playing baccarat or roulette might enjoy this amenity as well.

“Enhancing the player experience remains our top business strategy,” said Richard Schwartz, CEO of Rush Street Interactive. “We listen to our customers, and by owning, building, and innovating the framework, we can tailor our games to deliver what our casino players, or insights obtained from them, have told us they want.  We use these ground-breaking game mechanics to create new experiences, which is consistent with our goal to increase retention, loyalty, and business KPIs.”

For now, the action is on the RushArena slots tournament. Until the program expands, that’s where PA online casino players can get a feel for RushRace and imagine the possibilities.