It was a rough Week Nine for Colin Cowherd and Tom Brady.

After two winning weeks, Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 picks went an awful 1-4. His “Boom Bet,” which would have tripled Fox Bet sportsbook app users’ money, proved to be an early bust.

Cowherd picked Brady to throw for more yards than Drew Brees and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win their Sunday Night matchup with the New Orleans Saints. Brady threw three picks and suffered a 38-3 drubbing, one of the worst losses of his career.

No dancing Cowherd

Last week on “The Herd,” Cowherd said he was “turned off” by Denver quarterback Drew Lock’s game-winning celebration dance after the Broncos’ 31-30 comeback win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

“We have a new cool guy,” he said on “The Herd” on Friday. “He’s too silly, too showboaty, too cool like Manziel, Baker, Cam and Jameis Winston. I was right about them. Four-for-four about to be five-for-five. I’m not into Drew Lock. Win more games, Cub Scout.”

Although he didn’t include the Broncos in his Week Nine Blazin’ 5 picks, he made a bet with Lock.

“All I’m going to ask you this week is to beat crappy Atlanta. If you beat Atlanta, crappy Atlanta … dancing is allowed for the rest of the season with no criticism.”

Co-host Joy Taylor said she thought Cowherd was going to offer to dance.

“And I will dance a little on Monday if you win,” Cowherd said about Lock.

The Falcons beat the Broncos 34-27. Cowherd doesn’t have to dance for Lock, but he did recently join Tik Tok, so it doesn’t mean he won’t pull out some moves.

Colin Cowherd 2020 Week Nine NFL picks

Cowherd’s Blazin’ 5 airs Friday on The Herd at 1 p.m. EST. We break down his picks for you here and follow up on Monday with his results.

If Fox Bet Sportsbook users wager on Cowherd’s “Boom Bet” and it wins, they usually quadruple their winnings.

“We are very very hot right now,” said Cowherd, who went 4-1 last week.

“I don’t think I’ve ever taken five favorites,” he said after giving out his Week Nine Blazin’ 5 picks. “It’s a different year. Different stuff is happening. and I really like the favorites this week. Some of them are ugly favorites. Washington is hard to stomach, but the Giants are on a short week.”

Seattle Seahawks (-3) vs. Buffalo Bills

Cowherd’s pick: Seahawks

Colin’s final score: Seahawks 33, Bills 26

Cowherd said:

“Don’t worry about the East Coast. Seattle is on a 10-game winning streak in the Eastern Time Zone. Russell Wilson is the best player on the planet. Josh Allen has not played well for a couple of weeks (four TDs, five turnovers in the last four games). The Bills defense is not good enough to beat good teams right now. They beat one good team all year, the Raiders. The Rams don’t count; they got an officiating break on one of the last calls of the game. They are the third team in NFL history to be 6-2 and have a negative point differential. Little bit of fools gold.”

Actual final score: Bills 44, Seahawks 34

Did Colin win? No

Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) vs. Indianapolis Colts

Colin’s pick: Ravens

Colin’s final score: Ravens 27, Colts 20

Cowherd said:

“The Ravens have a huge advantage at quarterback. When you have Lamar Jackson, you can roll the pocket, quarterback draws, throw it downfield. The last couple years, he’s been good on the road. Let’s not freak out. They had 460 total yards against the Steelers. He made mistakes, and he has regressed, but you can do things with Lamar Jackson you can’t do with Phillip Rivers. I have questions about the Colts; think they have a low ceiling. I don’t trust them, and their defense is very reliant on Darius Leonard.”

Actual final score: Ravens 24, Colts 10

Did Colin win? Yes

New York Giants vs. Washington (-3)

Colin’s pick: Washington

Colin’s final score: Washington 24, Giants 17

Cowherd said:

“Washington is off a bye, and the Giants are coming off a short week. You know I always love that. The Giants are coming off an emotional last play of the game loss. Washington’s defense is fantastic, and we knew it would be. Daniel Jones has 36 turnovers the last two years, the most in the NFL. I think it comes down to an ugly, choppy game. Kyle Allen won’t turn it over, and I believe Daniel Jones will.”

Actual final score: Giants 23, Washington 20

Did Colin win? No

Miami Dolphins vs. Arizona Cardinals (-4.5)

Colin’s pick: Cardinals

Colin’s final score: Cardinals 30, Dolphins 22

Cowherd said:

“Like Arizona, I love Arizona. They are off a bye. Miami, 3,000-mile flight cross-country. Tua last week was at home with two weeks to prepare and was very comfortable. Now he is going to be in a shootout. Arizona off a bye is going to put a lot of points up. Their offense is first in total yards per game, rush ypg and second in rushing TDs. The Dolphins had 154 total yards last week. I think this comes down to Arizona rested, healthier and Tua forced to play at a higher rate.”

Actual final score: Dolphins 34, Cardinals 31

Did Colin win? No

New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5)

BOOM BET: Triple your money if Tom Brady has more passing yards than Drew Brees in a Tampa Bay win.

Colin’s pick: Buccaneers

Colin’s final score: Buccaneers 30, Saints 21

Cowherd said:

“Really like Tom Brady and the Bucs here. Why were they so flat on Monday Night Football? They were looking ahead. Brady and Brees — the difference is one of them is really good right now. The Bucs have the best point differential in the NFL and the best turnover differential since losing to the Saints in Week One. Take the first game out. The Tampa defense is number one in the NFL. They also have the ability with A.B. to throw in the slot, up the sidelines. Right now Tampa is an offense with no limitations. Brees missed practice yesterday and is banged up.”

Actual final score: Saints 38, Buccaneers 3

Did Colin win? No

Blazin’ 5 Week 9 record: 1-4

Colin Cowherd 2020 Blazin’ 5 season record: 20-24-1

Boom Bet record — Cowherd’s “hottest pick” boosted 4X at Fox Bet: 3-6

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Lead image credit: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson