The standard -110 odds at PA sportsbooks are the standard because there are some variances to them. There are some BetRivers NFL specials with that exact premise.

BetRivers Sportsbook in Pennsylvania has reduced the odds on some NFL wagers to -107. While that difference may not seem like much at first glance, it can actually be significant.

How these BetRivers NFL specials work

Each week, BetRivers in PA will select some markets for this reduced vig. Like any other marketing push from a sportsbook, it’s to entice bettors to make a bet that the book wants them to make.BetRivers reduced juice sports betting specials

Thus, you can assume the sportsbook feels pretty confident about the line these odds are attached to. For example, the sportsbook currently has the Green Bay Packers -3 against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday reduced to -107.

BetRivers probably feels pretty good about that line and fully expects Green Bay to beat the Bengals by at least four points. Does that make this a sucker bet? Not in the least.

This marketing push is also about getting new customers to sign up for BetRivers. Those new customers are worth more than the 3% “discount” that the sportsbook is offering.

That math is important to understand the value in this deal for bettors, though. Simply put, it means you can wager less to get the same payout if you’re successful.

Shop around for the best odds at PA sportsbooks

To realize the value of these deals, the important elements are handicapping and line shopping. For your handicapping, you should forget about these reduced-vig odds entirely.

Instead, pick your spots based on what the data and news tell you are the best bets to make on a given NFL game day. Then, once you’ve identified the moneylines, props, spreads, and totals you feel most confident about, it’s time to shop.

Survey all the PA sportsbooks you’re registered with and see which has the best odds on the bets you want to make. That may or may not be BetRivers. If you find a match with these reduced juice odds, then great.

That means you’ll only have to risk $107 (instead of $110) to profit $100 on a winning wager. With that extra three dollars, you can get the guacamole on your burrito.

Reduced vig makes a big difference over time

The reduced vig only really makes a difference if you win. The sportsbook keeping $107 or $110 of your bankroll because you made a losing bet is pretty negligible if you’re betting three figures.

Of course, if you’re wagering smaller amounts, this translates, too. To profit $50, for instance, you’d only need to stake $53.50 instead of $55. On larger wagers and over time, you can see how this reduced vig can add up to a big difference.

This difference isn’t enough to make bets you don’t feel good about. At the same time, there’s little reason to stake more than you have to in order to get the same profit. BetRivers gives you options toward that end here.

Lead image credit: AP Photo/Don Wright