The possibly-Vegas bound Colin Cowherd had a 3-2 Week 14 and correctly called for a Titans blowout. He was also all-in on the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen, which meant Fox Bet users could have tripled their money.

Cowherd is inching closer to a .500 record (33-34-2) and getting more explicit with the hints about what he has planned.

Cowherd’s next move

We all know at least one person who posts vague statuses on social media. Colin Cowherd has made a number of teasing tweets with little context.

  • “My life bout to get more interesting.”
  • “Feelin spicy tonight.”
  • “Lots of rumors about me today on the Internet. I will simply say this — I will have a major announcement very early next week. Thanks for all your support.”

Even Liv Cowherd chimed in:

What could Colin Cowherd be hinting at?

It’s a bit different when one of your Facebook friends posts about “big news coming soon,” because 99.9% of the time, it means a baby is on the way. Is Liv Cowherd getting a sibling? Doubtful. But like your FB friend who is going to post their “look what we did in quarantine” birth announcement, the answers might be in the timeline.

Colin to Barstool?

On Dec. 9, he tweeted congratulations to Erika Nardini, the CEO of Barstool.

Cowherd signed a four-year contract with Fox Sports and iHeart Radio in 2018. Without knowing the fine print of the contract, it’s hard to say what Cowherd can and can’t pursue in terms of other opportunities.

Moving to Las Vegas?

Various replies to Cowherd’s “My life bout to get more interesting” tweet speculated he is moving to Las Vegas.

The hint is on the timeline …

Then, on Dec. 11, he tweeted this, which seems to be quite an obvious sign:

Long shot guess — Liv Cowherd cohost?

Liv Cowherd rarely replies to her father’s online antics, so it was surprising to see her retweet. She has a legion of fans who are not afraid to shoot their shot in the comments. Colin and Liv Cowherd would be a much more interesting pairing than Cris Collinsworth and his son, Jac.

Colin Cowherd 2020 Week 14 NFL picks

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs Friday on “The Herd” at 1 p.m. EST. We break down his picks for you here and follow up on Monday with his results.

If Fox Bet Sportsbook users wager on Cowherd’s “Boom Bet” and it wins, they usually quadruple their winnings.

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Tennessee Titans (-7.5) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Colin’s pick: Titans

Colin’s final score: Titans 36, Jaguars 23

Cowherd said:

“I know there is a hook, and bettors tend to not like the hook, but I’m going to swallow it. We have a rout on our hands. Tennessee is a very good team that was humiliated at home last week. You know my rule, bet on the following week. Their offense, though lacking what appears to be firepower, is fifth in yards per play. That’s a huge Vegas stat. The Jags D is awful. They have not held an opponent under 24 points since Week One. Huge coaching advantage. I like this as my rout of the weekend.”

Actual final score: Titans 31, Jags 10

Did Colin win? Yes

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins (+7)

Colin’s pick: Dolphins

Colin’s final score: Kansas City 28, Dolphins 23

Cowherd said:

“This game feels like all Miami games — close and ugly. We talk a lot about offense, but Kansas City’s defense is clearly the second-best defense in this game. The data tells you it is slipping. The Dolphins D is first in the league in third down defense. Translation — they’ll get Patrick Mahomes off the field. Kansas City’s defense is the sixth-worst rushing defense, and in the last month it has gotten worse. The Chiefs have not won by more than 6 points in any of their last four games. You have a Miami offense that can run it, doesn’t turn it over, and an excellent defense at home. You have a Kansas City offense that sort of lacks a certain urgency. Miami is the best bet in the NFL this year (9-3 ATS).”

Actual final score: Chiefs 33, Dolphins 27

Did Colin win? Yes

Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants (+2.5)

Colin’s pick: Giants 

Colin’s final score: Giants 27, Cardinals 24

Cowherd said:

“This is the game you should bet the least on. The reason I’m worried is everybody likes the Giants this week. I think they have a coaching edge, are at home, are better than their record and I like their defensive line/offensive line matchup here. But I am concerned that they just came off their biggest win in several years, and the world now loves the Giants. What concerns me more for Arizona, Kyler Murray in the last three games is 0-3 with zero rush touchdowns and 4.1 rush yards per carry. He is struggling. Their defense has allowed over 30 in three of the last four games. In September and October, we all kind of fell in love with Arizona; they have not shown a second gear. The Giants are just getting better every week.”

Actual final score: Cardinals 26, Giants 7

Did Colin win? No

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills (-2)

Boom Bet: Triple your money if Josh Allen throws two+ TDs and the Bills win.

Cowherd’s pick: Bills

Colin’s final score: Bills 28, Steelers 21

Colin Cowherd said:

“I’ve been saying it all week: I’ll take Buffalo. They are a Hail Mary away from being 6-0 in their last six, and they outplayed Arizona. The Steelers are becoming so Ben-reliant it’s comical. They don’t even attempt to run the football. Josh Allen, outside of Mahomes, may be the second-best young QB in this league, and he is just getting better. The Steelers as an offense is getting worse. Buffalo, at home, has the most fourth-quarter takeaways. Their defense is situationally fantastic. This staff is unbelievable.”

Actual final score: Bills 26, Steelers 15

Did Colin win? Yes

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns (+2.5)

Colin’s pick: Browns

Colin’s final score: Browns 28, Ravens 26

Cowherd said:

“Like it, I love it. Teams are different. Some get hurt, some get healthy, some don’t have an identity. Cleveland has found their identity. This is the two best running offenses in the NFL. The Browns have only allowed six sacks since Week Seven. This is the best offensive line. If you go to Week Seven, the Ravens have a minus-6 sack differential, Browns +10. The Ravens have lost four of six and struggle with their offensive identity. Do they want Lamar to run? Cleveland is the better football team and are getting points. I do worry a little about their maturity, winning back-to-back games, Monday Night Football, Baker spotlight. I’m going to take Cleveland. I bet some money on it.”

Actual final score: Ravens 47, Browns 42

Did Colin win? No

Blazin’ 5 Week 14 record: 3-2

Colin Cowherd’s 2020 Blazin’ 5 season record: 33-34-2

Boom Bet record — Cowherd’s “hottest pick” boosted 4X at Fox Bet: 6-8

Be sure to check back at PAOC each week of the 2020 NFL season to see if Colin Cowherd’s picks won.

Lead image credit: AP Photo/Keith Srakocic