Colin Cowherd added a bonus pick in again in Week 5 and went 3-3. Through the first five weeks of the NFL season, his Blazin’ 5 has yet to have a winning record.

Whether you choose to follow Cowherd’s picks or not when you make your wagers at PA sports betting apps, we track his picks here all NFL season.

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Colin Cowherd’s 2021 Week 5 NFL picks

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a sports talk radio show on Fox Sports Radio and Fox Sports 1. Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs Fridays on The Herd at 1 p.m. EST.

Los Angeles Rams (-2.5) vs. Seattle Seahawks

Colin’s pick: Rams

Colin’s final score: Rams 34, Seahawks 27

Cowherd said:

“The Rams under McVay are great after a loss (15-5). Seattle is not an efficient team. They have the lowest time-of-possession in the NFL and the fewest plays. You have a sputtering offense that can fool people because of the big plays from Russell Wilson. I think the Rams control the clock and quiet the crowd.”

Actual final score: Rams 26, Seahawks 17

Did Cowherd win? Yes

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers (-3)

Colin’s pick: Panthers

Colin’s final score: Panthers 27, Eagles 20

Cowherd said:

“I like the number a lot. Sam Darnold didn’t play great against the Cowboys but he has been wildly  productive. Christian McCaffrey looks like he will play. The Panthers defense is the story. They have been excellent this year and I feel they will be embarrased by their perfomance last week. The Eagles have lost three straight and their defense is falling apart. Their defense has allowed 40+ in back-to-back games and the Eagles is o-line is missing four starters.”

Actual final score: Eagles 21, Panthers 18

Did Cowherd win? No

Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals (+3)

Colin’s pick: Dolphins

Colin’s final score: Bengals 28, Packers 27

Cowherd said:

“Upset alert. I’m betting Bengals moneyline. Joe Burrow has won back-to-back games for the first time in his career. Notice the protection. Sacked just once over the last two weeks. He’s really blossomed. All his numbers are exceptional. Ja’Marr Chase is another Bengal draft pick on the offensive side that has hit. The Bengals defenae is top ten in sacks. Green Bay’s Red Zone defense has been awful. Upset. Bengals biggest win in years.”

Actual final score: Packers 25, Bengals 22

Did Cowherd win? Yes

Miami Dolpins (+10) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Colin’s pick: Dophins

Colin’s final score: Buccaneers 24, Dolphins 20

Cowherd said:

“Tampa is not good enough. Gronk is out. Brady didn’t play well last week without him. Three of their top four cornerbacks are out. They are banged up on the back end. This defense is not playing well. Last in the league for pass ypg. allowed. Tied for last for pass TD allowed. They are not getting a pass rush. The Dolpins have 34 quarterback hits this year – second most in the league. Tampa wins but I think it’s ugly and played between the 20s.”

Actual final score: Buccaneers 45, Dolphins 17

Did Cowherd win? No

Cleveland Browns (+2.5) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Colin’s pick: Browns

Colin’s final score: Browns 27, Chargers 26

Cowherd said:

“This is a value pick. Cleveland played very poorly on offense and now everyone doubts them. Chargers are overvalued. The stadium is going to be 50/50 Browns fans. The defense for the Browns is coming into its own. This game is simple – the Browns have the No. 1 rush offense in the league and the Chargers have the fourth-worst rushing defense. Cleveland will control the clock.”

Actual final score: Chargers 47, Browns 42

Did Cowherd win? No

Buffalo Bills (+3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Colin’s pick: Bills

Colin’s final score: Bills 36, Chiefs 28

Cowherd said:

“This could be a blowout. Kansas City has problems defensively. Sean McDermott, the defensive coordinator, the last two drafts have really tried to patch up their defensive front and it is working. Takeaways are first in the league. Passer rating defense first in the league. The Chiefs win against the Eagles last week…it was their first win by more than 6 points by Week 8 last year. They can’t stop anyone. They are allowing nearly 7 yards a play.”

Actual final score: Bills 38, Chiefs 20

Did Cowherd win? Yes

Cowherd’s Week 5 Blazin’ 5 record: 3-3

Colin Cowherd 2021 Blazin’ 5 overall record: 12-15

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